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Today, I went bra shopping with my mother. She insisted that I try on a bunch of push-up bras, and I told her I didn't want to, because it's false advertising. She looked at me and said that I need all the help I can get. FML
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perdix 29

You're beautiful just the way you are. Remind your mom that you have a magnificent ass. (I hope my "sensitive male" comments help me get laid;) )

Just stick to your beliefs and you'll get a guy who like you without the pushup bra:)


Sounds like your mother is the one who needs help...

Just stick to your beliefs and you'll get a guy who like you without the pushup bra:)

22cute 17

Getting a guy is not really the point, #2. How Op feels about herself is the point. And self satisfaction will always net you a relationship you enjoy.

Seems like your mom is getting 'pushy' XD

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Exactly! OP, listen to these posters. You don't need pushup bras or even makeup to find someone who loves you for you! My boyfriend and I got together in 8th grade; we're seniors now and he said that he loves that I wear jeans and sweatshirts and that I look better without makeup :]

MarisaCB 16

21, I'm sorry but that is ridiculous. All guys in some way care about how a girl looks. Most guys like boobs. But a girl HAVING them or having big ones doesn't automatically mean that's the only good thing about her. Regular guys are attracted to boobs as well.

dragonstrike94 8

Size doesnt really matter in my opinion

82. You are right. Guys LOVE BooBs. Even my gay friends love boobs. And most of us don't care if they're big or small. We just like 'em real!

And the last thing OP wants, as she said, is to be false advertising. Sure, he would still enjoy the boobs, but I'm sure he would be disappointed after taking the bra off and realizing they aren't what he was expecting

103, that's exactly what my family says to me! xD

I think it is lovely that you're comfortable in your own skin. Most women aren't. A man (most likely a lot of men) will find your confidence extremely sexy and you'll be proving your mom wrong about needing a push-up bra.

lemonademixer 7

Sounds like your mother is the one who needs help...

Hey, it's not really false advertisement... More like a beautiful, opaque showcase.

The only true advertising would be walking around in the buff. Most everyone dresses in a way that flatters their figure, some just go to greater lengths. Granted mothers can be very blunt with their kids though...

22cute 17

Ha ha, true that! False ad is not really the issue though. Op likes her body. She should feature it not her Mom's idea of sexy.

xStaciexLynnx 15

4- I know it's not quite your point but everyone does NOT dress to flatter their figure. I don't think half the people in the world know how...

37, that's simply a matter of opinion.

56, 37 is right. Have you ever watched "What Not To Wear?". There are a lot of people who don't know how to dress their bodies.

56) 37 is right. Have you ever watched "What Not To Wear?" There are a lot of people out there who do not know how to dress their bodies.

In their mind, they think they are dressing in a flattering way though.

tony1891 22

did you find the bra you wanted?

NeedaLifeSoon 2
taylordanielle98 1

There's more to a girl then just boobs ignore what she said you don't want to be fake

hockeyoceancity 13

Not to be rude to the girls who do try to show off ther boobs and body off constantly but it might just be me but i would rather be with the girl wearing no makeup wearing sweatshirt and jeans then the girl wearing those shirts and bras that stick their boobs out. I like the girls that (don't know the exact words for this) come off as "slutty" or "easy" i think it's the biggest turn off to come over extremely horny the first time you meet, dress to impress does not mean show your body it means show that your a respectable real person... That's how i take it anyway.

Push up bras aren't just about advertising or looking fake. I'll probably regret saying this but I have fairly large breasts and I need the support. I don't think of my breasts as advertisement so it's not an issue for me. My breasts aren't for everyone to ogle; they are a part of my body like any other. We don't walk around looking or smelling like we just woke up so I think the whole "false advertising" thing is a moot point. I've seen women (at work of all places) who have no bra or bras with no support and they're just swinging in the breeze.

MarisaCB 16

Oh my God. This is so egotistical. Girls don't always have to wear push-up bras, or make-up, or tight jeans for GUYS. I wear what I want for me. MEEEE. I wear push-ups because they're comfortable. I wear make-up because I think make-up is pretty, and fun, and artistic. I wear tight jeans or shirts because I like them. If I wanted to dress for guys, or to show off my "goods" I would walk around naked. So excuse me, I didn't realize that a girl that makes an effort on her appearance compared to a girl in sweats is such a terrible thing.

cheetahbaby96 8

75- If you can fit into a pushup bra, your boobs are probably smaller than "fairly large", considering back when I was a C cup I found pushup bras ridiculous and too small. Now, I would consider myself "fairly large" and there is no way in hell I would wear a pushup bra without looking absolutely unnatural.

kattylizbeth 19

82: yeah, but that's just you. I would know; I'm a C-cup and I usually wear push-up bras because, like 75, I find them very comfortable. And even when I'm not wearing them, people still look at and talk about my boobs. They're not really that big, though. I feel that the people on here pushing "no false advertising" are like unique reels who fight against the status quo of girls showing off what they got even if the aren't showing off in their minds. I think that just because one person was uncomfortable showing off and wearing a push-up doesn't mean anyone else is.

cheetahbaby96 8

90- The purpose of my comment was to point out that a C cup is not very big. Regardless, I never found pushup bras to give more support. If anything, it was less support because they only covered less than half of my actual boob due to the excessive padding.

