By Jillian Drute - 16/08/2011 04:54 - United States

Today, my mom showed up completely hammered to a party I was throwing. The party was to celebrate the ten years that I've been sober. FML
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Majstr 23

Congratulations on your sobriety.

Very selfish of her.... But congrats on 10 years that's awesome!


Majstr 23

Congratulations on your sobriety.

tylersign 11

Thanks, you too.

dont just stand there, get your mum a drink !!!1

I think it's great you've been sober. But I'm not really able to imagine a fun party without alcohol :/ sorry.

Majstr 23

I think you have a problem.

aa meetings is for quiters.

You shouldn't have to have alcohol to have fun.

bizarre_ftw 21

There are a lot of shouldn'ts that are in this world, but all the same I agree

I hope that someone filmed that. Congrats on ten years and, if you should find yourself tempted to have a drink, then watch the video.

xoconnie 8

haa nice!

darkch0colate 0

I've been sober 16 years..where the hell is my party?!?


... First time I've heard of somebody throwing a party because of that.

A party without alcohol is always the better party. And I'm sorry, OP. I know for a fact how sucky it is to see your mom hammered...

rallets 22

a party without alcohol? how?

Jvr91 8

Fuck it I'm on one!

Congrats on ten years of being really dull

A party without alcohol? It must have had weed...

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Alcohol free parties are the best. In my ever so humble opinion it just makes people obnoxious and ruins the vibe. Now anything else they wanna do is their business...

I actually find that really unfortunate.

Buzzkill +100 xp

Awww, dammit! I was about to get that care package containing a skimpy lace bra and a pantie set!

bizarre_ftw 21

? -_^

I'd rather just get myself an AC-130 :p

superangryandy 2

I use chopper gunner

Reference to past FML...

Very selfish of her.... But congrats on 10 years that's awesome!

family aa meeting!

Talk about irony.

lindseyluvszac 4

Easy enough to fix - mom get the **** out! (but slightly nicer)

sxe_beast 11

Actually I wouldn't have been any nicer than that. Bitch deserves to get expletives used on her!

25- your picture makes me want to hurl.

borkchop1992 15

i think its time you followed your mothers footsteps

perdix 29

She's probably celebrating the fact that since you've been off the sauce, there's been more for her!

bizarre_ftw 21

And because of that OP should start celebrating! Her mum will end up in a coma or the ground and will not bother them any more! (plus they'll get some money off the brainless b/mum)

loosen up or have a drink. if a person is that full of themselves that they need to bring it to everyones attention that your off the piss your fml should read I seek attention and a boring prick. get over yourself I've been off the piss for two years but no need to sing and dance around you clown! your mother probably thinks your a twit too that's why she has no respect for you.

Gotta love moms.