By mrsfantastic - United Kingdom
Today, I was recovering from an operation. After I felt better, I checked my phone. There were 35 missed calls and angry text messages from my boyfriend asking why I wasn't at his house to cook his dinner. FML
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  KingDingALing  |  9

Wow... 54 is upset because people thread-jacked her post... this is her female...

Today, some people thread jacked my post just so they could be at the top. Now I'm crying about it. FML

Big fucking deal. Get over it

  Elicy1984  |  0

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  mshoes12346  |  3

wow 7 that is offensive to all women... including me so f off, she shudve told him she got an operation, but he has no right to be a douche because he doesn't know how to cook

  sammyray  |  0

she shouldve cookes him dinner bedore the operation and left it in the fridge so he could warm it up. damn these women who dont know their roles in the kitchen. by all means work make money but you still gotta cook and clean its your job. like mowing the lawn or fixing things around the house is a mans job.

  FerrariCake  |  2

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  Cazzybum  |  11

Yeah because the UK doesn't have Dominos, pizza hut, pizza express and local takeout chains. Idiot. Op's boyfriend deserves to starve if he can't A. cook for himself or B. order in, and C. show no concern for girlfriend. I'm assuming she told him about the op ofc...

By  ScrabbleBabe2010  |  0

Yeah, what he said, but you probably deserve it for spoiling him or dating a brat in the first place. He has no right to pitch a fit and be so spoiled, as if you're some 1940s house slave type skivvy wife... in fact, you guys are not even married so you ydi for giving too much to someone who is just a boyfriend... stop being used!