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By  withfire  |  0

That question is just asking for trouble.

Look on the bright side,
if you end up with him for a long time he'll be attracted to you well into your middle-age years.

By  Jimboom  |  11

Be lucky your on the list at all. If I was to make up a list of the top 5 women I would like to have sex with (but realistically the chances are slim), then my wife wouldn't even be on there. It would probably go something like Jessica Alba, Tricia Helfer, Angelina Jole etc.. etc..

So just be lucky you were on there at all... unless this was a list of people he realistically think he has a chance with in which case give your mom a heads up. You 2 can take the piss out of him to teach him a lesson. ;-)

By  shimmyya88  |  0

#5 has it.

The only two people he'd rather have sex with then you is a very close representation of future you, and I'm guessing whichever celebrity he thinks is hottest.
It could've been far worse.