By GhillieSuitsnBiscuits - 10/04/2016 20:53 - United States - Portland

Today, I had a lady come up to me in a store just to tell me how bad my acne was and what remedies I should use. I got so embarrassed, all I could say was, "OK" and, "Thank you" until she left me alone. FML
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Wow sorry to hear OP, I'm sure her intentions were pure but sometimes people don't realise that pointing out such issues are upsetting.

What the fuck is wrong with some people... Social etiquette sure is dwindling, good God.


Wow sorry to hear OP, I'm sure her intentions were pure but sometimes people don't realise that pointing out such issues are upsetting.

So any good suggestions? I'm not having any luck with the ones I've tried.

Benzagel is the only thing that's worked for me. It's in a white bottle with blue and green on the front.

I've had trouble with acne for a long time and just recently started to get it under control. Routine is a huge thing. It's about trying to find what looks best for you and doing it repeatedly. Another important thing is hydrating your skin since a lot of treatments can dry your skin. It can be a bit hard to suggest thing for people, different people with different skin, but I found using a few different things tended to help. I use a clean and clear and facial wash in the shower and then an Avon blackhead eliminator, toner, and rosewater each night. So that's at least my experience.

Also, having a healthy diet can have a lot to do with preventing acne.

14, adding witch hazel to your routine may help. I know walmart sells distilled witch hazel extract for like 2 dollars.

She was just trying to help, nothing to be embarrassed about.

Nobody wants unsolicited advice.

The thing about helping people is, it's only a good deed if the other WANTS/NEEDS to be helped. Otherwise you're just forcing your two cents into someone else's face, which will result in you being rude.

The problem is that she's a "nice jerk," and they can be so much harder to deal with. Sometimes they outright believe they just did a good deed and continue being oblivious, other times they do it on purpose so that they can play innocent when you, rightfully, call them on their bulls**t. It's hard to figure out how to react to them appropriately, especially when they're making you feel humiliated already. On top of that, like the other posters said, it's unsolicited advice.

OP did not walk up to this woman and say "do you have any advice on how I can get rid of my acne" so the woman should have just shut up.

Well the good thing about being embarrassed in front of strangers is you usually don't have to see them again and if your embarrassed by the acne you could try what she says so you'll never be embarrassed by it again. Good luck OP.

I would not have been so polite OP... I'd like to think I could have found a flaw in her physical appearance and started giving her unwanted advice in return to show her how it feels... In reality I'd probably have panicked and resorted to profanity...

Fighting fire with fire just makes the flames bigger.

Not necessarily true - burning something in a controlled manner before the fire can spread past a certain point (as in the case of wildfires) can actually contain the fire.

Sometimes people think they're helping but really it ends up just being rude. If you had asked for help then their actions are justified but it sounds like you didn't, so this person was just being unnecessarily rude albeit helpful. Your skin will clear up as you get older, don't worry about it too much.

Stay strong Op! Working in retail or the food service industry can open the door to some really odd experiences.

People downvoting someone for trying to be nice, as usual... This is why we can't have nice things.

#21 it's probably because nowhere in the FML does OP mention they were working when this happened.

Well, thanks for pointing that out to me, #25. I wouldn't have noticed that was why because it's such a petty reason. #7's heart was in the right place, clearly, and I'm unsurprisingly getting downvoted for trying to help. Oh, well.

What the fuck is wrong with some people... Social etiquette sure is dwindling, good God.

Yeah, it's pretty scary how low it's going

Like # 8 said social etiquette has gone in the fucking toilet. Even if she was trying to help broadcasting it like that was Bullshit.

Your acne will go - her attitude won't. NOW who should you be FMLing :)

That is embarrassing to hear but at least she wants to help. I wish someone would tell me some remedies.