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By  sarsuela  |  25

I can totally see this happening. My 2yo can scream for an hour when overtired (not staying up an hour late but like after a three day trip to grandma). Also, clothes are a mean of torture.

By  alycion  |  38

Depending on age, you may want to get her looked at. You set children, this can be a sign of so many things. Older probably could at least use a therapist to talk to, as it could be a sign of mental illness. Some kids come off as brats when they just don’t have the words to say what they are going through. For me, screaming over certain clothes and refusing to wear them was an early symptom of an autoimmune that was missed until my 30’s. Lack of early treatment allowed it to advance enough for me to have a heart attack shortly after diagnosis. My many bipolar signs were also ignored by doctors. Maybe if I was able to get treated then, it wouldn’t be such a struggle now.

By  J15237  |  25

We need the age of the daughter please. If she was a younger child then who ever was watching your daughter seriously fucked up and needs to loose their job. If your daughter is older then you have one fucked up situation on your hands.