By MissDQ - 02/12/2013 13:47 - Australia - Perth

Today, I dyed my hair. And my forehead. And my ears. And my arms. And my hands. FML
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I've been dying my hair since I was 14, so know what I'm doing. I just now live in a tiny house with a tiny bathroom and my hair is just shy of my butt. I usually use a mirror to make sure I'm ok, but because of the length of my hair I have to do it upside down over the bathtub. It got on my arms while doing the main body of my hair, ears and forehead are a no brainier and I had a couple of spots drip down the gloves while I was doing the ends. I managed to get it off my face thankfully because I had to go out in public. The box said to use a wet towel with shampoo on it when you rinse it out, which I did and it didn't seem to be working so I attacked my face with exfoliating gloves and it did the job. I've now got to work out how to scrub the purple off the vanity and in the bathtub. I do wipe it straight away but it stains right away too. It's a super dark mahogany since I have to use 2 bottles. Looks blackish in the shade and red in the sun. Came out far better than I expected and I've never gone dark before so it's a nice change. Adds to the 'new me' thing I've got going.

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perdix 29

Why is your hair shy of your butt? They both belong to the same girl, so the social awkwardness is unnecessary.

You're supposed to put the dye in your hair, not use it as bubble bath. I would ask if you were blonde, but that's a stupid stereotype. And I think it's a moot point now anyway.


You're supposed to put the dye in your hair, not use it as bubble bath. I would ask if you were blonde, but that's a stupid stereotype. And I think it's a moot point now anyway.

hahatofunny 20

Wow...I've been using dye wrong all these years

I've been using dye wrong, too! I should be using it to prank my friends... Or enemies >:). What color are you? Blue? Red?

Directions unclear, penis stuck in dye.

MichellinMan 20

She turned herself into an Avatar.

I'm sure her new color is just to dye for!!!

That's the place that my mom gets her hair cut at! It's called hair to dye for and it's in Cincinnati Ohio

You should've rubbed Vaseline around your hairline and ears... Try scrubbing your skin with soap.

I rub a little cigarette ash over spots that are stubborn to go away. (yes I know, kinda gross, but it works)

emirie 21

I'm curious as to how you discovered that.

@48, I've also heard that you can try nail polish remover, I've tested it myself and it worked fine.

I use shampoo. It's formulated to remove hair product to begin with. Gotta scrub a lil bit though.

I use tooth paste! It's always worked for me.

knoxxx 22

Nail polish remover with acetone can also work on counter tops and tiles if you got some dye on it.

Rubbing alcohol. My hair is fuchsia and it always ends up everywhere. Rubbing alcohol takes it out like a charm. Even on the bathtub. Also, it'll get Sharpie off your skin.

justmeCee 16

I just use dish soap. It works too. :)

Make up removing face wipes work perfectly, no idea why all these weird and wonderful solutions came from...

Eff_Itt 20

Hand sanitizer actually works every time!

That helps ALL the time! I'm a wrestler! I've bleached my hair and always applied Vaseline each coating!

At least use make-up next time Op. FYL though.

gabe222 25

Say what? Where did the make-up come from?

Must be, otherwise I would hope OP would've known enough to use gloves, put Vaseline around the hairline and ears, and be careful with the dye! However OP, in case you just forgot, the dye will come off your skin in about a day or two so no need to worry :) if you want to help it along, scrub at the dyed areas with warm water and either soap or shampoo (hair dye is designed to come out faster under warmer water and soap/shampoo), or try nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol, which will basically remove anything from your skin. Good luck!

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard... Why would they dye your hair if in the shower the next day it would come off... Stop trying to be smart

you deserved this. I dont understand how you could get it all over yourself. I bet you are a blonde (:

Rainhawk94 27

all yall are dumb. she derserved it for being a dumbass

I'm a brunette and I redye my pink streaks every couple of months. When I do it myself it gets everywhere no matter what. Red/pink colours stain the worst.

cryssycakesx3 22

cigarette ashes! it's gross but it definitely works. use it to e black dye off my forehead. beauty school trick!

redmane 21

Do you like just rub it there and scrub ?

Yep!! I've used this trick for years, I think it's because it's a little scratchy, do it on dry skin, just rub it in, then wash off :)

Hopefully people will avoid making off-color remarks. I hope you don't 'die' of embarrassment, OP.