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Today, I went to the store to pick up some feminine products. As I was paying, the male cashier looked at me sympathetically and asked if it was my girlfriend's time of the month. I'm a girl and was buying them for myself. FML
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Nightwing98 22

Not quite sure how people vote that she deserved this....

How to make a bad period of your life even worse.


That's the best you could come up with? It was the pressure of having the chance to be the first commenter, huh?

No. No pressure. I just feel bad for the op. what I'm I supposed to say? "Sorry you look like a man, OP." that'd be rude. :/

beannlove 7

maybe he felt awkward scanning your feminine products so he tried to make small talk and his nerves got the best of him.. happens to all of us! i know i can say some pretty dumb things in awkward situations

Why should he feel awkward? It's his job to scan such products every day. If he feels awkward doing that, he should just keep his mouth shut and avoid potential embarrassment, tbh.

beannlove 7

Ameel, maybe he's new at his job and hasn't had to scan any feminine products prior to this. you never know, and even if its his job he could still feel a little awkward.. a lot of males are, and always will be, uncomfortable with the topic of periods and that cant be changed. im a female, i have to buy them once a month every month and sometimes still feel a little awkward when i have a male cashier. it happens, "tbh"

Actually, it's quite possible that OP unintentionally looks like a guy. I should know, my sister shared a story that went almost exactly like this one.

Umm .. people make that mistake all the time. It doesn't make him clueless, it was just a mistake. I used to be mistaken for a boy when I was little because I had extremely short hair. It's no big deal

wlddog 14

Thats the risk you take when you cut your hair too short.

With all due respect, 41, that was uncalled for

chell1894 13

Lol 41 actually had a pretty witty comment

Still, it's a pretty obtrusive question to ask someone. Why does the cashier care who the OP is buying tampons/pads for? Was he deliberately trying to embarrass her? Surely he knows that most people don't like attention being brought to "personal" items that they might be buying. And anyway...many men DO buy pads/tampons for their sisters/daughters/girlfriends/wives/etc. So it's not like it's an uncommon occurrence that a man would buy such items for a woman. The cashier should just shut up and do his job, tbh.

beannlove 7

ameel, you should just shut up and stop commenting on everything, "tbh" its rude for a cashier not to speak to a customer while they're checking out, and he slipped up. it happens, people make mistakes. his intentions most likely werent to be mean to OP.

Nightwing98 22

Not quite sure how people vote that she deserved this....

perdix 29

#3, for going out in the world not all "prettied up." Even if you are not feeling your best, you ought to wear flattering clothes, do your make-up and make your hair look nice . . . WDI.

Bubbelz 25

The bad part of FML has always been that you can't unselect a selected option... So every miss click counts.

Nightwing98 22

#26, you're an idiot. If she obviously isn't feeling well she's not going to spend an hour getting ready to go to the store and back.

NyteWolf 7

Why do girls have to wear make up, "flattering clothes" as you put it, and do their hair nice and pretty every time they go out? Girls can't just look comfortable when they go to buy stuff? News flash! We don't. We can look just as sloppy as guys if we so choose to. The cashier is an idiot for not noticing that she is a girl!

NyteWolf 7
pheebs314 17

29 and 31, Perdix is always sarcastic. Also, sometimes its hard to tell if someone is a guy or a girl. I have a coworker that I thought was a guy with a girl's name for a while, until I heard someone call her "she." Not everyone's gender is readily apparent.

Hey guys, I think #26 was just trying to explain what goes through the mind of someone who clicks the YDI option.

#15 how exactly do you choose the time of your period?

#43: Sadly, not too many people seemed to get it.

