By xoragebaby - United States
  Today, I realized my job working with food is getting to me. While having sex with my boyfriend, I fell asleep. He asked me what I was doing, and apparently I sleep-talked, saying "I'm chopping lettuce". FML
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By  GEFStryker  |  28

Lettuce dwell on mediocrity of this comment and come to understand why one should not FML before the first coffee of the day.

Edit: Dammit, my pre coffee sluggishness lost me my first first comment ever :(

  WarriorOmen  |  25

It's possible for any number of reasons tbh. I've done it a couple of times; BuT Iv'e also got a life long disease that yes, randomly shuts my body down for a few moments. I exhaust extremely fast and next thing I know it's ZZZZ land.


The fact that you or some unoriginal reader submitted this, word for word as it's typed here, makes me want to ban you from the internet for being unimaginably boring. Why do I even bother moderating....