By Anonymous - United States - Smyrna
Today, I took my 4-year-old son to the bank with me. He asked why we were going, and I explained that I had a couple of checks that they would turn into money. When we got in line, he loudly exclaimed that "Mommy has checks for money!" Except "checks" sounded almost exactly like "sex". FML
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  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

Anal better not cost extra! That should come with the package deal. I know a guy, who knows a girl, who knows another girl if you're interested, perdix. No more will those sly hookers make you pay extra for what should already be included.

By  billionair11  |  20

Wow I hope he doesn't have a speech impediment

  Peachy2392  |  26

He's probably just young..."ch" sounds and such are hard for young children to pronounce. I worked in a classroom with 4 year olds and some of them pronounced my name with a T instead of a C. His pronunciation will get better with age.

  clh3031  |  6

Yep it's probably just his age, my son couldn't pronounce truck very well and he loves them. The worst was the trash truck, which sounded like fat f*ck.

Great thing is, OP, you will have yet another memory to share when he is old enough and have a good laugh together.

  BubbleGrunge  |  18

Speech is actually a fine motor skill; fine motor skills usually develop as a child grows older. The reason children have speech impediments is because the muscle used for speech, the tongue, is not fully developed. Much like walking, children must work their muscles into use which is why certain letters aren't pronounced properly. If you have children, most of them are not given speech evaluations till kindergarten and even first grade because we want children to develop their muscles naturally. Also, like potty training, pushing a child too hard too early will result in regression later on down the road.

  mansen  |  15

It takes awhile for kids to master certain speech sounds. The kid is 4, I doubt speech impediment. My 3 yr old son has a problem sometimes pronouncing the soft c for city, so when he sees the city bus, he proclaims,"titty bus!". After I am done laughing my ass off, I work with him a little bit on the sound. It will develop as they mature. Fine motor skill is what speech sounds are.