By Jac - 17/01/2010 19:59 - United States

Today, my friend decided to pants me in the middle of the mall. I wasn't wearing underwear. FML
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pantsing still happens? I wouldve said fuck it and did the helicopter

Must've given quite a breeze being in Ohio.


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God invented belts for a reason ;-)

@op I hope you shaved O.o

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#73, when people say "God invented ..." or "God made", I have always imagined the Sorceror's Apprentice (with Mickey Mouse) when he stretches his arms out. That has always stuck with me. Apparently I see God as a cartoon character. But guess you couldn't pants anyone who wears a robe, lol

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Hopefully your vag wasn't a forest.

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and thats how the cookie crumbles

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kinky! ;)

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Haley Joel osmitt

haas!!! butch

Must've given quite a breeze being in Ohio.

are you into the whole yeast infection scenerio? ...WEAR SOME DAMN UNDERWEAR !!

pantsing still happens? I wouldve said fuck it and did the helicopter

What's the helicopter? Pulling up the shirt or something? (Sorry, I've never heard of it LOL)

its a dance that only a man can do while his pants are off

Hahaha.... nice.

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this was written by a woman...FAIL though the idea of helicopter-ing is pretty funny

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He was saying if it was him he would have helicoptered..therefore his comment is valid and not a failure

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o shi- I guess that's true, but still, I don't think that he realized the OP is a man...

the OP is a woman its says on the FML

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Why would you not wear underwear to the mall? I hope you look like a woman so nobody has to come on this website and say: Today, I was at the mall talking to this really nice guy I just met. Out of nowhere, his friends decided to de-pants him. I looked down and saw "he" was a she. FML.

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this is how massive orgies start

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wow I wanna see that hahaha