By Lizzzyygurl - 02/09/2009 18:29 - United States

Today, a foreigner walked into my restaurant to pick up his pizzas. The bill was $25 and he gave me $30 and a 100 dollar bill. I gave him his change from the 30 and I didn't understand so I gave him back the 100 dollars. He said "Well if you dont want it, okay." He was gonna tip me $100. FML
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He was hiring you for sexual services.

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he didnt say $30 bill, he said $30 and $100 bill OP, maybe he just won the lottery and was being nice to everyone, who knows

he totally was hiring you for sexual services haha!

The way you worded it makes you seem really racist. Not because you assumed that he handed the $100 to you on accident, but because you said "foreigner". If you would have left that part out and just said "a guy", the same message would have been sent and you wouldn't look like a bigot.

umm...Saying 'foreigner' did not make the OP sound like a bigot. If the person is foreign did it ever occur to you they may not have known the value of a $100 bill? Therefore, the OP has every right to call the person a foreigner and I have every right to call you a dumbass. Not everything has to do with race. Seriously, if someone is foreign, they are a foreigner. Get ******* used to it.

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Normally I'd agree that he might have been a bigot but it was because he thought the guy didn't really understand it's value or how much he needed to pay. If it was an American they would obviously know what they are doing with their money

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awww dude that sucks! hahah you shoudve asked first

I agree. LOL. Maybe next time...if there is one. LOL. ツ ´*•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´ ♥«´¨`•°αυ∂яιиα°•´¨`»♥ .¸.•*(¸.•*´♥`*•.¸)`*•.

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That sucks ass, but then that seemed so good to be true. FYL

I believe the phrase you are looking for it "too good to be true". English Fail.

I believe the correct word in that sentence is "is" and not "it". Pickledick ______________________

He wasn't tipping you $100, he was trying to buy non-pizza-related services from you (weeenk!). He was just discreet enough not to say exactly what he wanted because he assumed you were a ***** that would know.

I wouldn't think of one of your comments getting moderated.

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plexico your comments are always moderated. The mods hate you

Since it got mod'd, it means that he ran out of wit and resorted to 2nd grade potty 'humor'. I don't mind missing that. He has had some good ones in the past, but he can't consistantly deliver nor resist the urge to reply when he can't come up with anything good.

That's what I said, but I got moderated! Of course, I used the word "*****," but who doesn't around here?

In his country, it doesn't matter if you "want it" or not...

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What difference does it make if he was foriegn OP? RACIST!!

you suck. and so do foreigners. he had no intention to tip. I work in the food industry and if i learned anything it is that foreigners suck. call it racist. i call it the truth. they act like they don't know how to tip but they do... oh yea, they ******* do.

my sister has worked in the food industry as well, and in her stories she told us about the american tourists coming in and being incredibly messy so she has to spend an unusually long time cleaning up after them. as for their tips - even if they gave her unusually high tips, she doesn't see any of it anyway. who is racist now, bitch? as if americans are perfect.

wow. telling somebody off about his american culture. i guess your racist too. you racist foreigner.

82- Who ever said Americans are perfect?