By Anonymous - 16/8/2011 03:31 - United States
  Today, a cute guy in a bar came up to me, and we started chatting. I'm a natural blonde, and he commented on how nice my hair was. He then followed this up with, "Does the carpet match the curtains?" FML
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  xxsakuraxx  |  29

Girls who don't like razor rash on their private parts! And even when you don't get razor rash it still itches and you get a shit ton of ingrown hairs. That hurts!

  Jacobt24  |  19

Yeah you could be right. I've never seen blonde pubic hair. It's always dark brown or black. I still don't see why the guy cares. That's why I thought the other thing.

  Enslaved  |  36

Pubic hair is normally the same shade as their eyebrows. And their nipples are usually the same shade as their lips (both)

Yes, I've done research. Lol

  simplylost643  |  0

#181, since when does curiosity represent a lack of manners, and or a lack of respect? Although the information ( carpet vs drapes) is of a personal nature, it is no more disrespectful than a woman asking a man what he does for a living. Wanting to know whether a blonde persons pubic hair is also blonde doesn't make a man a pervert, just as a woman asking a mans profession should not label her a golddigging whore. Google curiosity if your still having issues.