By brunetteshavemorefun - 22/12/2012 17:56 - United Kingdom - Burnley

Today, I dyed my naturally-blonde hair dark brown. Upon seeing me, my boyfriend immediately wanted to have sex, because I now remind him of his favourite porn star. FML
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You could always dress him up like your favorite **** star.

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I wouldn't consider that a bad thing really.

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How is this a fml? More like ftw!

You could always dress him up like your favorite **** star.

I'm pretty sure she either A) doesn't want sex, or B) is insulted to be compared to a **** star, and C) is insulted that he only wants to have sex because she looks like a **** star. Hence the FML.

At least it turns him on instead of turning him off, even if it is because she looks like a **** star, right?

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Yeah, I don't see why she's so upset!!

I agree. I really see nothing bad in this situation.

Yeah, I don't see why this is an fml hahaha

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I would feel quite flattered. Some **** stars are pretty hot.

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My ex-boyfriend once begged me to dye and cut my hair a certain way, so I obliged. He then confessed that it was because he wanted me to look like Katy Perry. It's no coincident that he's an ex now.

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Blonde is beauty. Why would you dye your hair? -_-

Well, many people like to experiment with their looks. Maybe OP was looking for a change in her style. :)

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9- what's wrong with dying your hair?.-.

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Put a video camera on a tripod and see if you can take that title!