By Wheredigowrong - 21/10/2013 04:18 - United States - Ankeny

Today, my son came home for the fifth time saying he didn't get the job, wondering what he did wrong. I looked at his resumé; under special skills was, "Keeping it real." Apparently he saw it in a movie and thought it would work. FML
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I saw people dodge bullets in The Matrix. So now I know what to do if someone points a gun at me.

I blame OP for not smacking him upside the head


it sounds as if he isn't keeping his job opportunities particularly real unfortunately.

thank you #1 that is the joke

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"Yeah. You know he was trying to move on, he had a job interview. I saw the resume, it was a terrible resume. He mentioned prison and in special skills he said 'keeping it real', but... he was trying." -The Heat

Bigfabthetruth52 22

how old is he,to be that naive.

Well actually, putting a couple funny things in your resume can sometimes work! My teacher's friend did that and got an interview at Lego. Sometimes the employer is so tired from looking at 100 cliche resumes, that a resume with some humour really stands out.

Thanks, 54, however, I don't think anyone finds "Keepin it real" humorous.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

When keeping it real goes wrong.. Don't tell me you guys don't remember that from the Chappell show. Or maybe you know it as an Emmure song, both of which are fucking awesome.

I didn't say keeping it really was funny, but don't let this fml stop you from putting things that are actually funny on your resume.

I blame OP for not smacking him upside the head

Yes, child abuse solves everything, right?

Of all the things that movies tell us not to try at home, you would think this would be self explanatory.

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You'd be surprised at the amount of self injury caused by watching extreme shows and wanting to experiment at home

Your son may be retarderd.

I know right? I'm all for sticking up for special needs people, but those retarderd people have got to go.

myeviltwin 20

He is not retarded just willfully ignorant. After all a retard can not help his/her condition but the willfully ignorant can but won't.

myeviltwin 20

Oh, and you fail at patenting for raising such an idiot. YDI

#41 I don't think it is possible to patent a son... Though considering the broken state of the patent system I wouldn't be surprised.

Actually, think about it for a sec. You patent your kid, offer him up for adoption then sue the foster parents >:]

I saw people dodge bullets in The Matrix. So now I know what to do if someone points a gun at me.

JMichael 25

Or if an evil alien being threatens our planet I can just shoot energy beams out of my hand and it'll all be ok.

I saw folks bend the trajectory of bullets in "Wanted", so maybe I can do the same!

I saw people cooking meth in Breaking Bad so maybe that will work too! Actually that could work... Give me a couple of hours while I test this theory out.

Employers love people who can keep it real tho. There must be some other reason.

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I think they like professionals more

I was under the impression that employers would laugh at that...and turn those potential employees away...

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I don't know how old your son is but checking his resumé BEFORE he handed them in would have probably been a good idea.

The son knew. The son didn't get pranked or end up a victim of “damn auto correct". He intentionally put it there. And the dad isn't required to check his resume either at any age. If that's what you meant.

bnutzinger 11

Well of course he isn't "required" to check it. I just think helping your kids with important documents like that would be a reasonable thing to to.

It would be reasonable thing to do if the son is young and not able to fully comprehend what he's doing. In this case, the son is sending in his résumé for a job application, which means he should be of an appropriate age and able to handle such things on his own. Just till what age do you think the parent should spoon-feed the son? I think it's ridiculous. The OP's son obviously is just very influenced by the movie.

No. No one gets a resume right first time. In fact, most people get help just compiling them, not just proofreading. It would be unreasonable to expect someone to get it perfectly right on their own.

If the son asked for it to be proofread, which he should have, because no one finds every spelling or punctuation error, OP probably would have caught this. I still get my dad to check mine, and my dad still gets my brother and I to check his, even though they're now just for positions within the company we're in.

“Stupid is as stupid does” - Forrest Gump

I would give him a job. The man!

As if you'd have any money to hire anyone for anything other than raking leaves.