By jj159 - 25/02/2012 18:40 - United States

Today, I found out that the money my husband and I gave to my son for university courses, has instead been spent on pole dancing lessons. FML
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Aha... Well... At least he's fit and in great shape now.!


ZombieLoveA 0

Aha... Well... At least he's fit and in great shape now.!

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Well atleast he did'nt spend it on something stupid...

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No worries, he'll pay you back with the money he makes as a male stripper.

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Then he should have asked $ for pole dancing instead of college.

69, love him exceptionally? Do you mean unconditionally?

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^ yeah *unconditionally. sorry about that :)

No where does it say her son was the one actually taking the classes. Maybe he was suckered into paying for his girlfriend's pole dancing classes. And you know, I just can't decide if i think that's smart or stupid...

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I've noticed that everything you say is stupid.

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At least he is still Learning something...

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A lifeskill that he will probably use, to make more money than he would if he took the college courses.

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If he's doing what he loves u shouldn't no care

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Ah i see whatcha did there...

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I really don't think that's the main point of this FML.

No she's one of those mothers that assumed the money was to be spent on courses.

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that's not what she's saying, he's blowing university money on pole dancing lessons, that's the fml damn, 10, you beat me to it!

Mifflicious, how stupid can you be? The whole point of this FML is that the son duped mummy and daddy by spending his money to get the education for a career for pole dancing lessons without consulting them. Quit making assumptions to make yourself look more appealing, ass-clown.

Trying to justify the pole dancing lessons over college. Shame shame

Why don't we just dance to dubstep? It's moshpit

16, I think you're thinking of the pole-dancing that strippers do. Pole-dancing is actually a very good exercise (and fun too!), and most people who engage in it do it privately, or with their significant others.

39, because dubstep is terrible "music." And anyone who listens to it should be ashamed.

16- pole dancing can actually be sexy sometimes.

You all seem to be missing MY point. Of course school money shouldn't be used for anything else, but does that give you the right to look down on the stuff it was used for, just because you don't know anything about it and judge it? No. I didn't say ANYTHING about the stuff that most of the people here replied to me, but it just shows me that you're that assuming kinda people too. God I hate those.

We've obviously got a pole dancer here...

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Male pole dancing... I've never heard of such a thing. I hope you did t give him too much!

Chippendales dancers? Well, technically they do striptease, but I'm sure the OP's son's new skills will come in handy.

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That doesn't exactly seem like something that would get much business...

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Look up Steven Retchless...and let me tell you, there are a lot of women who would LOVE to see more male pole dancers!! ;)

Seems like his pole might get in the way.

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And whoevers going to be on that boat

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Whoever butters your toast.

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Well, a least he's staying in shape?

I don't think it's right for a guy to take pole dancing classes..just imagine him hanging upside down with his balls hanging out of his costume as if he was at a strip club.

perdix 29

So, how much would you pay to see that? If you are not a fan of the art form, it doesn't mean that there aren't others who like it. Some people don't like opera.

So how do you feel about male gymnasts at the Olympics? Just because someone is interested in and participates in pole dancing doesn't mean anything. It's more athletic than sexy anyway. But, even if it was for a sexual purpose, his interest in it is nobody's business but his.

I don't see how straddling a pole is an art form. It's provocative and seductive. Not very classy "art" to me. But That's my opinion.

Gymnastics is a lot more athletic than pole dancing. You don't see pole dancing in the Olympics.

Just shut up you frigid bitch. You've given your opinion, big whoop, go make out with a Jesus poster.

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Actually, I heard on the radio last month that they were petitioning to get pole dancing added to the list of Olympic events.

Yeah I do have my own opinion, and seems like you can't handle it. I'm not a female dog either, but thank you for making me laugh at your stupidity. Everyone has different opinions, so get over it.

Hey Kimmy... "Everyone has different opinions, so get over it." Thanks for making me laugh at how you can't take your own advice, and thumb your own dumb ass up. Bye now.

*Kimmi. And how so? I never criticized your opinion or anyone else's and I never called you any names like you did to me, so keep them coming so I can make you look even more stupid.

I think strike is trying to call you a hippocrit.

I know how we can calm kimmi down. We should get a male stripper to pole dance for her, I'm sure she will love that. Maybe we can get OP to do it.

I would like to point out that the right guy, in the right costume, and I would be THERE.

"Just because someone is interested in and participates in pole dancing doesn't mean anything. It's more athletic than sexy anyway. But, even if it was for a sexual purpose, his interest in it is nobody's business but his." Normally I'd agree, but since he tricked his parents into paying for it, I'd say it's their business too.

#80: That's why I worded it the way I did. It's only their business because he lied about how he was spending their money. If he spent it on pole dancing lessons or McDonald's kids toys, it makes no difference. It's not the lessons themselves that are the problem.

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Have you seen Steven Retchless? he was on America's Got Talent, and what he did was an extreeemly athletic and sensual art form, not just some sleezy pole dancing. Not right of the son to misuse money, but don't judge the boy for pole-dancing

66 - You want to get OP's son, not OP. I don't think OP would do the trick unless she turned out to have her own secret pole with balls to accompany. Just saying.

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You'll be so proud if he graduates summa cum laude!

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I know that my parents were proud of me when I finished my lap dancing lessons

^ at first i read "lap dancing sessions" I almost cried