By dumbass1991 - 12/12/2010 19:36 - United States

Today, I was messing around on my laptop by drawing on the screen with a marker pen. When it came time to clean it off, it wouldn't budge. Now I have a full beard and mustache etched permanently on my computer screen. FML
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and me actually but u make sure it actually comes off retard...

I do that all the time. got me bored wit a sharpie and an iPhone (: good times, brudda! op deserves it though for being stupid. somethings you can't write on/with.

I have officially come to the conclusion that #68 is, by legal standards, mentally retarded.

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Lol you know I'm not as dumb as I sound, right?...

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I have come to the conclusion that 82 doesn't see a joker in 68 >.>

that is the one stupidest thing i've heard of to someone doing to a few hundred dollar device. why would you post this on FML and show the world how truly dumb you are???

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maybe op thought it was a Woolly Willy

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clean it with a thinner even if its a permanent marker. make sure the screen is made up of glass only otherwise you would destroy the screen altogether.

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atleast now when you watch **** the women will have a sexy mustache!

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a blonde, which I'll bet is what the op is.

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have u guys noticed the op's name. it's dumbass

Well, well... at least it wasn't a PENIS you drew on your computer.

when throughout this did you EVER think this was a good idea????

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if you write over iit with erasable marker it'll wipe off

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wow... this belongs on the epic fail blog,,,

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you look like mclovin from a distance no doub

'hahahahhahaah you really do look like mclovin. that's freaking awesome! loll

You never do something so stupid to valuable electronics.

On an old CRT display, you can draw on the glass as much as you want with erasable markers. Quite useful for when you're trying to explain something about something on the computer. I have yet to see a CRT screen on a laptop, though ;)

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Glass screens on laptops would work just the same as CRT monitors though wouldn't they?

But LCDs don't come with glass on them. That'd be kind of heavy for a laptop.

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My HP has a glass screen. Its becoming more common.

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i'll bet you're blonde too aren't you?

hahahahaha. don't be styrotypical. that's not nice

Yeah, Mau.. we wouldn't want that now, do we? Is that blonde highlights in your picture?

The colour of you hair has nothing to do with your level of intellect. The OP is just a dumbass.

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not all blondes are like that. I know a few that are like the smartest people you'll meet

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stfu haters there called blonde "jokes" for a reason

uh. is there a particular reason why all the replies to this comment that asked them not to be stereotypical to blondes were hidden....? i mean, i know it's from getting thumbs down, but seriously x3 i happen to be blonde, and I am not stupid enough to do this. however, i get the joke. hoping this person is joking. because if not, that's just mean ._.

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Nature, I get how at first they're funny and stuff, but I'm around ppl who are ALWAYS making those jokes even though I'm smarter then most if not all of them, which just pisses me off even more when I have to explain shit to them -.-

104, what's a styrotypical? Stereotypical American ...

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This is why stupid people and technology don't mix

I hope you know you're the dumbest ****** alive. YDI, idiot.

Were you high or something? You dipshit! How could you not realize that markers are permanent? You totally ******* deserved this you moron.

Even when I'm high, I don't mark on my computer's screen. OP is a dumbass.

Don't do drugs kids. It's not as cool as you think... Trust me on this one o.O

I do all the time with permanent markers on a glass screen, so I'm going to assume op wasn't completely retarded in thinking it would work, depending on her screen and marker type.. oh well

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I know someone who got drunk and pissed on their laptop. I still think this might be more retarded unless she was under the influence.

Me and my friends don't do drugs because they're cool, we do them because they're fun and occasionally inspiring. And you won't get ****** up if you're responsible. Also: PERMANENT markers are permanent, markers are not. Computer screens are not the same as windows/whiteboards, however.