By random0605 - 29/09/2011 05:01 - United States

Today, the clerk at Walmart asked me if the stretch mark cream I was buying was for my wife. I wish I could've said yes. FML
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"No it's for that loose mouth of yours sir."


cookies61889 15

Exactly, or you could've said " it's for this walmart clerk I know I hear bad things are going to happen to him because he asks to many questions"

enonymous 8

Should have bought more bacon strips...

zuzupetalsYO 11

Or you could just have just said yes and moved on.

35- howd you get rid of them? Walmart cream? I have some oddly placed ones

Toasty283 8

How coincidental. I work at wal mart as a cashier... Now I know you don't have a wife

This is very true. Also, guys having stretch marks isn't a bad thing, my boyfriend has them on the sides of his back, i don't find them bad at all i actually like them bc they're part of him and i love them just as much as i love the rest of him. Don't worry too much about them OP, most people have them :)

What business is it of his? You're hardly likely to overdose of stretch-mark cream. Edit - beaten to it by Cookies - but great minds and all that!

Buttsexpirate 9

"No it's for that loose mouth of yours sir."

kickazz16 15

Or, "is that your ******* business or mine? I could be buying it to use as lube bitch." :)

lmfao_shame 9

You wish that your wife has stretch marks? Am I missing something here?

Pretty sure he realized that, he was pointing out where OP's logic was flawed... Idiot...

Shazza, avoid reading FML comments while you're constipated.

A ton of woman AND men have stretch marks. Puberty usually causes it, I don't see anything to be ashamed of.

"no it's for the lips of the women I pick up at bars after they spend the night with me"

Joshoa123 16

Your response should have been "would you like to borrow some?"

ikickgingers 15

Solution.... Stop shopping at walmart. Your welcome.

Sorry, my family shops there due to hard times. Most of the pop. of the US cant just stop shopping there and go to target, wally world's cheap.

ikickgingers 15

I was just being a dick. :) Woke up wanting to hit things. Stretch marks are insanely common in men and women. I'm barely 110lbs and I have a couple. I personally would hit up a Pharmacy if I was op, less embarrassing than having crap ass walmart employees trying to get in his personal life.

perdix 29

From one dick to another, it's "you're welcome." I guess when you wake up craving a bit of the ultraviolence, the grammar part of your brain gets to hit the snooze button. To your other point, you are not being a snob for suggesting that you shop for personal items at a place where the staff has professional discretion. It's sad that so many are forced to reveal private secrets just to save a few pennies.

ikickgingers 15

I won't blame iPhone, I saw it. I can't edit from my app... Corrected by perdix - my life is now complete :D

rexgar2000 10

29 is right. as much as I hate to say it, I shop at walmart but I avoided so much I try not to go at all unless is really necessary. it's always crowded and full of ignorant people.

mishkaroni 15

But if people stopped shopping at walmart, we wouldn't have the educational site!

ikickgingers 15

What is this peopleofwalmart??!?!?!???!!!?

ikickgingers 15

Thank you for stating the obvious :)

Sonic_boomerang 5

My exact thoughts, it's not like the cashier had to know it was for him. Should've just said your wife had a baby recently OP :

Inspired22 11

It blows my mind that the clerk had the nerve to ask you that. I can't believe you even answered!

To be fair, you COULD have said yes... Just sayin...