By popemichael - / Friday 19 June 2009 22:48 / United States
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By  I_Love_Isms  |  0

Yea, you really need to say what the tattoo looks like. A lot of people get ugly tattoos.. I don't really get it. But yea, I guess FYL because people think it's ugly and you're stuck with it forever.

  camis  |  0

Ah come on, bad tattoos are like photoshop fails. No one goes looking at photoshop fails because they're jealous they can't work photoshop. It's funny. In a schadenfreude sort of way.

  alyren16  |  0


You're a fool if you get it to impress someone

Tattoos are supposed to be something that means something special..
therefore, no regrets.

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