By parentof5 - 23/04/2011 15:20 - United States

Today, my 4 year old daughter walked in while I was changing my shirt. She said "When I get older I am going to have big boobies just like you." I'm her dad. FML
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She should've followed it up with, "Also, I'm not going to be mean like you; I'm gonna share mines!"

Your daughter just made my day.

11 - I don't get why people say that. I never laugh or say this FML made my day because it didn't. I've only smirked at ONE FML. Some people are weird :P

at least she looks up to you

Keep in mind, 11 is probably high.(:

Some of us are easily amused, which helps cuz if I wasn't my boring life would be purty depressing! :D so lots of simple stuff can make my days(: And I'm lucky(:

Exactly what I was thinking 29!

34: same here! :D

At least she didn't say, "I want to have big junk like mommys' when I grow up!"

This sounds like scene off of the Pacifier..

Haha I loved that film^

well I guess it's time to start fitness. : )

I'm amused by "purty"

I love that film!!! and I agree, it does!!! Mmmm.. vin diesel!!

I find this difficult to masturbate to..

16 u must be miserable because this was funny

16 is right. I was thinking the exact same thing...who actually laughs out loud or even smirks at FMLs. They're entertaining, yeah, but not "make my day" funny.

159 I lol all the time when reading fmls, I've seen a Fml where op was reading fmls and loled during a lecture on slaves. Lighten up and laugh it won't hurt I promise.

haha ur fucked

Slimfast, it's delicious.

Beg to differ. I think it tastes nasty. But if little girls are jealous of your breasticles, taste doesn't matter anymore.

I was being a smart ass :P

Let's just pretend she said that because OP has such huge pectorals.

Slimfast actually doesn't make you skinny by itself you still need to exercise a lot it just makes you eat less. Btw your the only person I've seen say pectorals instead of pecs.

Slimfast doesnt make you skinny

fuck you Fucken china girl no one Fucken cares!!!!!

what about you for being a fucking racist bitch?! is there something WRONG with being Chinese? fucking sunbathed like you piss me the hell off

*dumbshits... fuck auto-correct

they see me trollin' they hatin'

Oh, man, that's gotta suck!

haha, I bet they wrap around to....

he is a FATSO BINGO DAD loll

hey at least you always have pair of tits to play with haha you have to look at the glass half full

hahaha well maybe somebody needs to loose a few?? ;)

Or have breast reduction surgery. will help his back to.

maybe he is a juicehead and has huge pecks

yeah .. dont complain and loose some weight .. lol

Awww lol thats really cute!

how did you do that with your picture??! ha

Use the front camera on Ipod or Iphone 4 and a mirror I think :)

How do you know that Term?

well, I guess she could earn that trait of yours too. let's hope not

That's a cool picture

I was thinking the same thing

breast reduction?

you can go bra shopping and trying then out together with her when she's in her teens, dad. way to go.