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Today, at work, my boss asked me why I wasn't adhering to proper dress code. I pointed out that skinny jeans are in the dress code, to which he replied, "Only if you're skinny." FML
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Wow that's so harsh, some bosses are total dicks..

Mearemoi 14

I don't really understand all the YDI's. It's not OP's fault her boss is an ass.


Wow that's so harsh, some bosses are total dicks..

jab7769 8

Sexual harassment or unfair policy practice take your pick and call human resources.

What a smart man, haha this made me laugh.

guyfawke 5

37. HR are monsters.

44 wtf. There are children on here you sick ****.

MikeonFML 17

I agree that picture is a bit offensive...

53- the website is called "**** my life." I pray for the child that enters. Then I suggest he check out spacedicks and spaceclop...

klrindal 2

Damn it Toby!

Um thick, thin, fat, or skinny calling someone a variation if one of those doesn't sound like sexual harassment to me? And the dress code is probably meant as to not further distract employees or customers, they probably want to look professional. So if she was doing this with the pants then I can understand his concern.

All skinny jeans do is restrict the reproductive organs so that those who wear them cannot reproduce... I hope your boss wears skinny jeans!

"Um thick, thin, fat, or skinny calling someone a variation if one of those doesn't sound like sexual harassment to me?" It depends on what his tone was...but it sort of sounds like he only wants skinny girls to wear skinny jeans in his workplace because they're appealing for him.

At first I immediately thought the boss was just being an asshole... However, I thought back to all the girls who try to wear tight clothing that is too small for their bodies. It doesn't look good. Part of being an employee for any business is to present yourself well. I will say, if he did have an issue purely for the sake of his business, he could've said it in a less abrasive manner.

Uh...there are more ways that one to tell an employee that their dress wear is not what they want. Regardless if he was trying to tell her "she needs to look more professional" it was very UNprofessional for him to say it like that. What a douchebag.

Rule of thumb for any business looking to hire a manager : people who are assholes and think they have a right to say and do whatever they want because they believe that they run the entire show should absolutely without a doubt NOT be able to fit that position. Being able to communicate effectively in any type of professional setting is KEY and it was totally UNprofessional for him to have said what he did how he did it. OP, remember, if this crap continues, you always have the right to quit. Keep your head up and don't let all the haters get you down - especially everyone on here saying YDI because that's absolute crap!!

CoDandBlowjobs 8

37- Its dumbasses like you that make this world worse. How the hell is that sexual harassment? If I say that you're fat how is that sexual? Slit your wrists

Mearemoi 14

I don't really understand all the YDI's. It's not OP's fault her boss is an ass.

I'm guessing it is because people are assholes. Thinking OP deserved it because she might be overweight

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beccaishereyay 11

36- so because OPs fat, she deserves ridicule??

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There will always be FML stories with undeserved YDI votes. As long as there are trolls, assholes and badges to be earned, there will never be an FML with 0 "YDI" votes. My theory is that if that ever happens, hell will have officially frozen over.

I don't think they should be ridiculed but I also think if you're overweight you should not be wearing skinny jeans. That goes for guys and girls. While on the topic stop sagging your pants below your ass.

SApprentice 34

63- But imagine the joy, though. If there were like 5,000 Your Life Sucks votes, and 0 for You deserved it. As if everyone was just so horrified by the FML that no one else had dared vote YDI. All that power at the tip of your fingers, knowing that there will be that little rush of satisfaction as the scales tip to 5000:1. The fact that OP does not deserve it would mean nothing- absolutely nothing in light of how much of a release that one little click would be. The terrible itch. One click, and it would go away. No matter how terrible the OP's woes, no matter how horrendous the problem, someone would have to click that button. There would be no choice. No alternative but to click that little icon and send the scales of fate tipping irrevocably out of balance. The triumph and celebration would be glorious, only to fade into a soul crushing shame. So much shame. This is why the internet can't have nice things.

MrBond007_fml 6

59- yes you are right everyone has their flaws, some impossible to correct (although I believe that obesity is a serious problem that can and should be corrected, but that is beyond the point) but it is entirely your choice wether or not you will highlight your flaws. If I'm a crapy singer, it might not be a good idea to sign up for American idol, if I'm not good with numbers, maybe it would be a good idea to pick a major other than math. You get the idea. Some of these people don't look at themselves in the mirror before they leave the house. You realize you don't have to wear what everyone else is wearing, you are aloud to choose something flattering to your body!! 84- you should write a book.

beccaishereyay 11

99- it's not her fault. I don't care if its her fault she's fat or if its her fault that she wore something that was unflattering. It's her bosses fault for having a dress code that only applies to certain people. If skinny jeans don't look good on everyone, they shouldn't be on a work related dress code. It's also his fault for acting like an ass.

MrBond007_fml 6

No argument there. The boss is a total asshole, he was wrong in more than one way. I'm just saying rule or no rule, op has control over how she dresses, fat people can look nice too. I don't have a six pack, I wouldn't be caught dead in a slim fit shirt, it just isn't faltering.

