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Today, my mother threatened me if I keep wearing yoga pants to school, she's going to have my dad pick me up in a speedo. FML
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for all the guys' sake in your school.....keep wearing the yoga pants!

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xbrit551 13
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Keep wearing yoga pants and not doing yoga at school HOAR

So do I! They're really, really comfy and I... Never mind, forget I said anything.

Oh, the comfort. Yoga pants can leave one enlightened. Though, speedos are quite awesome as well, but imagining your father wearing them can leave you scarred for life.

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Yoga pants are very flattering, if you got it show it!

Don't worry OP! Your mum's probably just jealous of your amazing tush

And if you don't have it, dear God don't show it...

I think yoga pants are ugly. some girls wear them everyday and it makes them look sloppy. and then when they dress up, they wear leggings or tights. where is the modesty? not everything is about being skin tight and showing off your ******...

thiscrazything 1

105, I would thumb you down 100 times if possible, for your stupid comment. WTF? How does someone show off their ****** in yoga pants? If you don't like them, then don't wear them, but don't be a hater.

morganrules123 10

113 You've never noticed cameltoes that 90% of people wearing them have?

I don't think I know what yoga pants are anymore after reading the comments above. I've a curvy one and I've never experienced a camel toe. Maybe panty lines after they've come out of the drier, but they are loose yet hugging.

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105-what Tha hell is wrong with you...

105 i agree with you. but you said it in a douche like way. i think yoga pants reveal alot. thats why i like them better then short shorts :)

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173 has obviously never actually touched a woman. With her permission

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They're YOGA pants. Big deal, it's like wearing work-out clothes to school. Sexy work-out clothes.. But still

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"mom" her moms not a mummy get it right!!!!! I don't care it your from uk she's from us

I'm guessing that....u r fat. Am I right 105??

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105, why shouldn't I show off my ******? I've got one, so why not show it off? DISCLAIMER: This is a joke. Do not take it seriously.

Does OP also wear a black bra with a see through white top, I never figured out if girls do this on purpose or because they are dumb?

227- it's definitely on purpose. Girls are very conscious about their appearance.

Yoga pants are hands down like the most comfy things in the world and they make ur butt look cute so keep wearing the yoga, pants op and tell ir mom,tk get a pair maybe shell understand if she just tries them

179 - I don't see how touching a woman relates to someone's dad picking her up in a speedo, and also, judging by your profile pic you're the one who girls apparently don't got near.

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There's so many kinds! (gilly hicks, Abercrombie, pink, aeropostle, omg and everywhere else...) Pinks yoga pants ROCK

MischievousV 8

235- not all females are conscious about what they wear. It's a generalizing statement. I for one am female but I really don't care about what I'm wearing most of the time as long as it fits and is comfortable.

Who ever started the camel toe thing really set a bad reputation for all the camels out there.

Only the girls who are self conscious do this. It's a cry for attention from ratchet girls. Girls with intelligence and class would never. Anything see through must be worn with an undershirt.

You must be definitely American :) every Canadian girl knows lulu lemons are da best! Try em out sometime!

Sorry, that was for okiidokii :P my bad if it didn't make sense

for all the guys' sake in your school.....keep wearing the yoga pants!

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Yoga pants are gods gift to men.

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Speedos are Satans gift to everyone. Especially when on some fat 350 pound tub of lard, or a 80 year old grandpa

What if she's a fatty in them that's sick. U just want more jail bait in yoga pants u pedo.

jeob1992 8

134 obviously hasn't been on a college campus lately

Unless you are 200lbs and trying to look cute. Then I say kill it with fire

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ever think ops mom is trying to save her from embarrassment. maybe those pants aren't quite flattering on op.

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I agree with 164. What if the girl has a saggy butt?

240 - stop making those silly duck faces

Hey 273! WTF lay off the Chinese peking duck racist remarks,

kinky. not enough to have something wrong with it, but just enough to have it be awkward

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Do it... just to see if he does it.

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Not a damn thingg! Best thing ever(:

they're sexy as hell, so parents don't like their kids wearing them i guess...

skyeyez9 24

If you have a daughter one day, you will not want her to wear sexy clothing either. It is a parent thing.

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It's makes people look like ******....that's why they wear them

147 what r u talking,about yeah there cute but there also really comfy my parents have no prob with me wearing yoga pants cause they know there jus pants

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It's tight around the ass! For parents not ok!

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Twilightluvr101, you are kind of stupid.

I can't tell if that's because of her comment or the fact that she likes Twilight.

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Like 2 said yes for guys sake please do I love them 3 how is that like a ***** as for OP fyl that completely unreasonable yoga pants aren't that bad

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it's only a problem if everyone will see him in said speedo. if not, all you have to deal with is deep internal embarrassment and mental scarring.

Michael_92 20

Idk if I was the dad I would get out of the car and scream for her as loud as I could. Maybe sit up on my truck waving at people telling everyone I'm her father. That is bad lol

_Ferrari_ 5

As long as your dad doesn't disembark the vehicle, I think you should continue wearing yoga pants.

flooger101 6

But I'm sure she doesn't want to have the image of her fated in a speedo imbedded in her mind FOREVER! Trust me that's one thing that would never go away! Lol but I would miss yoga pants!

MerrikBarbarian 9

I give mega props to the dad if he gets out of the car in nothing but a speedo in this weather. :p

I live in Michigan and the weather has been fantastic!

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Yoga pants or scarring you and half the kids in your school for life. Your choice OP.


The pants on the picture you have are scarring kids for life.

Your dad doesn't want everyone seeing your.. Everything. So if you keep showing it off, so will he, sounds fair

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they are rly thin material so it outlines ur butt and crotch. its almost the same as wearing underwear

99 - they are so revealing, you'd notice a mole on the person's leg through the yoga pants

Yeah but who wears underwear these days- free ballin for life

I don't know what you guys are talking about, or if the girls are actually just wearing TIGHTS (nylons) rather than yoga pants. Yoga pants are typically made out of a spandex with maybe (usually) one or two other fabrics mixed into it. REAL yoga/work out pants have to be flexible but also supportive, so if you can see THROUGH the material then it's not work out pants, but tights/panty hose.

almostalbino 10

No one said you could see THROUGH them, but that are so tight they outlined things, that in some cases, no one wants to see... those are yoga pants.

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Yes please were yoga pants like 2 said I love them, but really whats wrong with them fyl your dad picking you up in a speedo that's completely unreasonable

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

You need to focus on school more than yoga pants. I had to read that at least 5 time to slightly understand what you typed.

lolmonster34 0

Not a fan of school more of a fan of the people there ;)

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Have fun living under a bridge the rest of your life then. :)

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Called marrying into wealth lol

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Pfft!! What rich woman in her right mind is going to spend HER LIFE and HER MONEY supporting a lazy ass, non-educated, non-working guy? None.

lolmonster34 0

K I'm not commenting to sone ugly ass mofo anymore at least on this comment

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

You think I care about what you think I look like? HA! Grow up.