By Ryan - 20/12/2011 17:57 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and I were getting hot and heavy. She had her shirt off, and commented on the small size of her breasts. Trying to make her feel better, I said I'd dated girls with smaller breasts. She replied by saying she'd dated bigger penises. FML
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kbeverly07 1

Haha you left yourself open for that one and kinda deserve it for comparing her

perdix 29

Why did you have to say anything about their size? You should have just sucked away and said they were beautiful. Idiots like you deserve a life a constant masturbation.


eltapatio16 5

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Damn_Hippster 11

Everybody is getting trolled!!

NotsoobviousTrol 5

It's the small things that matter

Llama_Face89 33

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eyeIoveyou 4

Bruno Mars tried to prepare you for this situation. "'cause girl you're amazing, just the way you are." would have been better :')

NotsoobviousTrol 5

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Then again, him saying that to her would've made her feel better, while her saying that to him made him feel worse. It's like a compliment answered by an insult.

CookieMonstr19 0

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Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word In A Sentence. Does Anyone Else Do That?! >_>

RedMosquito 4

Tell her if she wants bigger breasts she should rub toilet paper between them. When she tells you that wouldn't work, ask her if she's sure because it worked on her ass!

fat_snooki_lol 6


Should've said, "Small boobs turn me on"

dude idea nxt time say no baby they're perfect I love them. saying uve dated smaller is suicide lol

chell1894 13

Lol the truth hurts

Never compare parts of your girlfriends body with your ex-girlfriends, EVAH. Even if you mean well. Next time she says something like that, just tell her what you like about them (you don't need to make a comment on the size).

kbeverly07 1

Haha you left yourself open for that one and kinda deserve it for comparing her

monkeysareyummy 0

You should have just said "you are perfect the way you are".

angry_anonymous 5

Lol, who says that now? @OP you shouldn't said you'd buy her bigger ones after ;p

angry_anonymous 5

shouldve* autocorrected to shouldn't

I don't think OP deserves it. The girl shouldn't have said that. She put him on the spot.

Did your comment result in some cock-blocking action?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Op did not deserve this. He was obviously saying that he likes small breasts - even ones smaller than his girlfriend's. He was even saying that they're bigger than his previous girlfriends'. If it were me, I would have taken this as a compliment, or at least an attempt at one. Girls like this just need to stop being butthurt over everything a guy says. There will ALWAYS be a way to twist his words into implying something negative regarding things they're insecure about.

tjv3 10

The correct answer is "baby you are perfect and I love you"

RedMosquito 4

Shoulda said, it's all good. If I had a bigger penis I wouldn't be able to tittie fuck you anymore :p

I agree with 84. People need to stop fishing for compliments, usually they hear something that they didn't really want to hear.

n_epic_fail 14

The girl is either lacking in the self confidence department or fishing for a complement either way she sounds like a handful.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I have all the sympathy in the world for people who lack self confidence, but they at least need to realize that the problem is their own, not other people's. No matter how nice anyone might be to you, if you're insecure, the way you interpret it is only going to reflect that. The good thing of course is that since the problem is within you, you have all the power to fix it.

161, sounds more like she isn't quite a handful to me. *kneeslap*

either way ohheyslogan by him saying the sentence "trying to make her feel better" is such a big lie every girl would pick that up coz I know I would've and either way you never compare

so charaterise ur sayin if ur bf said that to u and u knew he was tryin to make u feel better bout ur insecure ass ud cut him down and insult him? this girl is a dumb bitch he should dump her ass I know I would.

She shouldn't have started it. He shouldn't have compared her. They both said dumb things. But the girlfriend put op on the spot, so she's more at fault and she deserved it more than op.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

Really girls should know that most guys have high self-esteem about their penis and saying that one is small effects the guy mentally and ig emotionally..

. . . Really? Why should his self worth be worth more than hers? Mentioning other women to her when they are getting intimate is very damaging to her self esteem. She was probably feeling self conscious about being naked around him (like A LOT of girls/women) and just needed a bit of positive reassurance. Attacking his sensitive area after feeling burned like that is natural for most humans, be they male or female. To men out there, how hard is it to say "(insert pet name here), I love you the way you are and I wouldn't change a thing." Seriously, how hard is it? It is an easy thing to say and makes us feel special and important to you. And, guess what? That means MORE SEX for you. It's a win-win.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

265- he complemented not insult like she did

Saying that other girls that he has seen naked have smaller breasts is NOT a compliment.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

In a way it is it's like a compliment and a insult better than being insulted period in my opinion

He never should have commented on the size of her boobs in the first place. She obviously knows she has small boobs; she knows he knows she has small boobs. Hearing him say aloud that she has small boobs probably made her feel awful and self-conscious. The damage was done -- even though he tried to fix it -- and she retaliated accordingly. I deem her comment fair in the context of the situation.

Ninelives_fml 3

The difference is this: The boyfriend said it to make her feel better. The girlfriend did it to hurt him. Fair, given the context? More like another petty reprimand for the sake of "getting even."

You set yourself up for that one buddy

nixter5 18

You kind of set yourself up for that.

2ndSucks 15

Thanks for restating the comment you replied to.

nixter5 18

Wow I just realized what I did. Fuck me. Sorry.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

OP just don't give her ur cock? Just be like fuck no ur not getting it and walk away..

ramboman19 8

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ramboman19 8

Someone needs to come up with a sarcasm font.

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He wasn't being very supportive either...

