By whydoihavecats - 04/08/2015 19:19 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out what mouse intestines squashed against my bare feet feels like. FML
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more like Fuck the mouse's life

You should have been wearing sqeakers.


That's unfortunate.

fishingforubies2 27


You don't say -....-

You should have been wearing sqeakers.

It reminds me of that one episode of SpongeBob where he had squeaky boots. "Why did you eat my boots, Mr. Krabs?"

Oh I'm sure his feet were squeaking for a brief moment there. Haha.

more like Fuck the mouse's life

paravoz 30

it's already been fucked...

Or whatever is left of it

I bet that was a wonderful experience, OP.

It took a lot of guts.

Watch where you're going next time op. I can't believe you ruined my do-at-home dissection for class

well you just made your cats day useless, more like fml for your cats!

Kevinmeowbeanz 22

You killed Remy :0

Remy is a rat, but it does seem they've killed Jerry...

1dvs_bstd 41

you bastard!

Kevinmeowbeanz 22

Itchy is also a possibility