MarisaCB 16

I think push-up bras are more comfortable. I can't wear regular ones, they don't support me well enough. And not every push up bra is 2 inches thick, some have light padding. On the topic of this stupid "false-advertising" stuff, I'd like to say that bras at all would be false advertising. Because they round out and support boobs, so most girls chests would hang a lot lower with no bra. Isn't that fake as well? I'm done ranting.

The_Tool1 13

Whenever I wore a push up bra, I found it extremely uncomfortable. It may just be me since I'm a guy, but I just thought I'd share

So anyone who wears a push-up bra is fake? That's completely ridiculous. If you buy the right size bra for you, it will not change your size so drastically that in the nude you're a "B" and in a push-up you're a "D". False advertising is wearing a bra two sizes too big and stuffing it. Push-ups are great, they have underwire for support, padding to conceal your nipples (if it's a little chilly), and lower cut cups so you not only look sexy, but feel sexy! I'll take the well supported chest please!

KRS_13 0

*has read this whole thread of comments about push up bras and being fake* .. I'm just going to stick with my Small non-push up B cup bras..

sorry but if you're only a B-cup then there wouldn't be much for a bra to push up would there? people think that push up bras make your boobs look bigger. they just make your cleavage look better. and 'false advertising'? what makes you think I'm 'advertising' myself? I'm not for sale, and I'm not sleeping with every person who sees me, but i do like to look nice. what the **** is wrong with that??

TheFamilyElf 17

Who says a B-cup "isn't much to support"? I'm a B-cup, and I used to wear push up bras, and I'm happy to report there was plenty to support, thank you. My boobs fit my body, the end. I think the whole conversation's gotten out of hand, really. It's all about preference and what you're comfortable with. I stopped wearing a push up bra simply because I found them a bit uncomfortable and I just feel more like plain old me in a regular bra. I don't despise girls who wear them, though. A bit more than half my friends wear them, and they are wonderful people. I personally feel like other girls' boobs are their own business. Sorry, OP. Small boobs or large, push up or not, if you're comfortable with yourself you'll look way prettier/sexier (not sure what you're going for) than if your shallow mom makes you wear something you don't like. Just do you; it's plenty attractive.

The_Tool1 13

I couldn't agree any more 145.

TheFamilyElf 17

See, ladies? ^^ The menfolk agree too! :)

I didn't mean to come off insensitive, I was just annoyed that everyone was hating on girls who have big boobs and wear padded bras, and thinking they're better than others because they don't wear one. like who cares what bra you're wearing if you're comfortable in it.

I got hard reading this but then lost it when I saw grammatical errors

perdix 29

You're beautiful just the way you are. Remind your mom that you have a magnificent ass. (I hope my "sensitive male" comments help me get laid;) )

Really Perdix? Bruno Mars reference? Eh I won't judge... Much. Good finish though :D

perdix 29

#60, I'm old -- that's a Billy Joel reference. ;)

perdix 29

#20, Close enough for all practical purposes ;)

Getting a bit excited with the winky faces today, eh Perdix? ;)

perdix 29

#94, sorry, but I got hit in the eye by a piece of grapefruit pulp yesterday. ;)

What the hell kind of mother is she? Next thing you know she'll be wanting you to get fake boobs!

22cute 17

I know, I hate that a girls Mom would put down her body like that. Especially when she's at the sensitive age. Her Mom made those boobs anyway.

With a little help from her dad...just saying ;)

FMLshark 12

Truth: Plenty of guys prefer small boobs over large ones. I honestly don't even get why girls worry so much about tit size. If a guy doesn't like you because your boobs aren't big enough, he wasn't worth talking to in the first place. End of rant.

Really, this obsession with big boobs is all because of the media.

perdix 29

Does the same go for penises? I hope so, because it's really uncomfortable wearing this push-up codpiece all the time.

I really don't think penis size is relevant to be honest. It's whether the woman is tight enough to feel it ;) and whether the man knows what he's doing of course.

Not to mention the risk of bigger ones spilling sideways towards your armpits when you lie down xD

22cute 17

Yes, same goes for penis size. I don't know why guys are so obsessed. There isn't even any media to blame for that one. The worst is that guys with big penises think they've got it made & never bother learning to touch or please a woman right. Gimme a break!

