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By mommylovesu - 15/03/2011 02:25 - United States

Today, the bus came to pick up my daughter to take her to kindergarten. When it honked, I opened the door for her to let her run out to it. Halfway there, she tripped and started crying. I couldn't run out because I was still in my underwear. Now her bus thinks I'm the worst mom ever. FML
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No he's right, at the beach people could see OP in swimwear, which is just like.. underwear. OP is stupid.

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A half naked woman runs out of her house while a whole bunch of schoolchildren and a bus driver look on. Nah, not different to the beach at all.

A women wearing a swimwear is lying on a full beach, plenty of men, women, children, old, young, dogs, crabs, FISHES. Omg. Plus, this is not an excuse to let your child crying.

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If you're at the beach, nobody will say to your daughter "Haha ur mum slutz/so p00r she cnt affored clothes!". Plus, there are OTHER women, you are not the centre of attention Just because a kid is crying doesn't mean they're going to die/have cancer.

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actually it's both but fish sounds vetter

So basically, the mother cares more about herself than the safety of her child?

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Really? Are you stupid? Were they at home or at the beach?

even if her kids crying the kid gotta learn to get up herself or later on in life she's gonna be a whiny straggler, it's psychological stuff learn it. it's good for parenting.

Fish*, my bad. No I'm just saying that it's kind of weird to be preoccupied by children and a bus driver, but everyone has priorities, if OP focuses more on what CHILDREN can think about a woman in underwear.. Anyway. Nowadays, everybody can see almost naked people everywhere. Anyway.

#89: Both fish and fishes CAN be correct. Fish refers to one fish or more than one of the same type of fish, e.g. "There were ten salmon" can be said as "There were ten fish," whereas fishes refers to more than one and of different types, e.g. "There were three salmon and seven mackerels" could also be said as "There were ten fishes." I'm not totally sure, but in the context Lustuu used it in, I think that either fish or fishes would work. There is more than one type of fish in the ocean, so fishes would be proper, but one could also refer collectively to every fish in the ocean as one group.

actually its fish not fishes fishes refers to someone fishing like "the guy fishes off the side of the pier everyday" not "the guy fish off the side of the pier everyday" just like theres plenty of fish in the sea not plenty of fishes in the sea also there a diffrence between a swimsuit and underwear just like theres two piece and one piece underwear you don't know which ones she wears so you fail also fyl op.

Okay, I'm French so I don't have any idea .. let's forget Fish and talk about salmon. no ?

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The amount of morons here is catastrophic. Running out of your house in underwear, in front of a busload of kiddies and some adults, would have HUGE consequences. Problems with the school, ostracism, kids picking on the daughter, parents saying disgusting things about the mom behind her back, the children then happily and cruelly repeating all those things to the little girl over and over again, saying that her mom "is a ****" and other garbage. Society is like that. Disgusting, stupid, cruel and unfair. It doesn't matter that underwear hides as much as swimsuits. What matters is, people WILL destroy your life for fun if you give them any excuse for it. The mother not running out is not just to protect herself. There would be very unpleasant consequences for the little girl if the sheep out there were to assume her mom is "different" from the norm, by running outside in underwear. You may have youthful idealistic ideas about it not being the case, but sooner or later you'll grow up and find out that society can be horribly cruel to anyone viewed as "not the norm". Or to the helpless children of anyone viewed that way. Besides, it's not like anyone ever died from crying a bit. The kid will just learn to stop being like that, she only tripped, it's not the end of the world. The mom could have tossed on a robe and ran out, but even that is not really necessary. Lastly, it's scary to see how many people failed to understand that when you're getting picked up by the bus, you're leaving from your home, not by car!

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Also, exposing yourself in underwear in the street, especially in front of a bunch of kids, can get you in trouble with the law and possibly even land you in jail if someone reports it to the police. If the police receives the complaint, they are forced to investigate and uphold the law, even if it's unfair. These days, the justice system is very often abused, serving very often not to condemn real criminals but merely to pursue nonsensical cases against otherwise law-abiding citizens. This can easily ruin someone's life, regardless of them being innocent. If the person is condemned, regardless of her having ran out with good intentions to help her daughter, she will have lots of trouble. And she will be stripped of much of her civil rights, for years, maybe even for her whole life. Is it worth to lose your freedom for something so stupid? All it takes is a prudish and angry-with-the-world bus driver to call the cops and the person's whole life as a law-abiding citizen can be screwed...

Couldn't have put it better myself!

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It's painfully obvious that the majority of fml users are rather young. More painful is the Inference one can draw that these kids are not being taught how to think critically.

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yeah you had to walk out of your damn house in your underwear to get in your car... pretty sure most people would put pants or at least a robe on to get the mail or something

umm there was no car... never was never will be..

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#12 wth are you on about ? no1 said anything bout a car or mail ...

#12 I'm some countries they have a bus specifically for each individual school that will drop the students off at their homes. therefore the mum didn't have to leave her house to greet her child at the door...

why has no one said that maybe she's fat and dosent wanna to scar the children?

it's alright, for some reason at first I also thought the mom was in the car with her child, until I realized wtf why would they be in the car to get picked up by the bus >.< it's the front house door lol.

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not gonna lie...I thought she was in a car too. I have no idea y!!!! there must be some psychological reasoning behind it. lol

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Silly OP, everybody knows buses can't think

I'm pretty sure # 12 is referring to the fact that when you gonna go get mail your not like "oh I'm in my underwear so I can't get it" basically sayin the mom could have gone and gotten pants or something to go help her daughter

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Ever heard of getting dressed in the morning? Face it, you probably won't be going back to bed.

