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  desireev  |  17

I see that in alot of romantic-comedy movies. The woman is putting on her clothes after they had sex. She, dramatically, trips big-time from putting on her panties. Normally, the woman falls somewhere next to the bed, into the dresser, or into the nightstand lamp.


When a Grammer Nazi meets another Grammer Nazi, it is such a rare occasion. So rare, that in about nine months after, the start of a new gen of pure Grammer Nazi sadly, is born.

By  TorturedXeno  |  27

Good thing France has better healthcare coverage than the USA.


Not to be a knee slappin banjo playin dumb overly patriotic hillbilly, but did you really have to bring the USA's failures into this? We all know that our country sucks. Haha. American jokes. So funny.


Only Americans can reference any of our failures, no exceptions. Along with commenting on one, so no non Americans can comment after this. Thanks.(no responses from non Americans need to reply)

  77777771  |  12

101: You can't really say only Americans can comment if your American because that's non-American like, considering the first amendment and all (freedom of speech).
106: I know right?

  courtneyann211  |  10

You may have better healthcare than the average American, but what do you seriously think is going to help a broken toe? Broke mine last week and had enough common sense not to go waste my insurance on something they'll tell me to take tylonal for.

  KaySL  |  24

Well if he did, newmandotcom, he wouldn't be a very good teacher! I suggest you actually read up on the theory of evolution before trying to debunk it with arguments from ignorance. For example, "apes" are held to share a common ancestor with humans, not to be direct ancestors of us. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go before the smell of your ignorance causes me to pass out.