29- amen. This is why nerds are generally better in bed. And lots of em are packing too! Hahaha

xStaciexLynnx 15

11- I'm not sure you can really blame the media. Most people in the media are stick thin and generally don't have large breasts.

Perdix you are my favourite user youre brilliant

39 Media is anything and everything that is broadcast to the public and there are a lot of well endowed women shown in that.

In the middle ages, small, wide-set boobs were considered the most attractive. If the opposite is true today, it's probably because of the media... And I hate that boobs are so sexualized in the US, to the point where you can be arrested for exposing them. They're for feeding children. It's not "dirty" to go topless to the beach! >:(

It isn't the media. You can't blame the media every time we, as a society, have superficial views. If people want that viewpoint to change, they have to stop pushing the blame on the media. It's a physical attraction no different than a woman's hips. The wider they are, the easier the birthing process. Does that matter anymore? Not really. But, it's still an attraction because it's what we're programmed to want to mate with.

It's great that we're all trying to make the girls with small boobs feel great about themselves (why shouldn't they?), but do we really need to hate on girls with big boobs? Should it matter either way? Because now I'm feeling bad about mine, which are rather on the large side and require a bra that provides some support (don't want 'em flopping all over the place). -_-

perdix 29

#109, I hope you are not counting me in that number. I think women can be beautiful with boobs of all sizes, just as I hope you can find men handsome whether they have giant or tiny cocks. We live in strange times where to establish something as being good, we first prove that the alternatives are bad. I definitely blame the media for that.

koolkat27 13

109- that's what I was thinking. I have a bigger set of boobs and it's kind of hurtful to see the comments. We are talking about OP's mom's ignorance, and people don't need to get on the topic of how bad having big boobs is.

I'm pretty sure large breasts are not favored biologically over small breasts. I have to find the article where I read this, but the idea is that when looking at a woman's figure, the hip-to-waist ratio is vastly more important than breast size in making her seem attractive. Attraction to larger breasts is actually supposed to be more caused by culture and media than by genetics or "programming." Fun facts.

MarisaCB 16

This whole thread reminds me of weight FMLs. All the commenters pat the backs of people with weight problems, and then hate on skinny people. Being skinny isn't an offense. Neither are big boobs. Why is their a general preference at all? You know what I look for in a guy? Health. If he's healthy, he looks good. Just love everybody. Hippie-time. Hugs all around. *Peace symbol*

Just to clarify, what I meant is that it makes no difference what size your boobs are. Big boobs are just as great as small boobs. I totally agree about the fat/thin FMLs, 125. Sorry if that was unclear! Everyone should love their boobs regardless of size. :P

perdix 29

#152, I honestly don't know. I'd guess it would be jarring to see at first, especially if it's unexpected due to your clever camouflaging of them. Hopefully, by the time he sees them, he'll have developed deep enough feelings for you that he'll accept you with your unusual circumstance. Maybe he'll even have a sense of humor and say, "Variety is the spice of life." Good luck.

152- Well, MsKati, I actually have an answer to your question, if you'd welcome another guy's opinion: I actually have dated a woman in college that had exactly your cup sizes, and if she was insecure about them in the least, it never showed, and with good reason: There wasn't anything wrong with her breasts at all. As it is, almost no one has a perfectly matched set of breasts, her's (and yours I presume), were just more so, and I liked them just the way they were. Besides, anyone you wants to date you for you, won't care. And if they did, they wouldn't be someone you'd want to be with anyways. So chin up, girl! You're a whole and perfect woman, just the way you are! :D I hope this helps you find some acceptance of your girls. :) Cheers.

Well OP, just keep the "old saying" in mind...... "Itty bitty *******, tight little kitty!". So you got that going in your favor! Hopefully ;)

hockeyoceancity 13

Sorry to kill your "old saying" but i know for a fact that is not true. I've been with afew big boob girls and each one has had a tight "kitty"

That's not how logic works. He's saying that women with small boobs have tight vaginas, not that women with large boobs can't also have tight vaginas. Although I doubt it's true anyway. Truth tables + sex ftw?

10- Forgive my ignorance, but how does breast size directly relate to the dimensions of a woman's vaginal canal? Aren't there slender/petite women out there who could "comfortably accommodate" very well endowed men? I was under the impression it was just luck of the draw or genetic inheritance, perhaps.....? After all, I've seen tiny men with a lot of meat, and giants possessing nothing more than a button on a fur coat, so "big hands, big penis" doesn't seem to apply to men anymore than "inside hips to ****" ratio does for women. Or am I mistaken....? :p