By imamomma - 20/12/2011 18:59 - United States

Today, after explaining to my two year old that we were going bra shopping, he decided to announce to the entire bank that we were going to buy Mommy some boobies. FML
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Kids and their silly comments. But why would you even specify what type of shopping?

Damn_Hippster 11

Why would you tell your 2 year old that you were going to go bra shopping? He's only 2. He obviously doesn't understand.


No one.....cares

I wonder if it will take less than 5 minutes to get you buried

wonder If any u dumbshits askin how he knows wat a bra is stopped to think maybe the mom told him cause kids are curious at that age

Kids and their silly comments. But why would you even specify what type of shopping?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Exactly. This is definitely a YDI. Plus, I'm sure most people already understand that some things kids say shouldn't be taken seriously. If anything, you should be happy your child gave the bank a good laugh.

NotsoobviousTrol 5

Well at least he knows they're not for him

Why does your two year know what bras are?

Llamacod 11

Amyjadee, maybe because her two year old isn't a ******* moron, maybe that's how the 2 year old knew.

I wonder what ops kid would have said if op needed to buy a jock strap...

ellybelly_502 4

I agree, the kid didn't have to know what your shopping for! Oh and Llamacod... you don't have to be such an ass!

llamacod, chill the **** out, i have a 2 year old niece and and she doesnt know

You just went full retard

ledstratdak 0

guys I'm pretty sure 43 was joking around.

mfazi456 7

Why does a 2 yr. old have to know what a bra is?

No 2 year old should know what a bra is

n_epic_fail 14

Kids now a days are smarter than we give them credit for, they pay attention to what's happening around them weather we realize it or not

ShroomsOnAcid 16

And what exactly is wrong about a 2 year old knowing what a bra is? Kids absorb information about everything around them, and some are naturally more curious than others. What is inherently wrong with answering your kid if they ask what that is, aside from minor embarrassments for the parent in situations such as this one?

Llamacod 11

Wow mark, you've actually held a bra up to your nieve and asked what it is? No, then how the hell would you know if she know what it is? And for those schmucks who think they "know" what 2 year olds should know; the age of 2 actually consists of much mental development. A 2 year old at 35 months old (still 2 years of age) is much more advanced mentally than at 25 months.

Llamacod 11

And yes, actually, I have 5 kids spanned from 16yrs to 9mo. Tell me geniuses, what do you tell your 2 yr old (this question is for the women and mark, who apparently also wears bras around his niece) when they see you dressing and ask what it is? Mark, did you tell your niece to "stfu"? Because that's a real mather attitude to have. You are the same screwed up asses that call a penis a wee wee I presume.

Llamacod 11

Mature attitude not mather

Llamacod, you have a valid argument, but I don't think it works in this situation. Yes, if a two year old saw you with a bra, asked what it was, and you told them, they would know. However, if this never happened, you wouldn't expect a two year old to discover what a bra is on their own, right? In fact, at two years old, a child probably isn't even interested in what you're wearing. OP never indicates that they told their child about bras prior to at the bank, so you don't really know. And lastly, had the child known what bras were, they wouldn't have said "We're going to buy Mommy boobies", would they? I rest my case. Also, on a side note, if you start attacking others to solidify your own argument, you actually weaken it. Calm down, cause no one did anything to you.

For the record llama, I thumbed you up. I see no problem with a 2 year old knowing what a bra is. Not like they see one on a regular basis, if you know what I mean.

Is there anything wrong with a 2 year old knowing what a bra is? No. Is it necessary to teach a 2 year old what a bra is? No. Is llamacod a total asshole? Pretty much. Did I sum up this comment thread alright?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

110 - If a child didn't know what bras were, how would they know they have anything to do with boobs? Did you think your post through?

I don't what two year olds you know, but I work with kids and I would say 99% don't know

Llamacod 11

Shadowroller have you ever been around a 2 year old? Let me tell you one thing about kids aged 2-5, they are curious about everything. You're correct, op didn't state that op jr ever asked about bras, but lets face reality here, this kid must be the smartest ******* 2 yr old on the planet to know absolutely nothing about a bra and yet know that they have something to do with mommy's luscious, luscious fun bags.

Llamacod 11

And nocturnal, if I were you I'd be really, really careful not to get caught asking the kids you work with what bras are as you show them one... What? You don't do that? ohh silly me, just how do you bring up the topic of what a bra is? See, just trying to show you that just because they don't talk about bras all day long doesn't mean they don't know what one is.

I'm pretty surprised that people are saying most two year olds don't/shouldn't know what a bra is. My sister is 26 months and knows what one is. Since OP's son is a boy and doesn't wear a bra, of course he's going to be curious. Why lie to him, or even omit the truth? Depending on when/if the child stopped breast feeding, he may already know what breasts are. I think this is cute.

koolkat27 13

there's nothing wrong with kids knowing what bras are. I mean it's just something that holds your boobs up right? kids already know about boobs since they were probably breastfed so I thinks it's natural if her kid knew what it was. why do people have to be so uptight and prudish about breasts?

