By ahappypenguin
Today, I saw a shady looking person on the street. As I walked past him, he said, "Hey, come here." Thinking he needed something, I went over. He handed me several pictures of my wife, in public and at home. I've never seen this man before in my life. FML
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  onlychildFTW  |  33

Make sure to leave his finger prints on them, just to make sure everything works out with the police. Creepy guy, you should have taken his picture and see how he likes it. Haha.

  jdimaria3  |  13

Sssssss that'sssssssss a nice wife you have there, it would be a ssssssssshame if sssssomething were to happen to her

  ZombieSazza  |  34

Well actually, his finger prints would highly likely be on the photo prints. If the cops are bored enough (which I doubt) they would be maybe be able to get an identification from that.

By  MrBond007_fml  |  6

If they were nice prints you should keep them, maybe hang them up somewhere. How nice of this man to take photos of your wife free of charge.
Wait are you sure your not on like a cruise ship or something?