Well I guess the YDI may come from people thinking the OP may have dressed or chosen to style herself in a deliberately masculine way and then complained about the outcome?

pheebs314 17

Noor, my coworker has a very common girl's name, but she looks so much like a guy that I still wasn't sure. :(

I think some people voted YDI because some females like to dress like boys and act like them too. I have a lot of lesbian friends, some of them are very feminine, but some of them actually refer to themselves as "boys". That's what they feel like they are and what they feel comfortable as. So, if that's the case with OP than they deserve it and got the reaction based on their choice to dress they way they do.

perdix 29

Sometimes I just have to giggle at how easily people fall for some of the stupid shit I say. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. No one asked what WDI stood for.

a_lenzmeier 11

What does wdi stand for perdix?

perdix 29

#66, 67, We deserve it. And by "we" I mean "men." When you even make the slightest effort to look good, we go ga-ga over you. You've got the power, use it.

hoshimi2012 8

I'm a girl and I hate wearing makeup, dresses, and things like that. I prefer jeans and a t-shirt. She could be like that as well, it doesn't mean that she deserves for someone to make a comment like that. I find it very sexist for guys to think that women always have to look pretty and wear makeup.

I believe it's a problem with some guys' ways of thinking. I know a couple people, some of them are/were good friends of mine, who had an incredibly hard time getting used to the thought that men can have long hair and women can have very short hair. It's really funny, actually, that most of them automatically assume that someone with long hair has to be a girl. Someday I'm gonna send them to a metal concert and watch as they get their mind blown.

AnyaS 19

59, those 'lesbians who are "boys"' may actually be transgendered men. Lesbians are/identify as females and are attracted to other females. Transmen can be attracted to females but are never referred to as lesbians.

No, like I said they are friends of mine and they definitely refer to themselves as boys, lesbians, and definitely love other women. That's just what they call themselves, how they feel about it may differ, but that's what I understand from it. Honestly, some of it gets kinda confusing. lol

Some cashier are nosey! I was once in line behind a guy buying a lot of food and the cashier joked "Hey! Looks like you're having a party! Am I invited?!" Turns out, it was for the guy's dead Aunt's wake. The look on the cashier's pale face was priceless! :P She didn't say a word to me when my groceries got scanned.

32- That's fantastic, that should be an FML in itself. It's like a bonus FML, a layer cake of ****-my-life, or FML- Ception.

Where I live cashiers never do that. They can still be friendly or not friendly, just by the way they greet you (some don't even greet you..), but I think this is a bit to much and can cause bad situations or hurt people. Just like all named above. I can imagine so many things going wrong by just trying to be friendly...

The one person who voted YDI was the cashier

He made 19 (and many more soon) accounts just to press a YDI button? I suppose he /should/ be allowed to exact his righteous judgement on her; how dare she pretend to be a boy just to embarass him! Now she will feel his merciless clicking, an inexorable tide of permanent shaming!

caplox 6

thats disrespectful..even if you were a boy, its none of the cashiers buisness who youre buying them for.

Well it sounds like he was trying to be nice/friendly.

dontpanic_fml 32

Being nice and friendly is just that; being generically pleasant and polite and nothing more. Have you ever worked a cashier-type job? Intrusive and personal comments are not the definition of being a friendly customer service employee. You're right, 7; the employee should not have said anything, period, so maybe OP should consider the source.

I love all the FMLs defending customer service people when they get treated badly, and now you all expect this guy to be nothing more than a silent machine scanning your groceries? The guy was probably bored as shit and just trying to start a conversation. Jeez people, the guy made a mistake, it happens.

There's a difference between general conversation and asking who a customer's personal items are for. That's just intrusive and rude.

That sucks, some people struggle to see these things. But there are some guys that look like girls. Don't worry it is easy to make yourself 'look more feminine' if you want. And this is just one guy's mistake - he might just have been having a bad day.

zombieslayer83 19

Your emotions must be flowing pretty heavy.

I have had to buy pads for my wife before. Let me just say that I prefer as little conversation as possible, just let me get in and out quickly.

Most girls prefer that, too. Just buy it, get out. So glad I don't have periods anymore.

RedPillSucks 31

this is how some men prefer sex, as well