By Taylor D - 07/08/2011 04:40 - United States

Today, I went to Walmart to get some acne cream. As I approached the register, I looked in my wallet for the money. The cashier saw that I didn't have enough money, and before I could say anything, he goes, "Just take it, I've never seen anyone who needs it this much." FML
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Take your glove off, slap him, and take your business elsewhere.

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OP's face is so filled with acne that the cashier risks their job just to give it to him/her.if you ask me thats an fml

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those damn cashier trolls..

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op could also just state "I got the worst acne you have ever seen" but instead he complains about getting something for free... I don't see how getting free stuff sucks... well but acne obviously does

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OP, you should have told him "at least I can fix my acne, but there is no way in hell any type of medecine or technology can fix your ugly ass face!" and walk away. What an ass!

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Or you can look at the bright side and don't say anything and just walk away with your free acne medecine.

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I've been getting these random outbursts of acne as of late. one day nothing the next im covered =[

plastic surgery?

Free stuff is cool, but the cashier insulted OP, which is the FML. Earn one self-esteem shattering insult, get acne cream free.

it's alright op. everyone gets acne. I started to get it in fricken' gr. 5! but now I don't have any. see, it'll be okay :]. -dr.Phil moment.

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I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. It's just... you didn't have any money and you looked like you could really use it. I hope you accept my apology.

The cashier could get in serious trouble for giving free stuff. Go at the same time next week OP with really bad breath. Go to the same cashier and get free tic-tacs!

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Damn your broke and pimpliy.... Rough fyl.

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Try proactive! Justin Beiber uses it so it must be good right?... The FML here is that OP didn't have enough to pay for some acne cream. Aww "poor" OP. -58 Your hair is pretty awesome. Now convince the women is Australia to follow suit, thanks.

Take your glove off, slap him, and take your business elsewhere.

Why would you want to slap someone if they gave you free cream. I'd be offended but still...

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Oh ya so you can go somewhere else and NOT have enough money and then not get it for free? Makes total sense..reject

How do you know OP was wearing a glove? Am I missing something here?

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those damn cashier trolls.

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those damn cashier trolls.

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Atleast u don't work at Walmart

Free cream can never be a bad thing!

The man knows your pain OP!

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"Just take it! I've never see anyone who needs it that much!" Yeah. . .something tells me that he meant it that way.

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I wasn't being serious...

Then add a smiley

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Or you can just look at the bright side and thank the cashier. With this economy, you can't get anything for free.

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Get told by a person who works at walmart XD

Your cat is pretty epic, but, he/she is holding the wrong game my friend.

No, that's an awesome game. Your cat has excellent taste XD

Well, at least you got to get the thing for free. That's some good/bad customer service.

hes obviously never met me.... if your so offended you could send it too me.... i probly need it more

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Haha you're gay

I know you're not gay, but why that username? I mean you had to know that people were going to rag on you about it.

THE REASON BEHIND MY USERNAME: now pay attention coz i really dont wanna have to explain again... my friends call me gayboii mostly coz of what happened one night when i got drunk at a party like a year ago... and i thought it would be a good username coz it was original and i couldnt think of anything else..... ok?

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Must have been one hell of a night to wake up the next day and find out that your nickname is gayboii

^hahahahha you are so gay ( troll face)

Lol. You're gay, gayboii. Stop trying to hide it. If you were straight, your username would have been sonething like "i_like_tits."

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Sooo judging from your picture, you must be a creepy perv? Jk but girls would much rather get to know someone 'gay' than someone who sounds like he's looking for hookers.

40 - i do like **** ): honest

TheHolyLama 0

Well duh which straight guy doesn't.

Not just straight guys love ****.Everyone loves a good set of **** even me.

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Wait so you got drunk at a party and possibly screwed a guy at the age of 14...? Acne is not the only thing that's wrong with you apparently.

65- as long as he had fun doing whatever it is that he did then there's nothing wrong with him.

54, you're totally cool, but cmon people we are going a little off topic. Back to the good stuff, who doesn't like bacon? Holy shit is that stuff awesome. I mean, I'd totally trade a nice pair of **** for a handful of bacon!

Who said anything bout him ******* a dude?

82 - exactly.... and fyi..... i didnt

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you guys are so stupid! he is obviously not gay! some people just need to grow up! dang! :/

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Your a flaming ****

eminemchick 19

says the guy wit the ass pic

Random comment from you with your ass out 0.o

Yea he didn't **** a guy he gave him a ******** and hand job

i didnt give him a *******... **** off

cheer4ever96 8

Seriously guys! He isn't gay, and if he was just lay the hell off. He isn't hurting anyone. a bridge and get over it or get a life!

96-then why the hell did they give you the name gayboii?

eminemchick 19

wait so u gave him a handjob?

does it even really matter?

Even if he was gay there is nothing wrong with it.. and I don't like bacon cuz I am a vegetarian.

107-no it really doesn't matter but you were the one who opened the subject up for discussion

it would have been so much easier to just say i was gay :/

Actually that would make it worse

at least there wouldnt be so many god damn questions

Gayboii your username is not that interesting. If you're tired of people misinterpreting it, get a new account. Or if you're just tired of explaining it, ignore the comments about it. Sheesh, what a homophobe.

eminemchick 19

dude ur actually pretty hot, id **** u, but im pretty sure no ones on this thread anymore. and im a chick so chilll guys lmao

I thought it was from the hangover 2 haha

I WOULD PERFER BACON AND TITS not one or the other but BOTH. just to get back on the subject.

you guys are ******* assholes. who cares what his name is just leave the dude alone.

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it prolly would have :D

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change your name or ignore them.. smh. attention whoring with a name like that, but gets pissed all the time when asked about it. mind **** 101.

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Gay=Happy not homosexual

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He is NOT gay. And I see no acne on his profile pic!! XD

I like how the comment section went from acne to sexual preference.

110- you rule:-P

It doesn't matter if someone's gay, bi or straight. Jeez.... It's 2011. Douches.

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hmm u got drunk at 14 vote negative on this comment if u want but thats not the path u wanna go

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o yes 65 as long as hes havin fun havin sex at 14 and gettin drunk at 14 hes fine

152, hate to break it to ya, but even though that is true when someone refers to a person or thing as 'gay' most people interpret it as 'homosexual'.

ashtonkay 7

It doesn't matter if he's gay, there is nothing wrong with being gay so why judge him for it. He knows the insider that came with his name so leave him be assholes.

perdix 29

He wanted you to get the hell out of there before you added another grosteque to the People of Wal-mart site. Hey, he's got to work there!

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Someones got to take one for the team!

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mmmmm yummy!!!! me likes the pizza face!!!! XD