By sucksssssss - 28/01/2010 20:12 - France

Today, while at work, my boss asked me to clean the bathroom. Someone had pooped on the floor and I stepped in it, dropping my manager's keys into the toilet. I then had to clean up my shoe and the floor, and put my hand in the toilet to get the keys. FML
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BadPinkKitty07 0

pun intended I assume #1 how the hell do you just shit on the floor like that??

sorry about that taco bell gets harder to hold in ever year.

HeresReality 0

how would you step on shit on a tile floor? you were sent to cleanthe bathroom so this could not have been a suprise, and it's not like you wouldn't have been able to see it. this is proably fake

xolivlaughluvxo 0

who ***** on the floor?? that sucks

ihavenoname123 0

Dude, some kid in my elementary school threw shit on the wall and ceiling. it was obviously a black man -_-

cowgod 0

no it probably was white trash. blacks poop in little ditches outside

I pooped on the floor, did u enjoy cleaning up my poop??

efil_ym_kcuf 0

i am not sure how real this is sounds fake but if it is real yes. **** ur life

How does this sound so bizarre that it would be fake? Someone has pooped in the dressing room at a place I used to work at, some people are just sick. This shit really happens. Pun intended.

I walked into a restroom one time to find a hardened turd lodged into the air vent. Above me. Can't use public restrooms anymore.

Malinkrot 3

people are nasty and do that all the time. I work at a waterpark when i'm home from college breaks, and I find shit in the bathroom sometimes. it's usually trashy parents who don't clean up after their stupid kids. my friend used to work at TJ Maxx and she said people pissed and crapped in the dressing rooms all the time, sometimes using the clothes to wipe it up or hide it.

RaKum12 0

I would of been pissed off. don't u guys have a janitor?

Since we're sharing shitty stories, here's one: My mom worked at a computer repair place. The back door was in an alley, more or less. So, homeless people would stay back there. Apparently one had to take a shit. Rather than doing it on the ground, they pressed their ass against the wall and shit while walking away. The turd was sticking straight out from the wall, and stayed attached for months until someone cleaned it off. I know it sounds fake, but I saw it with my own eyes. Anyway....yes, FYL, OP. >_>

When I worked at Michael's, someone apparently failed at throwing away a dirty diaper. There was shit tracked all over the bathroom where people were stepping in it. The diaper was shoved half way in a sanitary box, and there was shit all over the toilet and stall. The shit was a terrible green color. People have just walked into GameStop, popped a squat, shat/pissed on the carpet, and walked out. They just keep extra carpet tiles in the back room now.

missxteenuh 0

I can not believe that people actually poop on the floor,it's disgusting.Also I probably just would have quit the job if they asked me to clean up human poop.

saucey12 1

#8 human poop?? Like any other poop is better...

Burgessnk 0

herbivore poop is generally less smelly and less sticky than human poop. Much rather clean that up.

saranottelling 7

Your boss crapped on the floor and put oil on the keys so they would be slippery. He then watched the whole thing happen on camera. OP, your boss is a sicko who carries "oil" around, craps on the floor, and has cameras in the bathroom. Is your boss Billy Ray Cyrus? I don't know him, but when I think of creeps watching people clean up poop for their own sick pleasure I think of him. EDIT: did I just type that? Wow... I am really tired...

Someone just shit on the floor.. It's just amazing at how stupid people can be. Srry man. F. Y. L.

this has happened to me! only poop is haz mat and i didnt have to clean it. thank god i didnt need that job!

What crappy job!!! I hope this your wakeup call to go to college...