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By  my_life_sucks_17  |  1

aww that's horrible! to #2 DON'T use proactive it doesn't work, will make your skin worse, and if there is the one in a million chance that it does work you will be using it for the rest of ur life cuz it has stuff that makes ur skin addicted to it... trust me i have acne and i used it... piece of crap...

good luck with your acne though... antibiotics seem to work well for me :)

By  could_be_funny  |  0

Yeah OP don't take it too hard, same problem with acne...can be a blow to the ego

anyway, like #10 said, proactive worked for me for a while, and then it seemed to make it worse. If I were you I would probably go to a dermatologist and get something specifically for you, whether it be antibiotics or otherwise

@10 what kind of antibiotics did you get?

By  aquariusbeauty  |  0

You know what?? Fuck her.
I drink decaffinated green tea each day, wash my face twice a day with cetaphil, my acne is gone.
And I had reallllly bad acne.
I bets your real beautiful.