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Today, I realized I could make more money being on welfare than I can at my current job. FML
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Op here didn't login to post because I didn't think it would get published. I want to clarify a few things. #1 I'm not on welfare. #2 I work part time but my employer doesn't want me to get another job. #3 I work overnight shifts for below minimum wage. #4 I needed a college diploma to get this job.

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At least you have a job. A lot of people can't say that.

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I mean you should feel proud earning that money.


At least you have a job. A lot of people can't say that.

The point being that people without a job are doing better than him.

People on benefits in the UK earn more than I do and I work full time. The government doesn't understand that people won't work if they get more money for doing nothing :(

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It's that way in the U.S. now, don't worry...

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Welcome to Liberal nazi Ontario. Tax and waste is literally all the liberal government do here.

not true, i was on welfare for a year and a half before i could get a job. i was actively looking and applying to jobs. stop grouping a bunch of people together for a select few assholes.

Being on welfare != not having a job In fact the vast majority of people on welfare in the USA do have jobs and still can't make ends meet. But then that's what happens when the minimum wage lags massively behind inflation. You want bums? Look at CEOs paying themselves $2,000 per hour and who are receiving more of your tax dollars than the poor are. This isn't the USA, though, this is Canada, so I have no idea what's going on there.

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I mean you should feel proud earning that money.

Hey, atleast you are trying unlike a lot of other people

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1. OP is in Canada 2. Half of America is not on welfare. 3, Stop watching Fox News

I think he means that wages are so low in America that people could be earning more on welfare NOT that half are on welfare.

Actually if he's a conservative then he's probably thinking welfare wages are too high despite the fact that people can barely live on welfare AND a job.

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Yes, because abusing a system for your needs above the needs of others is the reasonable thing to do.

Wow, live your life purely off of what is stolen from others' hard-earned money? Sounds like great advice!

First off, I in no way abdicate abusing welfare. That said however op has a job but could be better off financially on welfare, as a life choice be better off is objectively a no brainer. The flaw here is that the minimum wage and taxes are so demanding that this has become a plausible option in comparison to holding a job.

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But hey, you're getting work experience so one day you'll look more desirable to another future employer that will hopefully pay you more!

There's the problem with American and the welfare system. You can make more money by not working than by actually working which discourages a lot of people from getting a job.

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That's not a problem with welfare, that's a problem with minimum wage.

People who want to raise minimum wage are lazy people wanting to flip burgers for a career

Minimum wage was not created in the US to live off, it was designed for high school and college kids. It is ****** up that most businesses don't pay employees higher than minimum wage, but everyone is greedy.

Minimum wage was the equivalent of what $10.10 Is today. If a business could afford it back then they can afford it now b

Hey now don't bag on people who flip burgers for a living. At least they are earning money honestly.

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Minimum wage in the US was actually created to be something someone could live and support their family off of if they worked full time. It was instituted as part of the New Deal to help end the Great Depression and prevent future recessions. Although it's in no way a living wage today, that was its entire purpose when it was first enacted.

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Some people just don't know how the economy works. One of the main reasons the government can't just raise minimum wage is because if they did that, inflation would occur. Businesses would increase the prices of their products and services to compensate for their net loss from paying their workers more. This gets you NOWHERE despite maybe getting 10-12 dollars an hour. Besides, LOTS of people don't deserve that much money to begin with. How it's supposed to work is you get experience and get a raise from minimum wage. To me, it sounds like OP should find a new job that will pay them better. With experience usually entails a higher starting pay.

#49 Obviously you don't understand economics either because you forgot to include the fact that the people earning minimum wage are either part of the lower class/middle class which make up an overwhelming majority of our society. If you increased minimum wage they'd obviously spend it (usually only the higher class or a small percentage of the country invest in stocks) and when almost all of the country is spending more because they have more purchasing power then that would lower prices and actually stimulate the economy. There is also a possibility of inflation going up but as long as the middle class continues to do what it's been doing for forever it should either equal out the inflation or still be fine.

#61, no, YOU clearly don't know how the economy works. 49 is right, it would cause massive inflation. Not only that, but it would cause minimum wage jobs to fire more people in order to compensate for the money they would lose. Also, it teaches people that it is ok to stay in a minimum wage job their whole life. Not only that, but you need to talk into account income tax. Our minimum wage is low yes, but our income tax is lower than countries with a higher minimum wage. If minimum wage were to go up, so would income tax. Basically raising minimum wage offers no benefits to anyone and would only piss off the hardworking middle class.

Exactly, over here in australia, my wage at the moment is $23.50 an hour. that being said, i pay a minimum od $185 a week in tax, then my super is taken out what ever is left. on average i still only make around 600 a week, IF i am lucky.

you found the welfare cliff! it's even bigger when you are single with children