By Anonymous - 23/11/2014 01:33 - United States - Chicago

Today, I was at a club and caught a cute guy's eye from across the bar. He smiled at me, got up and came over, then said "Oh shit! You looked way hotter from back there. Damn!" and walked away. FML
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Well, he's clearly a dick so I think you lucked out, actually.

What an ass. don't worry OP you are better off!


What an ass. don't worry OP you are better off!

wow, such originality.

wasn't looking for one :)

His beer goggles hadn't fully kicked in, poor guy.

Many compassion. Very clairvoyance. So backpatting. Wow.

Well, he's clearly a dick so I think you lucked out, actually.

I didnt mean to thumbs down ur comment!

You didn't have to write that you know?

Oh my! He could have been more polite.... But yeah - cliched response alert - you had a lucky escape from a man who sounds like a bit of a dick!

idk i think its okay he didn't find her attractive. just the way he handled it was immature

Good from a far but far from good.

If you wanted to meet someone who's not a shallow asshole, then why'd you go to a club in the first place?

She may not have been going there to meet people. She might just have wanted a fun night out and just happened to see a cute guy who she was interested in

Most of us girls don't go to a club to meet guys, it's about getting together with our friends and simply dancing our asses off.

Clubs are filled with two kinds of people: women that want to get laid, and men that want to do the laying. That's it. Clubs are pointless headaches. You're better off trying an online dating site. At least then you can have an up-close picture of yourself...

There are 3 kinds of people. Those who can count and those who can't.

9, I don't go to clubs ever, however I would disagree with your comment. All of my girl friends I know like to go as a group just to dance and have fun with each other, they aren't even interested in the men there.

"oh shit! you looked like less of a dick from back there!"

This comment made me laugh

#39, that's what the up vote button is for…

What a douche. Blow if off OP. He's clearly not a good person.

You should've responded with, "Damn! You seemed like you might actually be a decent human being from all the way over there!"

he looked cute from across the bar..