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  Juliaa15  |  6

I think yoga pants are ugly. some girls wear them everyday and it makes them look sloppy. and then when they dress up, they wear leggings or tights. where is the modesty? not everything is about being skin tight and showing off your vagina...


105, I would thumb you down 100 times if possible, for your stupid comment. WTF? How does someone show off their vagina in yoga pants? If you don't like them, then don't wear them, but don't be a hater.

  girl112891  |  7

I don't think I know what yoga pants are anymore after reading the comments above. I've a curvy one and I've never experienced a camel toe. Maybe panty lines after they've come out of the drier, but they are loose yet hugging.


Yoga pants are hands down like the most comfy things in the world and they make ur butt look cute so keep wearing the yoga, pants op and tell ir mom,tk get a pair maybe shell understand if she just tries them

  Sebastian_NG  |  17

179 - I don't see how touching a woman relates to someone's dad picking her up in a speedo, and also, judging by your profile pic you're the one who girls apparently don't got near.

  MischievousV  |  8

235- not all females are conscious about what they wear. It's a generalizing statement. I for one am female but I really don't care about what I'm wearing most of the time as long as it fits and is comfortable.

  natsaysheyyy  |  16

Only the girls who are self conscious do this. It's a cry for attention from ratchet girls. Girls with intelligence and class would never. Anything see through must be worn with an undershirt.

  TorturedXeno  |  27

Mommy probably misses her younger days and is upset that she don't got what you got.

  Michael_92  |  20

Idk if I was the dad I would get out of the car and scream for her as loud as I could. Maybe sit up on my truck waving at people telling everyone I'm her father. That is bad lol

  flooger101  |  6

But I'm sure she doesn't want to have the image of her fated in a speedo imbedded in her mind FOREVER!
Trust me that's one thing that would never go away! Lol but I would miss yoga pants!

  AmbrosiaWriter  |  17

I don't know what you guys are talking about, or if the girls are actually just wearing TIGHTS (nylons) rather than yoga pants.

Yoga pants are typically made out of a spandex with maybe (usually) one or two other fabrics mixed into it. REAL yoga/work out pants have to be flexible but also supportive, so if you can see THROUGH the material then it's not work out pants, but tights/panty hose.