By Chia - 10/05/2013 22:58 - Australia - Mona Vale

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me because I cancelled our date tonight. I cancelled because I had a seizure and was taken to the hospital. FML
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SynysterNero 20

She's a bitch then and you're better off finding someone new.

Epilepsy is nothing to joke about and is certainly a mean reason to break up with somebody


SynysterNero 20

She's a bitch then and you're better off finding someone new.

I can't agree with you fully, that was a bitchy thing to do but maybe she had other reasons to break up with him. If she really just broke up with him because of the cancelled date then she wins the bitch of the year award. But what if she broke up with him because she can't take the stress of such him having such a serious health issue. There are some people that can't handle relationships like that and it is better for the both of them to not be together.

Corrupt_waffles 13

If you really love someone you stick with them despite the 'stress'. I'm pretty sure it's stressful to have such a thing happen to you. She is still a bitch no matter how we look at it. Plus using such a dumb excuse to break up. No. Just no.

ulquiorra102 10

Well that joke is only slightly in bad taste xD

Epilepsy is nothing to joke about and is certainly a mean reason to break up with somebody

Just pointing out that just because someone has a seizure doesn't mean they have epilepsy. My brother has had three seizures but he doesn't have epilepsy.

Oh wow 12. I'm sorry about that :( Has he gone to see a neurologist? Hopefully he has or will. If it's not epilepsy, it could be something much more serious, such as a brain tumor :(

Not necessarily #34. I had them as a kid and I had more than 3 episodes. My brain is tumor free and I'm a generally healthy adult.

41, That's good to hear that you're generally healthy :) Idk. I was just saying I guess. I did however read somewhere about seizures being a symptom of a brain tumor. In your case, I'm glad that that's not the case :) I just think it might be a good thing to have 5 checked out. Better safe than sorry I guess?

I mean 12. Sorry

sorry to hear that OP. seizures are stressful and OP is better off with someone who can accept him. idk if he has epilepsy or not, but i do and i married a man who accepts it and i can't even freakin drive. don't worry OP, the right girl is out there for you, just wait and see!

crawforda4244 15

My aunt has seizures but not epilepsy. Its from her MS(multiple Sclerosis)

Get well soon OP. Explain to her after you're better and if she still insist on breaking up, let her go. You deserve better.

Was she aware of this? If yes, she's a bitch. If no, I hope you explained your situation to her. If she's still mad then shes still a bitch.

pastispast 7

she just wanted an excuse to finally break up with you. plenty of women out there.

Very inconsiderate. I bet the date would have consisted of you wasting your money on her and that's why she left because she "aint gettin a free meal". She's a goofy bastard.

kentuckyguy 4

Sorry that happened buddy.Hope you're ok,and remember,she ain't worth it if that's why she broke up.

Sounds like a pretty shaky excuse to break up if you ask me. You must've been jolting with anger. ...No? Ok I'll leave now... I hope you're alright though OP.

kaimariebee 15

You sound better off without her.