Wow, kids are way smarter then people credit them for. How about a 13 month old knowing what a bra is? yes, my daughter was nursed until she was almost a year. And at 13 months said bra, shirt, jeans and much more. Now at 25 months, the daycare has her in the 3-4 year old room because they can't occupy her brain. Children have learnt everything they know, and have to learn everything they will know! What age they learn it at depends on their mentality. Crap.... At a year and a half my daughter tried peeing on the potty standing up, and said "daddy?" she now knows girls sit, and boys stand. But I guess that makes me a bad parent for teaching my daughter life, instead of just shapes and colours, eh?

chlorinegreen 27

Llama I don't really understand your hostile manner. Everyone raises their child differently. Every child learns at a different rate. In your family they probably do know what a bra is but not every two year old know. You can either agree or disagree but to be out right attacking peoples opinions is just rude. OP your child sounds cute! Enjoy the moments while they last. Your child won't be young forever and they will turn into great funny stories one day!

n_epic_fail 14

All these novel length comments are unnessisary. She's two and knows what a bra is. That's not earth shattering news. Take a chill pill (or two)

sabb1228 0

Learned, not learnt.

daxxbuttons 12

I think that the problem here is that the mother (or father, other supposed-to-be-responsible adult) taught this child that breasts are 'boobies'.

my son was 15 months when he knew the word boobies he refers to bras as boobies. at least you weren't at the store shopping and he see the bra's and screams "boobies! boobies are awesome! mommy boobies are awesome!" everyone stared. and sadly their fathers usually teach them rhose words and what they are

Its preety funny how Llamacod has so many children, but yet he spends his time arguing with people on FML.

lyri10 0

That kid rules!!!

agreed. ^_^

Best kid on earth:D

Yay boobies!!!! :D lol

Haha, kids say the darnest things.

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sirhobothesecond 3

152- That comment just goes ******* perfect with your pic.

2anonymous2 2

well you could of juss told your child u wer just going shopping

Herrrrrp... Derrrrrp...

You spelled out "your" AND had the correct tense, but couldn't spell out "you"? Amazing.

Llamacod 11

Yet "juss" goes unnoticed?

uFayel 6

Or "wer."

ledstratdak 0

33- why did you type softie on google?

Damn_Hippster 11

Why would you tell your 2 year old that you were going to go bra shopping? He's only 2. He obviously doesn't understand.

he obviously does....

Seriously what's the big deal? I wish my parent were more forward with me about certain "taboo" topics, I wouldn't be so inhibited these days when it comes to stuff like that..

ShroomsOnAcid 16

48 - There are ways to improve that. Many people have grown up the same way, or perhaps even worse, so I imagine there has been enough study in the area to develop some good tools that can help you. Ridding yourself of your inhibitions is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. Also, people are so hellbent on protecting their children from anything sexual, that in the end it often results in some type of sexual dysfunction, or at least some sexual retardation. When I had the "talk" it consisted basically of why I *should* have sex, and lots of it. However, there was always emphasis on being in a trusting relationship beforehand. Maybe parents should focus less on preventing their kids from having sex, and more on preventing them from being total ****** idiots.

Couldn't agree more with 65.

65- totally agree about teaching sex, lol. I'm probably not going to tell my daughter (who at the moment is 2) to go out and have sex. But I will teach her as she grows how to be safe about it. I am far from a nudist, but my daughter knows the different body parts, and difference between boys and girls. She knows a baby grows in a tummy and so on. She knows meat is from animals and everything dies eventually. Maybe I have an above intelligent daughter at 2 years one month old. But teaching her life at this stage when her brain is doing nothing but absorbing is far more important to me than all the shapes and colours, which she also learns daily! MrMisfit - have you ever talked to a 2 year old? If they don't have a good vocabulary they use other methods to show you what they are thinking. Pictures, actions and try to say it.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

141 - Thank you for being a smart parent. If more people wanted to do something about the current state of the world, they'd just raise their kids right. It always baffles me why violence and hatred is more acceptable than sex and pure love. Maybe it's because not enough attention is given to the purpose of sex, beyond that of reproduction. Anyway, hopefully more people will start to realize this.

lemonademixer 7

Dude, it's a comment, not a story...

Kids are starting to like rubber breasts earlier and earlier.

I fear for the next generation of women and their natural boobs.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I certainly hope there will be any natural boobs left for you to fear for. Next thing you know, girls will be getting expandable implants at birth. You know, to avoid the pain and suffering from doing it later in life.

DKjazz 20

Expandable implants? You can do that? Can you put squeaky toys in them? Or what about being inflatable?

ramboman19 8

It's a moment you will cherish forever OP! Haha

ramboman19 8

Comment Removed

Padded bras? ;)

Ooohhh two tit related FMLs next to each other I bet there's some excited perverts

flockz 19

heheheehehh boobies. *creepy smile*

^ I'm scared. O.O

You should be ;)