By parentof5 - 23/04/2011 15:20 - United States

Today, my 4 year old daughter walked in while I was changing my shirt. She said "When I get older I am going to have big boobies just like you." I'm her dad. FML
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Slimfast, it's delicious.

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She should've followed it up with, "Also, I'm not going to be mean like you; I'm gonna share mines!"

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Your daughter just made my day.

11 - I don't get why people say that. I never laugh or say this FML made my day because it didn't. I've only smirked at ONE FML. Some people are weird :P

at least she looks up to you

sourgirl101 28

Keep in mind, 11 is probably high.(:

Some of us are easily amused, which helps cuz if I wasn't my boring life would be purty depressing! :D so lots of simple stuff can make my days(: And I'm lucky(:

Exactly what I was thinking 29!

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34: same here! :D

At least she didn't say, "I want to have big junk like mommys' when I grow up!"

This sounds like scene off of the Pacifier..

Haha I loved that film^

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lol ur fat

well I guess it's time to start fitness. : )

I'm amused by "purty"

I love that film!!! and I agree, it does!!! Mmmm.. vin diesel!!

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I find this difficult to masturbate to..

16 u must be miserable because this was funny

16 is right. I was thinking the exact same thing...who actually laughs out loud or even smirks at FMLs. They're entertaining, yeah, but not "make my day" funny.

159 I lol all the time when reading fmls, I've seen a Fml where op was reading fmls and loled during a lecture on slaves. Lighten up and laugh it won't hurt I promise.

haha ur fucked

Slimfast, it's delicious.

Beg to differ. I think it tastes nasty. But if little girls are jealous of your breasticles, taste doesn't matter anymore.

I was being a smart ass :P

Let's just pretend she said that because OP has such huge pectorals.

Slimfast actually doesn't make you skinny by itself you still need to exercise a lot it just makes you eat less. Btw your the only person I've seen say pectorals instead of pecs.


Slimfast doesnt make you skinny

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fuck you Fucken china girl no one Fucken cares!!!!!

what about you for being a fucking racist bitch?! is there something WRONG with being Chinese? fucking sunbathed like you piss me the hell off

*dumbshits... fuck auto-correct

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they see me trollin' they hatin'

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Oh, man, that's gotta suck!

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haha, I bet they wrap around to....

he is a FATSO BINGO DAD loll

hey at least you always have pair of tits to play with haha you have to look at the glass half full

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hahaha well maybe somebody needs to loose a few?? ;)

Or have breast reduction surgery. will help his back to.

maybe he is a juicehead and has huge pecks

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yeah .. dont complain and loose some weight .. lol

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Awww lol thats really cute!

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how did you do that with your picture??! ha

Use the front camera on Ipod or Iphone 4 and a mirror I think :)

How do you know that Term?

well, I guess she could earn that trait of yours too. let's hope not

That's a cool picture

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I was thinking the same thing

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breast reduction?

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you can go bra shopping and trying then out together with her when she's in her teens, dad. way to go.