122- There's nothing that looks good on everybody. I don't look good in a size 3 or turtlenecks, but does that mean they should be out of a dresscode because I shouldn't wear them? Stop trying to act like "the sensitive one" and make OP except reality. Life taught her a lesson- don't wear clothes that don't fit.

patriot248 4

You can change your weight, you can't change your race -.-

kut17 11

He has a point.

i agree that skinny jeans are generally not flattering on incredibly overweight but who said op was overweight at all?

LiterOfCola 16

Her boss said so... You asked, 6.

FiestaInMyPants 8

Just because a person isn't skinny doesn't mean he or she is overweight. Who knows, what the boss considers "not skinny" may actually be in a healthy weight range for OP.

41- exactly. personally my definition of "skinny" is entirely different from "not fat".

OP might not be fat at all, could have muscly legs.

If the boss has a problem with skinny jeans, make it against policy for anyone to wear them (unless you work in some high-fashion position).

Would you have a problem if he made a rule that states "clothes must fit properly?" Muffin tops are a sign of improperly fitting clothes. Problem solved, problem staying solved.

bRower 3

You don't have to be 'fat' to not be skinny enough for skinny jeans. You can actually have leg muscles.

Aspen_Grace33 27

Well, he had no right to say that to you, but sometimes people really don't know that certain things don't really fit them.

He has every right to say it. We have that thing called freedom of speech, doesn't mean it wasn't rude or he's not an ass for saying it.

Are you kidding me? Freedom of speech doesn't mean you can go around insulting everyone - especially in a business type setting. Just because someone is in a management type of position doesn't mean they "have a right" to get all power trippy and cruel on someone. If I were the OP, I would go to her BOSSES BOSS and complain about what happened. This person needs to know saying shit like that is NOT ok and should be reprimanded for it - be it a write up or whatever. Keep your head up OP. Don't let some random asshole get you down. Report it, move on, and if he gets like that again , remember you always have the right to quit!

patriot248 4

Actually freedom of speech is exactly that, the freedom to say what you want, when you want, to whom ever you want. Just be prepared to suffer the consequences of what you say.

You ever seen that "Etchsanity" guy on FML? What an Internet tough guy, right? He should totally go back to 4chan and move out of his mum's basement. LOL!

Why don't you go do something useful instead of insulting people on FML?

sweetbabysweet93 10

If you notice the face tattoo, I assume he is rather famous on that site.

BunchieRules 31

13 - Don't feed the trolls. They multiply like rabbits, spreading nothing but hatred and chaos to the FML community. The only way to stop them is to ignore them, and avoid giving them the attention that they so desperately need in order to feed on our souls.

Can I atleast thumb them down?

BunchieRules 31

... And that's when the mods edited 7's comment. Well done, FML Gods. I applaud you.

BunchieRules 31

30 - Definitely. Of course, maybe not now, since the mods have control over the comment. The future of this thread is in their hands now.

Just ignore him #30 he might go away if you just act like he isn't there..

How did they change his comment?

Mjfalcon 8

58, Jurassic park 3 reference, well done sir, well done.

If you bothered to read his name you would know he is making a joke about himself. It may be out of place, but think something through before you let yourself be trolled.

Actually, he wasn't making fun of himself. His comment just got moderate to make it look like that.

sweetbabysweet93 10

Bitches be tripping.

sweetbabysweet93 10

Then don't trip bitch.

Well if that's how he really feels then you should just go to the bathroom, take your pants off and get back to work.

I don't think there's ever a good reason to be wearing pants. Besides the law, I mean... And cold weather... And being too lazy to shave.

sweetbabysweet93 10

In that case I think they're called fat jeans. Ew.

You sir/ma'am, are a terrible person. May your comment be buried farther than when Gandalf fell with the balrog.

sweetbabysweet93 10

Just the truth, kid.

Just because he is your boss doesnt mean he has to be an ass.

They make them in all sizes for a reason, keep rocking your skinny jeans op..

I wish I could like this comment a hundred times.

Ya that's cool for girls but guys should NOT be wearing skinny jeans

puplintain 4

They make them in all sizes to make money, not because a tapered leg is an attractive cut on anyone over a size 5.

SApprentice 34

85- I'm 5'7" and I weigh 135lbs. My stomach is almost flat, other than a bit extra, but I wear size 6-10. Pants sizes differ so much, just from company to company, that you really can't make those kind of generalizations about them. I'm a size 3 in some things, and sometimes a size 13. Women's pants are not usually labeled by inches, but by that company's idea of size. The same pair of pants at one place could be labeled a 5, but then be labeled 10 at another. Pants size can't really be used as a factor in telling physical health or appearance. People need to be putting more emphasis on having having a healthy body based on what their body needs, and how comfortable their body is, not trying to be that 'perfect' size 5.

Just because something is made for your size doesn't mean it looks good on you. Be it body type, shape, or size skinny jeans do not look good on everyone!

He's right, you know. Just reference the earlier FML about someone having to see an obese woman in short shorts. Is there a difference? No, I think it works perfectly as a concept example.

85- I think you mean size 10. 'Cause people can have wide hips and still have nice bodies. But, I got your point dude. At the same time, your not 100% correct. I just say "people please wear clothes that fit you and look okay on you"!!!