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Today, I got into a huge fight with a girl at school. My mom and dad decided to punish me by letting my three older brothers pick out my wardrobe for the next week. FML
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Burn anything you have that you don't want to be seen wearing in public. That hideous reindeer sweater in the back of your closet... Yeah, BURN IT NOW.

I hope your brothers are metrosexual;)


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I would think school is out by now...

Is there an echo in here? Is there an echo in here?

Depends...some schools in IL are year-around schools. Either that or she is in summer school

Ah... my apologies. What would the Internet be if people where to actually look something up before jumping to conclusions though!

looks like the pressure of having the first comment got to them *le sigh

Her number is two. But there isn't anyone above her on the comments.

Don't worry OP, assuming you're suspended, no one will see it.

Nigguh, hush up... Who did you steal your computer/phone from?..

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Hey guys no one ever said the top comment ha to be creative. Maybe she genuinely laughed at this. OP, I wish you the best with that!!!

9, Exactly! By far, the most original punishment I've ever heard of. Original poster, you should be glad you have clever parents, opposed to your parents that could write a "What If?" list, if you were never born.

not trying to be a dick or anything, but why is everyone put on blast if there is a bad first comment? I personally dont care enough to bitch them out because it is just a comment guys dnt let it ruin your day lol

Besides, it's the second comment and yes there IS a number 1, at least in my phone.

209, Commenter one wasn't there when most of us commented. Hence my comment about there being no one above #2. The first comment reappeared.

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And the lil bro gets his sweet revenge. ;)

I hope your brothers are metrosexual;)

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81 oh shut up. Everyone knows guys can't pick girls colors out. Do you know what metro is? It's not gay. So just shut up.

I can, I can put together an outfit for a female. I've helped my friends dress. I ****** even bought two whole outfits for my Girlfriend once. She was quite shocked..Lol, well, at how well I had done..she said I might be gay;/. Althoough I have proven to her, otherwise;D. .again and agaaainn..

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81- 3 said metrosexual, not homosexual. There's a huge difference. Homosexual refers to your sexual orientation, whereas metrosexual refers to your behavioral tendencies. Get your facts straight.

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I think even if they were metrosexual that it would be worse, they would know then how to inflict the worst horror rather than just blindly choosing. There is no way her brothers aren't going to enjoy this and make it hard on her. Not in a mean way, but in a family way. Where these precious moments last forever

I've picked out clothes for a girl before... Unfortunately. It's such a taxing experience smh.

I don't let anyone pick out my clothes, especially not a man. With the exception of my gay housemate, if he doesn't like something you're wearing out he will make you change it

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hopefully they dress you like a nun so you learn your lesson and not fight with others.

I think that's harsh. You don't know the storyline, you don't know if she was defending her honor, or maybe her mom who has cancer's honor. You don't know her life, so check yourself before you wreck yourself. Just sayin'.

That is very rude u should be ashamed of urself. I think u should watch what u put because this is the Internet it will never go away and it could and will hurt somebody's feelings

I never understood why people think "defending your honor" justifies violence. I mean, even the most basic justice system, an eye for an eye, wouldn't justify that. :P There are so many other solutions... OP, if you're going to act like a child, you're going to be treated like one. Although I have to say, I kind of love your parents. My parents would NEVER let me get away with that. And extra points for creativity! :)

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You are absolutely right, saksxalmo . Its nice to hear someone say it too! NOTHING justifies violence in my opinion, NOTHING Yes, we are all prone to violence. But to act on our violent tenancies is to admit defeat - "I am so out of control I can only behave like an animal!" The ONLY honor is in resisting violence.

Thank you, 112 & 127! @77 - Really? There is no reason to condone violence unless it's self defense and you're trying to stop it. I remember watching high school girls fight & thinking they were absolutely pathetic, regardless of the reason - and that was when I was their age! I definitely was not alone in that opinion. Besides, "Today, I got in a huge fight in school and my parents grounded me for two weeks. FML." wouldn't have made it on the site. At least her parents are creative and one day, probably in less than three years, she will laugh about this.

It says she got in a fight, not why. Maybe OP was defending herself....

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Maybe it's just me but, when someone says "fight," I don't automatically assume violence. Maybe a heated argument? If it was an actual violent fight, then yes she deserves it. However if she got into an argument to the point someone had to cut in, then I think that what you said is harsh. People are going to get in heated arguments. Even if you are being very polite, someone might not be as considerate.

But what if she starts to fly?? Susan Fields might sue

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Blood as in the babies died or the person got stabbed? The thing I don't get is, it's not the other girls fault it is the boy's. I don't get those fights between girls (even though I'm one) where the boy is cheating on them. It's the boy that's cheating it's his fault

#112 If she only got into that fight to defend herself, then the violence was justifiable, but if she was fighting over something ridiculous, which I assume was the actual case, then she deserved the punishment.

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I would think school is out by now...

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8- she is from United States.

FMLs take a while to be approved OP may have written it a few weeks or a month ago.

Burn anything you have that you don't want to be seen wearing in public. That hideous reindeer sweater in the back of your closet... Yeah, BURN IT NOW.

hockeyoceancity 13

But grandmom knitted it for me!

I'll take the reindeer sweater... D:

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If her brothers would be so cruel to stick her in a sweater in June... I feel for her. I really do. I'm picky about my clothes. All the way down to what panties and socks I wear on what day.

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Also she should throw out the old tacky knee high socks that she used to wear in 1st grade. You know you still have those in the back of your closet SOMEWHERES.

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haha yeah id bury everything in some nearby forest lmao

Well some places are still cold in June so people are still wearing jumpers/sweaters. In England it was hot and then it got very cold..

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She's in Illinois, not England.

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But I think I look good in it! The way the stripes make me feel.

Im not the only one with a reindeer sweater oh goodie I feel better

This is why we don't fight, boys and girls. But... Maybe they'll take pity on you! I hope you haven't pissed them off lately.

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she pissed them off by getting into a fight.

How would that piss her brothers off? Now her parents, I can understand. But I'm sure her brothers have gotten in trouble at least once, too.

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There could've been a good reason to fight... I had one in my fight this year.

Unless it's verbal, it's still wrong. No one should ever lay hands on anyone.

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That's stupid, I'm sorry. If someone started beating the shit out of me, I won't say, "Uhm, excuse me ma'am, would you mind ceasing in your whaling? Thank you!" I'm going to hit back.

Well no one said she didn't start the fight. The fight could have easily been over something petty like someone looking at her wrong.

I agree fighting is wrong and should be avoided if possible, but if someone is going to pick a fight with me im not going to sit there and take it. Maybe OPs parents punished her because of the reason why she did it, not because of the fact that she did fight.

ONCE AGAIN. The OP never said what insinuated the fight. If it was something petty and OP threw the first punch, or tit was over a boy or something, she does deserve it. But if someone threw the first hit, I can understand.

Dude that would be hilarious!! I feel you though I got three older brothers myself. It is torture..... Get through it and then wear super awesome outfits the next week!!

113 - You're probably some little kid thinking you're so cool for trying to insult me. Or you are an adult who can't grow up and realize that insulting others gets you nowhere in life. And you know what I like the way I look and that is more than you can say, you don't even have a profile picture.

Sometimes 128's forehead chews my fingernail.

You guys are assholes. She's a pretty girl. Considering most of you guys' profile pictures don't even contain your face, you should shut up. Leave her be. Shit. Be mature.