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By Anonymous - 15/09/2013 19:53 - Romania - Bucharest

Today, I saw an elderly gentleman in the street wearing a shirt with a big QR code on it. Amused, I used an app on my phone to decode it. It gave me a shortened web address, which I followed, only to be faced with a picture of the same gentleman naked, grinning, and giving a thumbs up. FML
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That old man surely knows how to promote himself. No more trench coats, gotta keep up with the technology.


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This man is the Master Cyberpunk Troll.

Im a little bit curious myself and want to see if his webpage is real. Am I wrong for being this curious? Lol

No, it's fine to be curious, but remind yourself that curiosity killed the cat.

I just want to know how this makes op's life suck.

#129, it sucks for OP because he/she was exposed to old man dong.

It could be one of those bad grandpa pranks from Jackass haha

Genius ******* genius!!!!! and maybe he wasnt attractive XD i doubt. it would be here if it was a person who was model type hahaha

perdix 29

#2, do you want people to go see the picture of that naked, old dude? Interesting.

So that exact shirt with the code leading to the naked old man or a shirt like that leading to a naked picture of you? Or both?!

#18, it'd be the best troll ever! No one will ever suspect a grinning old naked man. His grandkids probably made that shirt for him as a Christmas gift.

I would hope his grand kids don't have pictures of him standing naked and grinning.

With jokes like those, I bet #69 gets a kick out of being the 69th commenter.

69 It's people like you that make new wish FML had an age limit.

#69 is 26yo lol age limit wont do anything

That old man surely knows how to promote himself. No more trench coats, gotta keep up with the technology.

michael666 7

no shit, he's the next wave of sex offenders, except its not his fault when you see him naked.

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You can make a shirt like that foryourself for about $20.

Pedo Vans and Free Candy are SO 20th Century...

DKjazz 20

In all seriousness, is a shirt like this legal? It seems equivalent to meatspinners and lemonpartiers. I can't think of a reason it isn't legal, except for being similar to trenchcoat flashers. Even then, they chose to scan the qr code.

Yeah, but now you have an awesome story!

perdix 29

That blows up the stereotype about how old people can't use technology ;)

But not the one that old people love to troll.

perdix 29

#34, no, that one is on the money more often than not ;)

Funny thing Perdix, after reading most of your comments for a while, I can imagine you doing this.

I don't think I want to see Perdix do this... lol!

Hmmmm instead-- I picture him wearing the Official "FML" T-shirt, waiting to see if one of us would recognize this site and question who he is. :P

perdix 29

#55, your instincts are right. Instead of a photo, I'm thinking a naked Zumba video. Leaving snacks in the tree outside my window for my stalkers is working out expensive, especially catering to those with nut allergies.

im a perdix fan since 2009 or 2010 lol I can see him doing exactly something like that. . and I agree a video would be better

#34 is thumbed down but #42 has been thumbed up. Why exactly?

vffjvsegb 11

You'll be forever scarred of QR codes

MermaidAnnariea 10

maybe both. scared and [mentally] scarred.

If that's all it takes to be mentally scar you for life… having psychotic episodes, hallucinating… you likely have deeper problems than seeing an old man, naked.

DarkSaul 20

What you seen, cannot be unseen. Am I the only who got a freaking mental image in my mind.