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Today, I applied some things I learned reading a "How to please a woman" book. My wife was in heaven until it was over, then she started crying and yelling about the only way I would learn those things is if I was having an affair. I explained but she doesn't believe me. FML
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IF you aren't planning on having an affair, I think that's sweet. Just because he did that doesn't mean he sucks in bed.


she is neurotic. and I'm sorry you suck in bed.

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**** your wife man if she is so unwilling to believe that you tried to better your sexlife and automatically assumed you cheated. That is seriously messed up. She should be thrilled and extremely grateful that you are so dedicated to her happiness.

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Yeah, also if she really cared she would've gone off at you during, not after. Obviously selfish.

Points to you both. She should be happy that you took the effort.

That would have been the smart thing to do.

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#3, you took the words out of my mouth!

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Okay. Didn't realy get this one but oh wells. :)

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you kinda set yourself up for shit with a name like "stupiddumbblonde" and comments like, "didn't really get this one." just saying.

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HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I lol'd in RL.

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She was saying that he decided to upgrade his lovemaking skills because he is having an affair. That's not necessarily true -- he could be learning how to drive a woman wild because he wants to have an affair. He's just practicing the new techniques on his tired, old, dried-up wife, so when he meets this hot chick, he can nail it, so to speak.

He did explain, you should show her. Ha, you suck on bed, oh well!

solution: just have an affair. then you don't need to explain, because she already knows. problem solved.

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You are correct, sir! A woman's mind is not a court of law. If she thinks you are guilty, you are guilty. There is no way to prove your innocence. So, go have that affair. You're doing the time, so you might as well do the crime.

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Show her the book instead of posting on FML, otherwise F YOUR LIFE!