By coolster5000 - Canada - St. John's
Today, I clogged the toilet in the one-man bathroom at the corner store, with a line of about 5 people waiting outside. FML
coolster5000 tells us more :
OP here, I find all of your "shitty situation" comments very unoriginal;) but funny all the same. I ended up just telling them I went in and found the toilet like that, but I'm not sure they believed me whatsoever.
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  Drosophila82  |  18

That's actually ironically savvy... I don't understand what dorks would give you negative reviews... WHO DID THIS MAN OFFEND TO GET NEGATIVE 24 THUMBS DOWN! It must be the Sarcastically Impaired!

By  rydin10  |  18

I mean there's only two options really. One is to tell the people to hold on and notify the employees, and the other is to simply just bolt and never see any of them again :l

  Stazza11  |  27

The second option sounds more like my kind of reaction. No explanation just bust out of the doors running and screaming like a mad man with a trail of toilet paper stuck to your shoe.