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Today, while my boyfriend was in the kitchen, he got three text messages, all of which were from "Babe 2", "Babe 3", and "Babe 4". FML
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iarefatal 9

That means you must be babe 1! You should feel so special! Or you could be babe 5 or 6... In that case not so much.

He has simply started raising pigs. No worries, OP.


iarefatal 9

That means you must be babe 1! You should feel so special! Or you could be babe 5 or 6... In that case not so much.

It would suck even more if her number wasn't even listed under any "Babes" and was something like "el diabla" instead. :P

laughtersplay 14

Better being Babe 1 than the guy with no curtains.

You should conference call all of them and your own phone, then hand him the phone and tell him it's his mom. Don't forget to record it, and then put it online.

Babe1 stuff that you want to be the only one. Dump his ass, he doesn't deserved you.

Kn0wledge123 21

I swear, #1s comment is one of the funniest things I've ever read. I'm still laughing.

What if... OP was down as Babe Ruth?

Being babe #1...That's something to be happy about! Maybe even being babe 6, 7, 8, or 9 is good. In a way that seems logical, but I can't exactly put into words...

Hopefully you're babe 1

Dump the asshole

He's cheating on her with 3 girls that she KNOWS of.. I think the chances for communication are over.

18, What if he jokingly named some of his guy friends "babe 1" and so on. That's something my friends and I would do. Don't jump to conclusions.

21, would it be on FML if it was just a joke with his guy friends? I think she would've asked him about it before she posted this.

shyeahh_fml 19

26 - Or maybe she didn't. It's a funny story for us to read even if it was a joke. Or maybe she's thinking of a way to confront him about it.

His friends could of changed their names in his phone and all tested him at the same time.

Oh GOOD FUCKING LORD!!! Why are you giving the guy the benefit of the doubt? Really? You really think it's just "some joke" with his friends? I doubt it. Highly. OP it's quacking and walking like a duck, so dump it. but be sure to let all the other "Babes" know about each other before you do. No point in leaving him 3 other girls to comfort him after you're gone.

We aren't giving him benefit of the doubt, we are saying there is a chance of it not being what it looks like and it should be investigated to see if that is what he is really doing. If it is then we are all pretty much on the same boat of end it, but some people can work through cheating. I couldn't, but some people can

2, Nah. Investigate, don't jump to conclusions. THEN dump, if necessary. It hadn't occurred that that *could* be a joke, but then I remembered few people who could've done a joke like that without second though. Grab unattended phone -> modify contact list.

Lolz! Lets all argue about something we know very little about! No matter what the true story is, it doesn't matter. It's on FML for your entertainment. So be entertained. And lighten up.

107, arguing is entertaining for some people.

117 - Especially those of us reading the arguments.

Guilty till proven innocent it seems

89- you do realize that saying "well maybe it's just a joke" IS in fact giving him the benefit of the doubt right? Saying "maybe it's not all that it appears to be" is giving someone the benefit of the doubt. He is more than likely cheating, and with 3 other people no less. She should confront him and demand answers, but what else could it really be? If it were me and he tried to say "Oh, uh, it's a little joke between me and my friends" then I'd ask to see the rest of the texts to verify if it's true or not. But honestly that's really farfetched not to mention dumb.

152, it goes like this. If OP dumps boyfriend right now without investigation, then if he wasn't teaching, she'll lose her boyfriend for nothing. If he WAS cheating, she'll uncover that after investigation. Investigating first is the safest route.

maraka_musso_fml 16

Which one are you?

Clearly not 2, 3, or 4

maraka_musso_fml 16

Hehe, obviously ;)

flockz 19

;) faces turn anything you say seductive. so don't use them unless you are meaning to sound seductive. i want to shovel cat shit while you milk that cow. ;)

maraka_musso_fml 16

My bad, I thought it was meant as a playful thing. Also I didn't understand the shovel thing.

Emily062611 6

I think you might be the only one who thinks that.... I think ;) and :p can both be playful.

maraka_musso_fml 16

well that's how I use it and no one has ever commented on it. Donc voilà...

He has simply started raising pigs. No worries, OP.

genetically enhanced pigs that can use phones and txt :) clever guy

andiw 6

I was gonna say the same thing

What if it's just his bros? Like I don't know about you people but I have some good bromances goin on with my buds

Apparently he has more than one pig on the go! I'd say to sit him down and ask him to talk about it but I can't think of any way this is anything other that cheating. Sorry OP, you deserve better. Also, beware of the "You deserve it, you shouldn't be checking his phone" comments!

A true relationship has trust.. She should be able to go in his and he into hers.. With some boundaries as far as friends text..

I didn't say she deserved it but there will be people who do! It's inevitable.

Beware the 'well you should have been in the kitchen instead of him' comments too

Get their numbers and set up revenge!

Or be a better person than the boyfriend. Try and reason with him, and if you can't work things out, then end the relationship.

Hands down the best plan!!! Get all the girls in on it and get his cheating ass!

Sure pull a John Tucker Must Die

33- I think they meant set up revenge for the boyfriend, not set up revenge on the other clueless girls. You're right, they probably have no idea that they are all "other women"

BellaBelle_fml 23

33 - I'm sorry that you had that experience. But I'm glad that you were innocent as you didn't know he was a cheater. And good for you for ending that! However, to say that no one would ever knowingly be the other girl or guy is somewhat false, unfortunately. I've known several people who are very willing to be the other person and have no problems cheating. And I've had personal experience with a guy who was very willing to continue flirting with me even after I had made it very clear that I am married and not interested in him, or any other guy, and that I am extremely happy with my husband. But he didn't care that I was married and continued to flirt and genuinely tried to convince me that I'd be 'so much better off' without my husband and that I should be married to him instead. People like that have zero respect for marriage. But for the sake of humanity I really hope that those girls had no idea about each other and the OP.

cmath_fml 19

#115 tldr

"Don't hate the playa, hate the game". In this case dump the playa

I envision you being the type of guy who always is talking about his "swag".

#50 Lol well then your envision is totally wrong

50- Why, cause he's black? -____-

50- You can see his profile pic right? He is not 12 or from the Shore. So no, probably not talking about his Swag.

Pstraka6 20

I'm going to assume these are not his sisters and mom. Have a talk about it with him that A) You better be Babe 1 and B) There is only room for 1 babe so he better start explainin

Reply to them, "Sorry Babe (2, 3, or 4), I'm busy with Babe 1 at the moment." At least you found out before you were Wife 1. You can find better :)

challan 19

86- perhaps that's what he's going for... Sister wives.

"Bah ram ewe, bah ram ewe"

Sheep be truuuue

I was starting to wonder if anyone would understand my comment.(: I love that "Babe" movie! And they had to use about 50 pigs because they grow so quickly.

Say word... The more you know!

When I look at the fml the first thing I saw was the words babe repeated and I thought it was going to be about the movie.

Name all the guy contacts on your phone babe 1 babe 2 and so on, then when you receive a text ask him to pass your phone

kultyre 7

Too bad if she does that to all her contacts she might forget who is who and wouldn't know what to change it back to.

coolsunshinebear 14

Lol. I think she should switch up the Babe 2,3,4 with each other in his phone