I can feel it coming in the air tonight

By cargaljen - 07/08/2011 05:29 - United States

Today, while watching TV at my mother's house, a tornado warning came across the screen. After being in the dark, nasty basement for half an hour, my mom realized she was watching a recorded show, and that tornado warning was for 2 weeks ago. FML
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Well that's a minor fail. At least you had family bonding time :)

You're probably lucky you didn't get hit by a tornado 2 weeks ago


Well that's a minor fail. At least you had family bonding time :)

It's a tornado warning... It's ******** your pants time

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sigh. so, the cycle continues...

hm could've looked outside....use some of those other observation powers besides blindly doing whatever the tv tells u to do

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Just looking outside wouldn't disprove a tornado since they occur when a cold front and a warm front collide.. you could be too far into the warm front side to see any rain, hail, or dark clouds but still be in range. That happened to me when I was a kid, it was a perfect day out but the alarms went off and a warning went accross the screen. My dad didn't believe me so I just went out on the porch and watched the sky. By the time I saw any clouds, there was a twister only a few miles away..

Like they say in Missouri, I ain't goin back ta Missouri

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A tornado warning really isn't THAT big of a deal. Maybe if you're not used to them it is, but when you go through a few every summer they get to be nothing.

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If you're from Joplin, Missouri then I totally understand. I'd flip if I ever saw another tornado warning.

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Bond(ing) , James Bond(ing).

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**** your life you had to spend time with your mom

awww poor baby op. a whole HALF hour? oh my!

A "whole half" is kinda oxymoronic, no?

I love it when somebody tries to correct you, then they're wrong. So ironically delicious. Sir, you use 'than' when comparing things. For example: "I prefer purple and black than blue and black." Have a good day.

62 and that is the case here... "then" is for when something happens after another thing... 60 was right and that was a pretty huge fail

3 was preferring something, he was preferring being safe over sorry.

Clearly commenter 62 has a valid point - it IS better to be safe, THEN sorry. It's alright to die in a tornado, as long as you were safe first! Ahahahaha By the way, I love it when someone tries to correct another person's accurate correction and makes a jackass out of him/herself in front of everyone. So ironically delicious!

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91, if they're safe they won't be sorry, so it's "than" because he's choosing safe over sorry, they are two different things. if you're sorry after you're safe you have bipolar.

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and you just let all of this happen? you could have told her this..... you deserve it (:

Umm no they don't. How was OP supposed to know that his/her mom was watching a recorded show?

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well with the way Op worded the fml it looks like they were watching tv together...

Yeah but if op's mom didn't remember that out was taped then op would assume it was on now.

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how's about looking outside the window, and seeing the nice sunny whether outside? :)

Cause theres totally windows in a basement

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Actually a lot of basements do have windows in them. And you can always look out the window while fleeing. IDK. Or look at your phone and check the weather. You're also supposed to have a radio on hand in case of emergencies. In my opinion the OP fails. Totally a YDI.

Well, op said dark, and it was day, so I assumed there were no windows

^ that doesn't make any sense cuz you said " basements" meaning ALL basements.

*sorry. you said "in a basement" but it means the same thing.

You guys do realize that tornadoes don't necessarily mean bad weather, right? OP could live a coupe miles away from where the tornado started and at the time, the weather where they were at was still nice. Also, who says it was during the daytime? You can't exactly see if it's cloudy during the nighttime, especially if it's a new moon.

You're probably lucky you didn't get hit by a tornado 2 weeks ago

"Yo mama so dumb, she hid in a basement for half an hour for a tornado warning that was two weeks ago." Priceless

I have to start those jokes off with "My momma" because if I don't, it's just an insult to every other mom. (joking)

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tornados aren't even dangerous

Are you Chuck Norris? Because I'm pretty sure that tornadoes are dangerous.

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You're right. I eat a tornado for breakfast every Wednesday. (I'm on a low carb diet that day.. usually I eat hot molten lava, fresh out of a volcano with a side of bacon, or broken glass... yummy).

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lol read a book for once would you like to know the death rate of tornados compared to cars? you don't see people hiding in basements when cars drive by do you?

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He/she obviously isn't the brightest bulb.

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Catnip1997: Have you ever wondered why car accidents cause more deaths than tornados? Maybe it's because there are more goddamn cars on the road than tornados in the sky. Hmm..Or maybe it is because people can be warned about a tornado? Get your head out of this fairytale and look at the property damages that tornados have done in this year alone. Why don't you say what you just said to all the people that have lost their lives to tornados? Get your goddamn head out of your ass. That is the most ignorant thing i have heard in a very long time.

The death rate per one car vs one tornado is probably gonna be higher with the tornado although they are less common but that doesn't make them any less dangerous if one is coming towards you.

Car hits you, decent chance to live. Tornado hits you, you're absolutely ******. Cars produced in 2008- 52 940 559. Tornadoes in 2008- 2 192. Lol read a book for once, I recommend something by Agatha Christie.

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10, no offense but your sorta stupid...

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10- **** you. my cousin was killed by a piano falling on her during a tornado last year.

At lest she noticed in half a hour.it could have been a lot more time than that.

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this fml bores me. NO EXCITEMENT.

OP forgot to mention, while waiting in the basement they knit a nice scarf and a beautiful polo out of the most colourful and rich colours known to all the greatest knitters out there. EXCITING!