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Today, a cute guy in a bar came up to me, and we started chatting. I'm a natural blonde, and he commented on how nice my hair was. He then followed this up with, "Does the carpet match the curtains?" FML
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gyoopiy 0

Does it?

jswizzle_ 6

Now you have left us all wondering.


gyoopiy 0

Does it?

Does it matter?

Of course it matters! Details!

gyoopiy 0

Would you want to do blue hairs?


She shouldve replied, "In color and in length ;)" that would have turned him away

she could have double rainbow pubes

gyoopiy 0

I bet we could find some white gold.

Methinks I'd rather the carpet be non existent.

danielleeycakes 3

I get this question way too often.

32 or groomed into the shape of something hilarious.

My rule: If it moves, it doesn't matter how furry it is.

duckman9 55

My money is on hardwood flooring! I never liked carpets...

- 32 Do you prefer your women having Hard Wood floors?

If there's grass on the field, play ball. If there's no grass, make mud.

32- But that would take Shag out of Shagging :(

Ask the guy, "Are you as thick down there," pointing at his crotch "as you are up there?" pointing to his head.

He could be bald?

"I wonder if the carpet matches the pubes" - Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Haha

47-Are you a MILF?

92- Someone being a MILF is an opinion, not a question

Randuhh_17 4

Maybe if he would've used drapes instead of curtains, he would've got an answer... got to be classy with these situations...

danielleeycakes 3

No, I just used random numbers when I set my birth date. I'm younger than my profile says.

Who has carpets anymore?

109, you mean you're younger than -65 years of age?

welandedonthemoo 5


Carpet sucks! Gotta have shined floors. Better to eat off of!

Llamassss 21

61- I've always liked, "if there's no grass on the field, play in the mud."

I definitely didn't get this FML until I read the comments... FML

It must be soft and long I color doesn't matter.

It must be soft and long I color doesn't matter.

88- Where you replying to 82? Because I'm pretty sure he meant "thick", as in "not very bright". Not a thick head of hair . . .

theschmidt108 0

a men


Mabey your granddaughter but not you


Directed at 47

Mine is in the shape of the Batman symbol

ducttapewallet 7

Nobody else asks that? I must be out of the loop...

Do they???? Lol

Girls who don't like razor rash on their private parts! And even when you don't get razor rash it still itches and you get a shit ton of ingrown hairs. That hurts!

Greatest comment wver

gators1995 30

Heard this phrase before but I don't understand the meaning behind it

SaniK 17


HowAreYouToday 34


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jswizzle_ 6

Now you have left us all wondering.

It says she's a natural blonde.

The guy probably meant if it was well groomed like her hair.

Yeah you could be right. I've never seen blonde pubic hair. It's always dark brown or black. I still don't see why the guy cares. That's why I thought the other thing.

Pubic hair is normally the same shade as their eyebrows. And their nipples are usually the same shade as their lips (both) Yes, I've done research. Lol

I just took the time to test both those claims. They're true haha. I'll never look at eyebrows the same again.

sammystayz 0


67 - Then explain white skin colored Latin people with dark brown (almost black) nipples who also have pinkish lips?

112- those exist?

He did say usually.

he probably ment the curtains int the bar:)

124 - Uh yeah? -.-

What a bawwwwwwwwwws.

I think he's meaning boss... But who the **** knows on fml anymore?

davidisbeast 12

Lol what a perv ... Just forget that guy ... All he wants is to get in your pants :P

-thinks- I wonder what gave that away?

^The part where he complemented her hair :D

a_nutritionist 10

the part where a guy came up to her in a bar. what is it about desperate women that they think bars are the place to meet someone for anything other than a quick encounter...?

Yeah! Don't they understand that the real world is for desperate people, and that they should stick to Internet dating?!

5- you just described every mans motive for everything

a_nutritionist 10

ah yes 113, bars or the internet are the only way to meet people. thats EXACTLY the point i was trying to make and in no way is it stupid at all.

crazychick1269 7

and that's bad cuz???

davidisbeast 12

Not every mans ... Some men in this world have some manners and respect women ... While all the rest .... No comment

simplylost643 0

#181, since when does curiosity represent a lack of manners, and or a lack of respect? Although the information ( carpet vs drapes) is of a personal nature, it is no more disrespectful than a woman asking a man what he does for a living. Wanting to know whether a blonde persons pubic hair is also blonde doesn't make a man a pervert, just as a woman asking a mans profession should not label her a golddigging *****. Google curiosity if your still having issues.

^^^^ Your Username Is Jizzwold o.o Anyone See ANYTHING Wrong W/That ?

Whats wrong with that???

Nederlander95 14

That IS generally what guys go to bars for

Actually, that was pretty clever. I had to think about it for a second before I realized what he meant.

You're just slow...

But they were 24 minutes quicker than yourself What does that make you? :o

Mipz 2

I didn't get it either. But then, I like to pretend every other word out of people's out is NOT something sexual.

I meant slow as in retarded, you meant slow as in time... Now what does that make YOU?

Sun_Kissed18 25

A person trying to make a sarcastic joke to be funny, and failing at it?

SittingInTheSky 6

Since when did she say that was the time she worked it out? that was the time she replied you ******* dumbass

Perv. You should have bitch slapped him XD

that is not polite, what a douche...

coffeeandcream 8

yeah sure...

leemurcat 5

Would you have preferred him saying, "Is the color of your pubic hair the same color as the hair on your head?"

Nope. More preferred if the douche didn't expect to get in OP's pants automatically. Buuuut, since she was in a bar it's a YDI situation.

reallytho3 11

Ur picture COMPLETLY contradicts ur comment...

leemurcat 5

Not every person who goes to bars is a ****, you know

SittingInTheSky 6

What would you have done in the situation? i would've snogged him shitless then bitch slapped him till he cried.

Obviously his two heads meet pretty well.

Michigan_Girl 0

What a creep! You should have threw your drink on him....but then again, there is no need to waste a perfectly good drink on such an ass.