By I hate Walmart???? - 24/02/2014 09:36 - United States - Greensboro

Today, I went to the self-checkout line at Walmart. When I tried to pay, the cash wouldn't go in, so I stood there trying to cram money into the thing that's supposed to take your money. What I didn't realize was that there was a sign up top that said: "No Cash. Cards Only." FML
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On the bright side, it didn't steal your money like nearly every vending machine I've encountered

Thereʻs no good way to break this to you. Youʻre one of the People of WalMart.


On the bright side, it didn't steal your money like nearly every vending machine I've encountered

How can you not see that a card is way smaller than a dollar bill. -_-

What? The money-taker-thing was obviously not working. It's not the size of it, silly. Lol.

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This reminds how at work we have.4.self check out lines but they open at 7am. Every single day there's always that one person who ignores the close signs and tries scanning their items in the morning and ask why its not working

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Hopefully you didn't have to much stuff you could just go to another one.

I an legally blind. Whats your excuse? Didn't you Notice, the slots are completely different.

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#3, I'm pretty sure the machine still had a place for cash as well as cards, but isn't accepting them for some reason. Thus the sign saying "this machine will only take cards" even though it still has a cash slot.

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#17, that would be correct. These things break down all the time, not that they're fragile but they do get a lot of use and wear out, as all mechanical devices do.

Just because you're blind, you have no excuse to be a jerk...

I'm sorry. I guess my joke came across as a serious insult.

I learn something new every day. I hate those self check out machines, very rarely accessible.

#3 Now you could type that comment using a Braille keyboard, but how could you read the fml?

You can set your pc to read the page to you. You can also set your pc up to type what you say rather than use a keyboard.

Plus legally blind isn't completely blind, it just means you cannot make out objects without prescription glasses, so 3 probably had glasses on

I have a screen reading program called Jaws, it isn't the best, but it does read the screen. In this case, I used the app, with voice over. I do not own a braille keybord, but I do know braille. Blind people can use a regular keyboard to, in fact, we are typically very fast typists, because we cannot see the keyboard, to rely on our eyesight.

What PC is this? Most screen reading technology costs about a Thousand dollars or so. Also, most blind people have no challenge using a regular keyboard.

Legally blind is not necessarily mean glasses. It can be anyone of 1000 I conditions. I personally cannot use glasses, and rely on a white cane.

Haha well it's better than it being completely broken OP! I hope nobody saw you!

Thereʻs no good way to break this to you. Youʻre one of the People of WalMart.

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My condolences to OP...being someone of Walmart is not the best thing to be known by...

Always double check for signs before going up to the machine - just in case exactly this happens and you look like a fool! It happens though, you just gotta keep your head high and pretend it never happened lol

Don't feel bad op, there's too much weird stuff going on in walmart this isn't anything embarrassing.

ninjuh_wingman 29

No it's still pretty embarrassing. It's just not as weird as some of the other stuff you see going on at Wal-Mart.

#7 I agree, haven't you ever seen that clown that hides from dumb people? Oh wait...

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I get this on a daily basis at Safeway. Our self-checkouts are not yet programmed to take the new Canadian $5 and $10 bills and we have signage posted at every one to that effect. No one reads it, and plenty of people bitch me out when I point it out to them. The story really should read: "Today, I was working as the self-checkout operator at Walmart. Yet again, a stupid customer couldn't read the big signage saying that cash wasn't working and I got bitched at for his stupidity. FML."

olpally 32

You are the perfect customer to be shopping at Walmart op. Lol.

Not just Walmart. In the shop I work in, when one of the self-service breaks and only takes cards. Even when you tell someone before they use it, the machine tells them too. A lot still try to use cash.

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Well, now we know why you shop at Walmart.