By popemichael - 19/06/2009 22:48 - United States

Today, I was showing my unique new tattoo to my friends when a man approaches me with his digital camera and asks if he could take a picture of the tattoo for his website. I agreed. I find out later that it's a site about ugly tattoos. FML
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was your tat of the KFC dude,,, cuz i saw one of those once haha

It really depends on the tattoo, everybody has different opinions, we need a follow up

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Yea, you really need to say what the tattoo looks like. A lot of people get ugly tattoos.. I don't really get it. But yea, I guess FYL because people think it's ugly and you're stuck with it forever.

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Lazer tattoo removal. just takes a while and hurts a lot.

and costs a whole lot

No need for professional tattoo removal. A simple sheet of sandpaper will do the trick

yeah it's cheap fast and painful

just like my ex

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With all of the tattoo sites how did you find the specific one?

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tats are supposed to be for you not someone else. If you like then who the f cares.

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i agree... he probably just created that website because he's to chicken to get one himself and is jealous

Ah come on, bad tattoos are like photoshop fails. No one goes looking at photoshop fails because they're jealous they can't work photoshop. It's funny. In a schadenfreude sort of way.

i love that word. :D thats what FML is all about

What site was it? and agreed with #6. if you like it, who gives a fuck. the tattoo means something to you, not the guy who runs the site.

YDI for getting a tattoo. one deserves something because they get tattoos.

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oh wow...

there's nothing wrong with getting a tattoo.

Tattoos are cool. ._.

Err, no offense, what is it supposed to say?

after getting the tattoo artist high, yeah she deserved that

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stolen from failblog calling it out cause this FML came up two days after the failblog post

maybe its the same guy? thought about THAT?!

yeah i was about to post the exact same thing.

there's always

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It's not for you to decide if somebody else's tattoo is worth having on their body.

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Who cares if a GUY doesn't like your tattoo. Unless your gay then FYL. If your staright though, this isn't an FYL and YDI

what the hell does being gay or straight have to do with any of this?

yea.. NO. You're a fool if you get it to impress someone Tattoos are supposed to be something that means something special.. therefore, no regrets.

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11, you're a damn idiot. Hang yourself please.

girls don't get tattoos?

i have a tat. i'm a girl :D annd my girlfriend thinks its hot XDD

No ragrets :)

YDI... buy new clothes instead... most of the tats are so lame