By ohman - United States
Today, I was walking down the street and while stopped at a light, this old man waved at me. Thinking nothing of it, I walked through a parking lot to get to where I was going, where he not only followed me, but mistook me for a prostitute. It was 5pm. FML
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By  hk_fml  |  9

Gross. FYL.

And you know what, I bet half of the chicks telling her to stop dressing like a slut wear shorts and tanktops while outside on hot days. Does that mean you look like a prostitute? Fuck no. It's unfortunate this had to happen to her.

By  Glam_fml  |  0

Eww, I feel your pain. Unfortunately, I have had a similar thing happen to me and it is really gross.

And to all you idiots saying stop dressing like a slut: I was wearing a long skirt and a white tank top (not low cut) when it happened to me, so clothes oftentimes aren't even the issue - it is the pervy old men. I'm sorry, but I am not going to walk around in an over sized turtleneck and baggy sweatpants in 80+ degree weather. And I shouldn't have to.

  seb12992  |  0

You don't know how she was dressed jackass. That goes to any other moron who left a comment similar to the fool who posted #3. (Yes, that includes you #5)

  genius_man16  |  0

While I sort of agree with you do you really think some guy would think she was a prostitute if she was wearing a turtle neck and sweat pants?

It is highly likely that she WAS dressing as a slut. And if she was, she deserves it. If she wasn't then she can't stop dressing as a slut because she wasn't in the first place, so the comments become moot.

Think before you try and correct someone next time.

  seb12992  |  0

I did think about it "genius". I'm still pretty sure it's stupid to say "YDI for dressing like a slut" when you have no idea what she was wearing. She could've been wearing some heels and a leather skirt that went below her knees, is that what crazy people like you consider dressing like a slut? She can't help it if the old man is a jackass.

  heymcfly53  |  0

Have you ever seen shows like Cops, they catch prostitutes soliciting all the time and some of them are wearing tracksuit pants and jumpers, so really it depends on where you are, not always how you're dressed.
Kudos #57

  imsobad  |  0

there's a really good chance she was dressed like a slut if she was mistaken for a prostitute, for obious reasons. maybe she wasn't, but I think she was. and there's nothing wrong with emo's, bitch.