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Today, I learned from my daughter's teacher that she has been wearing the same shirt for the past few weeks, ever since we had a fight about how I don't pay attention to her. FML
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Well she proved her point- you clearly aren't paying attention.


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omfg_creepers 8

How do you not realize the smelly pokemon shirt on your kid is the same one for that long? YDI

Because she does exactly what her child says: completely ignores her unless forced not to. Kinda gross actually.

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Parent of the year right here...

I feel badly for the kid. However, she chose one of the grossly ideas. I had this same conversation with my parents when I was 12. Neither listened so I didn't do my homework for a month. After 10 calls from my teachers, to my parents, they finally paid attention. I had completed all of my homework but didn't turn any of it in when each was due. The only attention I got was that the next day I had to turn in my homework and my birthday party was moved a weekend later, which actually was good for me. But I learned to give up after that. Some parents aren't able to stop, enjoy their kid(s) for a moment each day, and appreciate them. Again, I feel badly for the kid.

Wearing the same shirt for the past few weeks is not necessarily the same as wearing a dirty shirty for the past few weeks. I wear the same shirty everyday pretty much but I wash it every night. We shouldn't jump to the conclusion that the OP's daughter is incapable of doing laundry. She may have just deliberately worn and constantly washed the same shirt for the past few weeks.

Like me washing dishes everyday but my step mom only notices when i dont

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Wearing the same shirt does not put her at risk of affecting her grades. I would have never think of something like this. I think this girl is very smart. My first thought was that is it not that difficult to walk away with the same shirt without being noticed because she could be using a closed jacket or leaving after and getting home before her parents, but I have the feeling she wanted to be noticed.

U wash your shirt every day?? Why not get 3 or 4 of the same shirt???

I am working on doing so but it has to be a specific style and color and thus far I only have managed to find one that is big enough to accomodate my **** but not so big as to make me look like I am wearing a circus tent.

I would feel disgusting wearing the same shirt for that long...

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From me taking the side of the parent who grounded their kid from homecoming to this--I'm sorry, I can't sympathize. I agree with 2... How could you not notice??

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Apparently OP doesn't pay attention to their daughter.

Well, I don't know about you guys, but my mom almost never sees what I wear to school. Yes, I do spend time with her, but she works during the day. In the mornings she speaks to me before I get dressed, and by the time I'm done she is gone. When I get home, I change in to pajamas and she doesn't see me until an hour later. So it doesn't necessarily mean OP doesn't pay attention to her daughter.

This actually really sad. Act like a mother

Boo Habs!!! Parents and kids don't always meet up schedule wise. Could not be OPs fault like stated above. Or OP really isn't very observant.

@sarcasticunicorn, but if you read the FML it said they got into a fight about how the mom doesn't pay attention to the daughter so what you said isn't all that valid with the FML. The last part of your comment.

That's gnarly! But YDI for not noticing something like that, maybe your daughter was right. :P

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Maybe? If your daughters TEACHER noticed it before the mothers dumb ass then there are some parental problems. It makes me have deeper sympathy for those who can't have children but would die for a chance to have one.. Unlike some ungrateful careless beings.

Yea, I had one of those moments where I couldn't go edit my comment because the time ran out. But yes, this is a total YDI situation.

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Maybe this poster leaves early in the morning to go to work and works all day and comes home and the posters child doesn't try to be with her very tired parent, it's not always the parent.

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YDI for not paying better attention

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Yea she kinda has a point there. And you just proved it big time! YDI

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So you are saying that for all those weeks you haven't even looked at your own child? Even if you would be blind, you should of smelled it! You're now officially the worst parent of the year! Congrats!

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Well she proved her point- you clearly aren't paying attention.

Some people shouldn't be allowed to have kids

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100 is the average IQ, so that would literally mean 50-60% of people (probably closer to 60 since some people are with someone dumber than them) can't have children. Also, IQ probably has nothing to do with OP's problem. Op's just selfish.

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I want to like this so much...but you have 69likes

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IQ is a very limited test. It only measures one portion of your thinking skills but we can't say that it measures intelligence, because intelligence is a far broader phenomenon. The IQ has had several criticisms about its limitations (it being biased and not being able to correlate the results with actual intelligence being the most profound limitation).

^^ Long, drawn out way of saying it's too hard. Bring me the pliers. I'm taking your sack...

Maria_Obligacia 14

#83, That's not accurate. This is what popular press is trying to make of it. Intelligence tests do measure intelligence, but there are some purely *political* problems in the way of making a case for them.

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Coming from someone with Justin Beiber as their profile photo....

Nanael_fml 4 Your picture makes us want to.

I had to down vote. Just look at her name.

You know what would be crazy? If "Laurenlovesjb" went to charlotte high school... Believe it or not, I knew a lauren who was crazy for that little freak. Coincidences, right?

Just to let you know, the reason I love Justin Bieber is because when I was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago, he visited the hospital I was in and gave me his hat and told me not to lose hope. And now the chemo is working and I'm slowly improving. Before that, I hated him and called him gay and stupid on a daily basis.

Oh, I didn't fight the urge. It got an automatic thumbs down.

LudicMonster 22

Wow, after 87's comment I hope you all feel like jerks

There is nothing wrong with loving the biebs. It's alright lauren I hope you are feeling better. My mom had cancer for four years. I'm making FML depressing when it's purely for laughs sorry guys.

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I voted it down and still don't feel like a jerk

#46, If even someone with JB in her photo (reasons nothwithsatnding) sees OP is an idiot, you are losing track of the post. (Hope you are feeling better, lljb.)

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Laurenlovesjb- So you are homophobic?

Oh my god! Let the world know that the Biebs is the cure!

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159 - In no way did her comments imply that. She said she called him gay. She never said I'm afraid of him because he is gay. Stop trying to start crap.

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There is nothing wrong with her loving Justin bieber everyone has ther own taste in music and if hers is Justin then that's her choice not yours don't judge Someone by the music they listen to. Personally Justin isn't my favorite singer ever, he's okay but I don't judge her because she likes him.

I'm sure there are like thousands of girls who are named Lauren who have a senseless obsession with Justin Bieber.

No, those were last week's onion ring stains. That dead animal smell, on the other hand...