By Anonymous - 05/10/2012 18:22 - United Kingdom - Wokingham

Today, after having bought my daughter a complete set of new school clothes, she threw a tantrum and refused to wear them. I told her she could either wear them, or go to school naked. She made if half-way down the street in the nude before I caught up and dragged her back inside. FML
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brokenly 5


brokenly 5

You must have a bad taste in clothes for her to do that OP.

RealReality 12

Remind her who wears the pants. Which is you, obviously.

MrBrightside21 20

Walking around nude is all fun and games until someone calls the cops. They pretty much automatically taze you. And I'm not complaining, it just hurts a little sometimes.

And you should have gone through with it. Assuming she's really young, she would have gotten to school and then what, ran back embarrassed at some point. And possibly make you seem like a bad parent to some people, but screw them. Either way, you just had to wait for your victory when it came to putting the clothes on. Don't wuss out or she'll know you wont follow through next time.

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Well I'm assuming the daughter is quite young, because even a 10-12 year old knows the undefined rules of society from peers and the community. I could see a 5-6 year old doing something like that and in that case I'm pretty sure you aren't going to give them a $100 to buy their own clothes.

60 there are some safety concerns there.

JurassicHole 5

60 - You're absolutely right! I mean it's not like bad things happen to little girls/small children when left on their own and being naked will definitely scare off all the creeps/weirdos! Good thinking there buddy! If only more people had the same completely non-flawed logic like yourself!

Considering OP lives in the UK, her daughter was wearing school uniform. School uniform has always been hideous but mums tend to buy the uncomfortable versions.

MrBrightside21 20

162 - "Does My Breath Smell?" I was wandering if anyone would catch that! (smiley face)

chris20579 1

Hahaha very true, always be careful what you say

I would assume she is young. I never seen an 18+ year old walk down the street naked so I'm assuming it's not very common.

beccaishereyay 11

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TheSnakeDoctor20 17

44- How does the mom deserve it? Her daughter is being a little whiney bitch. There are many people out there who would be thankful if their mother bought them an outfit.

44, OP never said her daughter didn't help pick them out. I've picked out clothes before and then when I got ready to wear them I didn't like them as much. The daughter could just be a spoiled brat and if you think a mom picking out clothes for her daughter (THAT THE MOTHER IS PAYING FOR) is wrong, then you must be too.

My mom tried to buy me my wardrobe this year. She bought me a bunch of huge, baggy shirts, and floral skinny jeans. I made her return them because, really, I would have just kept wearing the same old t shirts anyway! Whats the point of spending money on stuff I'll never wear! But I hope the OP's daughter is young. I feel sorry for the daughter more than OP though, that's one of the things that you just can't forget.

beccaishereyay 11

I said IF the daughter was over 18 the mom deserved it. And I had assumed from the fml that OP did not help pick out the clothes. Just because the mom bought her daughter clothes doesn't mean OP has to accept them. Yes, it's very sweet, but if the daughter is over 18, the mom has no right to pick out her clothes unless asked. And if OP asked, helped pick out the clothes, or is younger, then disregard my comment.

This whole thread gave me cancer. You guys are all idiots.

If she's a 1st grader or something then it's cute and funny. And if she is 18+ then that's just hot!!

Uhh...72, if the mother is paying for it, she does have the's her money. Even if it would be nicer for children to pick them themselves, it is still the parent's right, if they're the one buying.

ashtonlm 3

Umm ya it allows us to get the impression that ur a pedifile

Uhh 83 if the clothes are an unwanted gift and the mother is forcing her to wear the clothes then no it's not "her money her choice" if the kid didn't ask for the clothes then she shouldn't have to wear them. It's rude and inconsiderate to force people to wear what they don't want. Let the kid buy their own clothes or wear what they're given but don't force them into potentially hideous clothing. That could follow them forever.

I agree with you. If you're over the age of 16 you have the right to choose your own clothes, especially if you're over 18. I don't understand why so many people disagree with the comments above and why people are being ignorant. Everybody has their own preference. Just because someone feels uncomfortable wearing something someone else picked out, that doesn't make them a "spoiled brat". If you're a guy and your mom buys you a skirt, or tight-ish shorts, I'm sure you would refuse to wear it. I see nothing wrong with her daughters reaction and I believe that she had every right to speak up and prove how strongly she feels about the situation

amandajlucas2015 2

#27 please get over yourself and growup

LiesAndMischief 4

97 - I'm sorry but assuming that OP is using the word "tantrum" right, then just no. If you're over sixteen, there is absolutely no reason for you to be throwing ******* fits like a five year old. You can express your feelings in a much more reasonable way than that if we're just talking about CLOTHES. Also, really? Walking down the street nude? Maybe it's only me, but that seems sort of immature on its own. I get that OP "gave her the option", but still. In any other case though, yes, I can understand your point.

Is it just me that think of the words "school clothes"? I assume that means a school uniform since it is in the UK.

