By Anonymous - 16/02/2012 19:41 - United States

Today, I was holding my 3 year old brother, and apparently he thinks it's hilarious to pull my tank top down and scream ''BOOBS!'' in public. FML
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Well at least he's having fun :)


Well at least he's having fun :)

That kid's seen more action then I have :(

That's pathetic...

Some day it'll happen, don't worry. :)

I don't see how you could expect otherwise, being a dirty old uncle and all.

Actually, that is pretty hilarious.

Who wouldn't think that's hilarious??

Wish I was there(; giggity giggity goo ohhh right

We all love boobies! Support curing breast cancer:)

Well something we have in common

-17 Some day he''ll have a sister who's shirt he can pull down? Whilst screaming boobies!

Everyone loves boobs.

They are so cute at that age. And he already know what he wants:) plus at least he did pull it down and scream lunch time lol

I'd rather have him pull down skirts. More fun.

nom nom nom

Pics or it didn't happen

Pics or it didn't happen!

Lol what if OP is a man?

oh yeah so a man wears a tank/boob tube? well maybe if they were gay

^ Mhmmmm boobies

B( o Y o )BS

Ahem, once again! Boobs that is all.

Teach them at a young age :D

Just think about what he'll do when he's older mate.

He won't be pulling down his sisters shirt only. Haha.

He learns quickly.

Playing mind stimulating games such as "peek-a-boob" can be quite educational and entertaining.

Well now you know he likes girls

More importantly, boobs.

Where the fk was I when this happened :(

That's what you call a boobytrap. True story.

Your brother is awesome:D

I think it's funny...

Wow! You're the first 14 year old FML reader I have ever seen.

11- you have awful spelling/grammar. You should really do something about that.

114- How about a 13 year old fml reader?

118- WTF are you talking about?

How about 16?

first cute 14 year old fml reader

I love this kid lol

You do know the USA will never separate again right?

USA will eventually seperate, and disappear. Look at every nation in history. They have fallen at one point or another over many things. USA isn't forever, it just exists right now, and prolly for a while to come.

@73 Here here, predict my future.

Many nights alone with your beer in one hand and your.... Well you get it :)

I like the flag bro... im with u

And 115, the comments on here are kinda like social networking.. (Referring to your description)

yeah I'll give u that one... quit creepin my pro tho

Wait.. Profile information isn't filled out specifically for creeping? Oops.

that's only for females... for guys it's really up in the air

Doubtful. Countries such as Iran have existed in some form for millenia (although until the early 20th Century it was called Persia). You have no historical backing for your ludicrous claim. In fact, the longer countries last, the more unlikely it is they will ever collapse.

179 - bullshit. ever heard of the ottoman empire?