By malicious_melons - 07/07/2013 23:41 - United States - Santa Paula

Today, my mother had a full-on hissy fit because of the clothes I was wearing. Not because she thought they were inappropriate, but because I was "stealing her look." FML
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Either your mom dresses too young for her age, or you dress too much like older people.


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Based off of OP's name, I think we're gonna need pictures to determine who wore it best ;) haha

dont you ever go to an fml thinking" why the **** would people click you deserve it"?

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Some people are actually the cause of what happened to them.. So they did in fact deserve it.

I legit say you deserved if for about a fourth of them lmao

Nothing worse than mutton dressed as lamb.

You should be able to wear what you want...what makes her care so much...being you is you...

Either your mom dresses too young for her age, or you dress too much like older people.

Either way does that really make massive problem? Styles come back...

In the words of macklamore "I wear your grandads clothes, I look incredible..."

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#5: But competition in female fashion is something amongst the youth, and it can create some awkward conflict if said competition is between a mother and a daughter.

Being a guy that's probably why I don't understand...we dress the same become bear friends...chicks on the other hand usually have a problem...

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#13 you couldn't spell macklemore right and its her mother not her grandad dumbass

Wow I got one letter wrong, I am a complete idiot. I should go re-evaluate my life now. P.S. it was A QUOTE, can you not infer the meaning from it or do I have to explain it to you?

Haha that just means that she passed down her sense of style to you. She should be honored.

Maybe your mom should consider dressing her age?

Or maybe OP was wearing a paisley patterned cardigan, high waisted long brown skirt, sandals and huge underpants.....?

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24, sorry to hear your mom dresses that way...

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Just gotta role with it, 34; not everyone is serious :)

Tell her that she looked so good and that you wanted to be just like your mom with super cool style and fashion sense?

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She's just too shy to admit that she admires your style. :)

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It's natural for women to be competitive with these kind of things, but your own mom?

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We need the fashion police on this one. She's probably jealous because you wore it better. Haha.

Show her some different styles that's more age appropriate