97- People above are arguing it because of who said it. Everyone ganged up on Becca a few days ago, so I think they are just trying to get to her. :( I agree, parents are all fired up about kids that get bullied in school, especially if it's their own child. If some parents would let their kids wear what they want and what's considered "cool" at the time, instead of making them dress how they want them to, then maybe they wouldn't get picked on so badly and fit in!

OP was trying to be nice perhaps?! She doesn't deserve it at all! My mum used to buy me clothes, if I didn't like them I'd politely tell her so, not throw a fit. She knows not to buy my clothes anymore because I'm not a kid, but it was gesture of love and care. Also it says school clothes, it's the mothers responsibility to make sure her child is dressed appropriately for school. Sheesh.

124: That's what I thought. If it's a school uniform (very likely in the UK) then the daughter would have to wear it regardless of what her mother said...

ambergraham34 4

Uhm not if the girl is a little kid. You're an idiot.

128, nobody has a personal vendetta against her. Seriously, the comment was complete ignorance. It's not a conspiracy to try and "get to her".

Ok so this is the UK not USA we have uniforms in all our schools and compulsory education stops at 16 So we know the OP's daughter is 16 or younger, so as already said if between ages 4-6 then cute (Year 1-2 aka 1st grade) if between 7-11 then a little bit odd (years 3-6 sorry don't know the American equivalent) if any older then she'd be in UK high school which would just be wrong

Justy101 23

44 - the OP clearly states that she bought her a daughter a new school uniform. That does not translate to "an entire wardrobe". The daughter doesn't have a choice of what she wears to school either way seeing as it can be deduced that the school has set a uniform.

I don't think it was "immature" of her. If my mom bought me a bunch of clothes that I felt uncomfortable wearing, I wouldn't know how to react. If she gave me the option and I react by nicely explaining that I don't want to wear it, my mom would probably say "too bad" and force me to wear it. Since my mom doesn't usually take me seriously I would have to prove my point, even if that means walking outside without clothes

People seem to be forgetting this was sent from the United Kingdom, so it will have been a school uniform. The clothes will have looked virtually exactly, if not exactly, like her old clothes. So really, there is no excuse for her being a dipshit about it.

SailorSolaris 43

For pete's sake, #44! I'm 25 and I live on my own, and my mom STILL picks out my clothes for me since I can't afford them myself! We've gotten into rough arguments as a result when she won't let me choose my own style, which she hates, but it's what I feel comfortable in. Most of the time, though, I don't complain since I can't afford $200+ in clothes.

beccaishereyay, OP means original poster, that would be the mom, not the daughter. Maybe you already realized just how dumb your comment makes you look, but I doubt it.

makenna2011 6

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3- You must be like 12 years old to still think that's a cool thing to say.

BunchieRules 31

ROLO? Those things are delicious.

3- you have so much swag, it's unbelievable... You're so cool with your swag yolos...

The option wasn't given, it was clearly sarcasm. Unless the child is mentally handicapped then even the youngest school-aged child knows you aren't supposed to run around naked.

mvc3ftw 17

CHOLO,HOLO,BOLO...I can go all day with this!

kxxjoejoexxk 8

Holy crap dude you didnt get that sarcasm in the reply

Autoshot 9

Especially since it's grammatically incorrecto. Should be "You live only once."

thou shalt have but one singular life to live

Aspen_Grace33 27

Wow, a little nudist! Was she unhappy about the style of clothes you got her or was she just preferring her old clothes? Either way, fyl, but you kind of had it coming when you have her a choice.

I'm guessing, because its in England, she has to wear a uniform. Some of the things we have to wear to school over here are ridiculous. I have to wear a kilt.

I was just thinking that, if the OP bought the clothes for their daughter, pointing out it's clothes FOR SCHOOL, it may very well be a school uniform.

Aspen_Grace33 27

When I was growing up, every summer my dad would buy us a "complete new set of clothes for school" and it wasn't school uniforms. Just because it was for school doesn't mean it definitely would be school uniforms.

179 Since OP is in the UK, it's almost definitely a uniform. In USA, obviously you couldn't make that assumption.

Now matter how ridiculous the school uniform was, if it's a school uniform she has no choice but to wear it, so there was really no reason for her to throw a tantrum.

I'm assuming that she didn't choose the clothes for her to throw a tantrum and go to school naked. Maybe next time get her to go shopping with you and make it a mother and daughter moment?

In England you have to wear uniformed to school!!!

I was not aware of that at all. Thanks for enlightening me.

Exactly, a uniform is a uniform, so there was really no need for her to take her daughter shopping with her. The only choice you (sometimes) get is whether you want to wear a skirt or pants but that's still not worth throwing a tantrum over.

anonymous100000 17

or teach the little bitch to appreciate what she ******* gets. not everyone can afford to buy new clothes each year. I have clothes from years ago that I still wear and I appreciate every little thing my parents get me. OP needs to raise her daughter to be respectful and appreciate what she has.

sweetbabysweet93 10

I would of beat her ass so hard even her unborn child would feel pain years after it's born.

sweetbabysweet93 10

Well it looks like she wears the pants In the relationship...well...Not really.