By Anonymous - 07/03/2013 03:14 - United States - Fort Worth

Today, I met a guy in a bar. He was sweet and funny so I asked him out for coffee later. He quickly turned me down, saying that I didn't even meet his first requirement. His first requirement was "looks like a girl." FML
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In my head I'm imagining some guy standing in front of you with a clipboard..... "No! You will not do!" He's not worth your time...


Ah I'm so sorry! I'm sure you are beautiful, just try looking for another guy :/

You don't look like a girl; you look like an angel :)

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Well that wasn't cool feel better OP you will meet someone soon and they will think you're the most beautiful girl in the world :) chin up!

OP, that guy is a douche bag. You'll meet someone who will believe you're the prettiest woman on this earth, both emotionally and physically. At least you dodged a bullet with that guy.

What did Op expect trying to pick up a date at a BAR???

Yea definitely not sweet nor funny.

Agree! I think she dodged a bullet there, this guy sounds like a giant asshole! If that's how he turned you down after just meeting you, imagine what he says when he's really pissed!

If he's not attracted to her, there are nicer ways of handling it. Being hurtful in the process is unnecessary and cruel.

Maybe OP pressure the guy into telling her why. I'm sure a lot of FMLs are skewed from not having the full story.

OP said she met a guy. So yes, he must look like one.

Maybe he just looked like a guy, but was really a girl. And maybe this girl that looks like a guy was only attracted to guys that looked like girls. Do you see where this could get confusing to a straight person who has never been in the gay/bi/trans scene very much? This is actually referring more to a previous FML where is was trying to explain that there are so many relationship mixes out there nowadays that it can get very confusing! I have a lot of lesbian friends and I drive them nuts asking them so many questions. lol Someone just please write a book about it! In OP's case I think he looked like a guy and she looked like a girl, but he was just a huge dick!

You dodged a bullet there. You dont need a shallow bastard like him.

Nor does she need an insensitive asshole for a boyfriend. He could have easily said he wasn't interested or he was taken. He didn't have to tell her she doesn't look like a girl. :(

In my head I'm imagining some guy standing in front of you with a clipboard..... "No! You will not do!" He's not worth your time...

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How about less dickness on your end? Oh wait, can't subtract what's hardly there.

Dude, that's low. It doesn't matter if you were joking, some people can take it more personally than you'd wish. OP, I bet you're beautiful. That guy was just a cum napkin.

At least he didn't ask if you were buying tampons for your girlfriend while you were on your period?

Let me guess... He works as a cashier?

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What's wrong with being a cashier?

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Never mind. Caught up on the last few FML's :)

Passed FML reference. Awee you, newbies and less FML addicts. :P

I'm sure he was an ass trying to be funny, don't let this bother you