By Anonymous - 15/09/2013 21:16 - United States - Dover

Today, my grandmother opened the bathroom door to find me eating a spoonful of Nutella while on the toilet. She is convinced that I was eating my own shit and will not stop telling everybody. They believe her. FML
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sarcasticzilla 9

And why exactly were you eating Nutella on the toilet?

Wipe a handful of nutella right on her face.


sarcasticzilla 9

And why exactly were you eating Nutella on the toilet?

Kefka91 15

Because why not? There's never a bad time to eat Nutella.

sarcasticzilla 9

True I guess I can agree with that.. Now I'm just contradicting myself.

I'm with 34. There are so many diseases in the bathroom. What about the other people eating Nutella from the same jar? Nobody would want to touch that. OP, maybe your grandma is telling everyone that you ate your own shit to teach you to never eat while on the toilet.

Why would you want to smell your poop while eating something that has a really sweet scent of deliciousness.

Why are you eating in the bathroom period?

jasmine2301 25

Better question is why did he not lock the door?

RedPillSucks 31

@53 Maybe she was peeing, or maybe didn't use the toilet at all. Maybe she just wanted a private place to gorge herself on the sweet sweet goodness that is nutella.

Gingerette 8

I have no idea why anyone voted you down, 69. I've heard stranger things myself.

life_sucks225 13

to OP- Good luck with that E. Coli

jasmine2301 25

she* I'm sorry. Mixed up gender signs for a minute.

It's Nutella, man! How could you resist?

nurchok 15

While I don't disagree with #1, #3, and #14, I couldn't agree more with #34. Really? Wasn't the kitchen good enough for you anymore? Looking for adventure? Wanted to smell poop while eating something so sweet? Come on OP...

i guess you never took to heart the ole phrase don't eat where you shit, to heart.

I don't have a lock on my bathroom door because it's in my house and only my family lives there and most people know when the for is closed or even if the light is on not to go in there

Wipe a handful of nutella right on her face.

Then tell everyone she uses shit as a beauty mask

triplebeerox 27

You should have made her smell your breath!!

emirie 21

Something tells me she wouldn't have been willing to smell her breath if she thought she was eating shit..

**** that! Smell the spoon.. Or better, have her come look at the spoon for verification!

I bet it would freak her out even more if you walked out of there with the whole jar eating it. And then, offer her some.

Just tell everybody that it's only bullSHIT!

Why would you be eating anything on the toliet to begin with? So unsanitary. Gross. You deserved it.

I'll admit that sometimes I eat while on the toilet. There have been studies that show that kitchens can be dirtier than bathrooms. Google it.

The fact that your sitting somewhere different doesn't make it any less sanitary. It all depends on where your hands have been and how you're eating your food.

13, it's less sanitary if you're sitting on a seat where poop particles frequent.

#18 Do you know what kind of bacteria is in uncooked meats? What about that dish sponge you use? If you're not touching the toilet or your poop with your hands/arms it doesn't make that much of a difference. Just sayin'. Most poop germs can't magically fly onto your spoon.

You don't clean your kitchen or something? Really...

#24 No... I do. But I also clean my bathroom. I was just stating that there is harmful bacteria in the kitchen as well as the bathroom, if not worse. Like I said, google it. You'd be surprised. I was.

When you flush a toilet, little water,particles splash out. This is why you'd never want to leave your purse on a bathroom floor for example. Google that, #11.

I agree with 7. Wtf were they trying to do?? Savor the Nutella with shit smell for a nice robust nutty flavor?? Yuck.

You know, its a possibility that OP is on a diet to lose weight. She could have chosen to eat the Nutella in the bathroom to hide her cheating on the diet from others. That is at least one reason I can think of as to why she would eat in the bathroom.

Octwo 16

You germaphobes need to learn that crap particles don't just suspend themselves in the air and then sit there forever. She would have to have either walked in after someone recently took a dump, got up and flushed the toilet, or wiped her ass to have any real possibility of contaminating her food. Unless you never clean your bathroom in which case you have bigger concerns, specially considering your lack of immunity to common bacteria from a lifetime of avoiding being exposed to anything that may possibly have a germ on it.

yoursucklives 36

Please don't start another run away thread on poop jokes.

Kallian_fml 21

I can't say I wouldn't have assumed the same thing...