42: At least he was trying and just stuck his foot in his mouth. She was being purposefully mean.

49, Agree, the real issue is whether it will affect him psychologically, which may result in him questioning himself and his ability to perform...then they will have some real issues in the bedroom. All because she's a compliment fishing dipshit.

whitemexsicken17 0

And lying is a better plan?

148 Tell me what he said here that could be considered the slightest bit cruel? If you are fishing for compliments and you get insulted, I have no sympathy for you. And women like to twist compliments into insults just for the fun of it. They like to see their men squirm.

42 What would you prefer he have done? Lie to her and tell her that they are big? What would that accomplish? If shes so insecure about her boobs then she shouldn't even bring it up. In fact, OP should've just agreed with her and said that they were small, if she was going to react as stupidly as this.

Yeah, the guy wasn't trying to be mean and ended up being way nicer than the girl. His statement was meant to be and still ended up being a compliment, albeit a weak one. SHE deserved it.

What OP said wasn't rude, but the way he said it could've easily been taken that way. 'baby your breasts are perfect' or 'naw girl you got a great pair' or something similar would've been taken better by her. And her comment was uncalled for and bitchy.

I said it before, but I'm saying it again: Saying that other girls that he has seen naked have smaller breasts is NOT a compliment.

He was telling he he like small breasts, as he'd dated girls with smaller ones. I said it once and I'll say it again. She was fishing for a compliment, got one, and took it as an insult. She at fault here, not OP.

He was trying to be. She put him down on purpose.

Telling her* he liked*... My bad.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Ouch. That'll kill the mood.

I think I'd be too busy sucking the tits to really say anything, personally. |the kid|

perdix 29

Why did you have to say anything about their size? You should have just sucked away and said they were beautiful. Idiots like you deserve a life a constant masturbation.

Ha ha ha your comment is hilarious !!

kaykay20 0

He didn't say they were small he just said he dated girls with smaller boobs then her. She should be happy she has something they don't...boobs. Saying he had a smaller dick then some of her ex's was uncalled for when he said her boobs were bigger not smaller then some girls he dated.

52, OP basically agreed that her breasts were small, regardless of whether they are bigger than the ones of other girls he has dated. He could have easily just said that he liked them regardless of how big they were.

Either way, she put him on the spot which is completely unfair. So he didn't say the best thing he could have while he was under pressure, but at least he didn't say "PSSHHH yeah they're small! My Ex had incredible porn star tits" ...He's only human.

kbeverly07 1

To wrap it up, he needed a moment to chew it over with twix

52 he commented on how small they were before that

So is yours!

perdix 29

131, He shouldn't bother with the Twix -- he should stuff his mouth with Nips.

So is yours!

155 No he didn't. She did.

Poser1337 5

You my friend, are an idiot.

She was the one who first commented on her titty size. Not op.

fuck perdix u dick he was tryin to make her dumb ass not so insecure she is a bitch for way she said


Lol! You've got to be kidding me! There's a hierarchy of FML commenters? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

WickedGinger 2

Honestly, don't people know better than to talk during sex? Nothing good comes of it. Yes, her desperate attempt to boost her self image put him in a tight spot, but comparing the girl you are about to do, with the other girls you have done, will result in an immediate cessation of all doing now.

ur damn right I did. since when did number of comments mean shit? obviously ppl need lives if they base importance on FML comments

laciloves 1

That's the moment you say touché

Harry & Hermione: I need to tell you something. Harry: You first. Hermione: I slept with Ron. Harry: You too?

Bender: shut the fuck up.

That's a YDI. Never try to make someone feel better about them by bringing up the past, especially past lovers!

MattRoseen 12

Well what would she like you to do? Lie and say they're not small when you can both plainly see they are? A little bitchy and uncalled for...she shouldn't have put you in that situation. Especially during sex..

You have the weirdest pepperoni nips! (o) (o)

How about not comment on them? That would probably work.

asia3pea90 13

Dumb bitch. He started it. Nobody feels bad for him. Why would he talk about her boobs anyway. That's bitchy. You act like he did nothing wrong. God your an idiot and you make yourself sound stupid, so stfu...

130 - *forever alone*

Woa stereotyping that he drives a mustang to football practice. Try not to be so insecure about yourself buddy

MattRoseen 12

91, 146, or 181-whichever one you'd like to call yourself: To be quite honest, I'm from a microscopic "hic" town called Manhattan, Illinois where the population's literally under 9,000. I don't play football, and no one in the whole city even owns a Mustang, much less wants to. Everyone drives trucks out here, and more importantly, I'm a few months away from my liscense, so I can't drive. And as for the way we dress- flannel, jeans, shorts, and t-shirts are popular. Not any of the uppedy shit you listed. So before you go commenting like a dumbass, please know a little about what you'll be attempting to make fun of.

MattRoseen 12

And 130....at the risk of being thumbed down, I have to say this or it will bug me. If you learn to read, the FML said she commented on the small size of her breasts...which means OP's girlfriend started the discussion/argument. Therefore, I'm not a "dumb bitch" for knowing how to read. It appears you are.

130 If you ever have a boyfriend in the future, I feel sorry for him. And by the way, learn to read. She started it, not OP.

alexa183 2

Your reply to 181 made me laugh(: it must be awesome living somewhere like that! Sorry I know that has nothing to do with the original post...

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Aka. Whata cunt!! Sure she's always hinting around looking for compliments!!