By creepedout - 31/7/2011 05:11 - United States
  Today, I was at the airport. A creepy man smiled at me, so I politely smiled back. I then realized his shirt said "Smile if you take it in the ass." He then winked at me and walked off. FML
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  I_iz_B_a_troll  |  23

77, at seventeen there should be no obligation for me to have sex, though I gladly would if given the opportunity. I may be a loser but there's nothing wrong with holding onto virginity by choice.

  seanders  |  10

Don't worry 87, I've been active for years and don't get the obsession. I think it's disgusting and have never felt the temptation to rude the Hershey Highway. I figure if you're gonna do someone in the ass, you might as well be gay and fuck a guy.

  Thatcow  |  5

213- After looking at your picture of a person in the special olympics, it reminds me of when I bet on people winning the relay races at the special olympics... I am a bad person

  ItsTheKing  |  10

Someone get me that shirt pronto! I wanna see how many people smile and then are going to be all like: "what does that shirt say?Smile if you take it- Fuck."

  adavis24  |  0

I'm have a shirt where the writing is at a angle, and it days "if you turn your head to read this you owe me a blowjob" haha I went to a party and got 5 bj's that night!

  KaySL  |  24

This is highly irregular, son. What in the name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ are you doing, Rallets? Don't you see you're ruining your reputation, ruining your future career prospects, driving away the ones you most love and who love you deeply in return? This batshit insanity has got to stop, man. I'm saying this because I care.

  KaySL  |  24

Much as you may dream of it and subsequently cause your bed sheets to blind us all when a blacklight is shined upon them... that would be a negative, my quaint little friend.


Well if you think about it, why is anything appealing? Do it in the ass? Well that's where shit comes out. Do vaginal? Well that's where blood and urine come put. Blowjob? Well your mouth holds lots of bacterias and she's getting all her saliva all over the place. And why are boobs so great? They're just sacks of fat with a nipple. Don't question it, just love it :D

  free2speak  |  14

133, yes it does. Female urethra opens into the vagina. I think what you're thinking of is uterus. That's where blood comes from but ultimately they both exit through the vagina.

  SpicyDuck  |  22

133, I really hope you're not a girl. I can 100% guarantee urine does not come out of your vaginal opening. Do a little research, I'll get you started.

  organicmtdew  |  0

As a hetero male, it's three things:
Marco polo
pro-life/anti-abortion (not religious reasons, tho).
Most guys agree with the first two.

also, I am gonna make that shirt.

  swimchick7  |  1

You are so stupid. URINE DOESN'T COME OUT OF THE VAGINA. It comes out of a smaller hole in front of it! And breasts aren't sacks of fat, they contain milk and vitamins/minerals!