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why the **** did I also think they were in a car???!?!!???? I feel so weird now

uhm, in my honest opinion you are not the worst, but that is pretty effing bad! for several reasons...jesus

hahah just saying the users name is mommylovesyou.....I'm notttt feeling the love from this

WTF is wrong with that bus? Judging you like that! It's a damn bus for ***** sake!

lol u couldve ran to the nearest pants u found or the nearest anything shit i woud even take a curtain just to make sure she didnt sprain anything

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She truly is the worst mom ever. Disgusting.

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#12 your an idiot. she was in her house

awe poor baby girl! u should have ran out there and gave the bus driver a show!!

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what's wrong with going outside in your underwear? this chick has showed all of Fml her undies....

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I was thinking the same thing #22.

Yes, and she's a little fat. This isn't even good looking. Women are **** ..

she must think her camel toe is better then her head! just saying!

Yeah. I just can imagine the disaster. Woah.

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69, really... Idk if ur trying to be funny but theres no need to make any more jokes.. We already got enough laughs out of your picture.

Got_any_grapes1 4

And 3 good for you. Dont listen to these morons . They can go choke on a grape.

morons? really! lol i had something to say, as I'm sure you can see... I apologize if being a woman I'd prefer to see women respecting themselves more and not showing their vaginas on the Internet!

I just have to ask that why is it whenever a woman is comfortable showing off her lady parts people assume she has no respect for herself? I would think that the fact that she is comfortable enough with her body to do so would be a good sign.

Put some damn clothes on! and they probly think there's worse moms

Dude. Chill. If she wants to take a picture of her in her underwear, let her. If you have a problem, stop friggen' looking at her picture. No one is commenting rude things about any of your pictures, so Stfu.

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she is definitely not fat. if you want to see a fat chick then watch the show called heavy.

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WTF? Do you suggest that OP gives a bunch of kids and the driver a strip tease?

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@ aussie_gemini Good try, but fail anyway. Look, there's no shame in admitting you only attack certain women because you have a complex or something. However, you're not going to convince anyone that you saw a ****** in that pic of a chick in underwear!! LOL What's with all the hate...?

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the op is a horrible mother she didn't even take her daughter to the bustop

A lot of buses that pick-up kids that young will stop in front of their houses. What would be the point of walking her to the bus stop if the bus stop is at the end of their driveway. Also, the OP may have walked her daughter out the first few days of school and is now allowing her to have a bit of independence. There are many children who appreciate this because it makes them feel like a grown-up.

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I'm sorry, but who would ever drive their car with just underwear on? That's pretty messed up OP...

i can't see where it says she was driving.

ash14 0

Oh sorry haha I kinda read that wrong...

This is the third person who thought there was a car, I don't even see how you would even think there was a car....

ash14 0

Well it doesn't say exactly where she was, so she could've been in her car at the bus stop. Most likely she was really at home, but it's possible.

I lmao'd in bed. If someone opens a door, in their underwear, for someone to catch a bus, I would hope they were at home. Do you drive in your underwear and drop kids off at a bus stop? Why not just drive them to school instead? Use your common sense; they were at home :>

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no no something about this question also made me think they were in a car

I thought it was a car too. My theory is that everyone who thought this happened in a car was probably dropped off by their parents at the bus stop. At least that is why I thought that she drove a car.

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um, what if it was too far to walk to the bus stop, but the parents had to go to work? gosh, use your common sense!

WTF you talking about?? there was no car...

okkk just saying when I was younger if it was raining or snowing my parents would drive me to the end of the street where the bus picked me upp. i never thought a car was involved in this but I can see where they would think that

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the bus thinks you're the worst mom or the bus driver thinks you're the worst mom

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the bus hates her now, even in her sexy underwear. good news, the driver thinks she's hot....

Don't act like buses can't have feelings and opinions.

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buses have emotions too, just like people!

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hahahaha!! when I read it, I thought she meant everyone on the bus thinks she's the worst mom...

QfiggyQ 10

That's what my first thought was . . .

LittleMissBroken 11

I wasn't aware that buses were sentient beings, either. Weird.

Why were you running around the house in your underwear anyway when you have a school-aged child? She doesn't need to be subjected to your rollypolly-ness. Yeesh, pull on an oversized t-shirt next time.

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yes, really! bodies are disgusting! sorry you're stuck in one. try to get out as fast as you can!

blondebrunette11 4

whoahhhh, that was uncalled for... lmao

I refer to it as being in my underwear if I'm wearing an oversize T-shirt and nothing else or even if I"m just wearing a normal t-shirt and a pair of underwear. The OP might be the same way. In either case it's not really horrible for your own children to see you that way but some of the other parent's might complain if their children see you that way.

you did the right thing op, if you would've ran or you could be charged with public indecency And endangering the welfare of a child. not to mention plenty of parents would be upset that their child saw a basically naked woman. unless your daughter was seriously injured, you did the right thing.

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IMHO, she shouldn't have seen her child off in her underwear in the first place. o.O That's just weird.

she didn't see the kid off... kid came home. and since the kid took a tiny tumble nothing to get all freaked out about all kids get hurt...

"Today, the bus came to pick up my daughter to take her to kindergarten. " The kid didn't come home, the kid was leaving for school. There are a lot of parents who will walk around in t-shirts and their underwear around the house. It's not going to traumatize the kid. My dad used to walk around the house with just a blanket wrapped around his waist and it didn't traumatize me. The only way this might actually be a bit disturbing is if mom is walking around in a bustier and a lace thong.