The Beach Boys

By aligator1009 - 09/05/2012 04:54 - United States

Today, I went to the beach. While I was enjoying the sun, an old man with prosthetic leg and no clothes on sat next to me. He took off his fake leg and put it behind his head. Then he opened his legs revealing his "stuff." I will never unsee this. Ever. FML
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A pillow for a leg, that's handy.

Well why were you staring for so long? It's rude to stare.


Well why were you staring for so long? It's rude to stare.

I-I-I work out! I'm sexy and I know it. *Puts on sunglasses*

*takes off your glasses and breaks them* You are inside your house, you don't need glasses. Unless the glasses are for enhancing your vision.

Why yes. I'm pretty blind without them... you ass. Those were expensive.

p3mguin 7

It's okay you can buy a penguin off me for a low price ooooofooooooffff. 19.99 plus shipping and handling

geerod22 5

Its gettin' hot out here, so take off all your legs!

thiscrazything 1

You don't have to stare, it only takes a second for that kind of image to burn your retina's forever.

geerod22 5

I was caught between my previous comment and "I'm too sexy for my leg..."

akg98 13

Poor leg, on tht creepy man...

At least you now know what kind of "stuff" you don't like. Practice for the future :))

Very true! That's the best way to see what you like and don't like!

I'd just like to know why OP had to say "stuff". I mean really, is genitals too taboo of a word?

Lifes_a_bust 0

A pillow for a leg, that's handy.

I might have to get me one of those

yaya1213 6

You mean a leg as a pillow* if it was a pillow as a leg he wouldn't be able to walk properly he would just fumble and fall

b00kn3rd 14

Well if it was a pillow for a leg he'd have an assured spot in the LOPWSACBP*. ......They're working on the acronym. *League Of Pirates With Soft And Cuddly Body Parts

I'd say it was more leggy than handy! Badum tshhh!! Thank you, thank you. I'm here till Thursday.

Hmm I guess you gotta tan those hard to reach places

nofearjenshere 12

He's got to stay fresh for the ladies. (;

There's a reason those we refer to those places as 'where the sun don't shine'

Yes he would wanna go to therapy for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, sorry OP from this commenters knowledge of you it looks like not all the therapists In the world can save you now.

ChickInGreenVans 12

*Dead and buried!! from laughter.. Ahem!! best FML thus far today!!

That is THE way to carry stuff. Imma go cut my leg off and get this unique prosthetic leg.

He probably lost it in war or something. That's just something you don't joke about. You should be happy for how fortunate you are.

Yeah, I didn't really put much effort into the comment. But you're right, I'm sorry.

KiddNYC1O 20

Time-out for you young lady!

It actually is something to joke about. :D

For some stupid reason I was picturing the huge black tank from White Chicks. Forget the peg leg, forget the lack of clothes. There was a beach and a seedy man so that leads to an evening of white chocolate that he doesn't want to melt.

I have the sudden urge to acquire a whistle and glow sticks. Dance floor, here I come.

Asta la vista Schwartz a nigro, is what she replied with xD

That image will visit your mind.... always...

Combined with our profile pic, that comment creeps me the **** out

Rub sand in your eyes, Homer Simpson style!

When all else fails, use cartoon logic. I just dropped an anvil on my arch nemesis yesterday. He's sure to be posting an FML about it soon.

I don't know why I got thumbed down and you didn't. Sorry guys! :(